T-Mobile wins most awards in OpenSignal network comparison, including fastest average 4G LTE download speed


T-Mobile is currently battling Verizon in the #BallBusterChallenge to see whose network is superior, but today a new report shows that T-Mo’s network is faster than its competition.

OpenSignal today published its latest State of Mobile Networks: USA report, and in it, T-Mobile wins out for fastest 4G LTE download speeds. T-Mo’s average speed for the testing came out to 12.26Mbps, edging out Verizon and its average speed of 11.98Mbps.

T-Mobile also had the fastest speeds in the most metro areas, with T-Mo taking Boston, Dallas, New York, and Philadelphia, while Verizon had the fastest speeds in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. The two carriers tied in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Washington, and there was a four-way tie between all the carriers in Houston.

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LTE speed isn’t the only area of network performance that T-Mobile won. T-Mo also beat out its competition in 3G download speeds, boasting an average of 3.48Mbps while second place AT&T put up an average 3G speed of 2.22Mbps. Verizon and Sprint’s 3G coverage were far behind, putting up average speeds of 0.66Mbps and 0.64Mbps, respectively.

Finally, OpenSignal’s report shows T-Mobile winning for lowest 3G latency. Sprint claimed victory in the 4G latency testing.

The OpenSignal report was put together using data from 181,927 people using the OpenSignal app to measure network performance. The data in the report was gathered between October 1 and December 31, 2015.

This report is another win for T-Mobile, with T-Mo winning out on download speeds and winning the most categories overall. OpenSignal also says that T-Mobile is also starting to deliver on the coverage promises that John Legere and T-Mo have made. In its testing, OpenSignal found that T-Mobile had an LTE time coverage of 81 percent — that metric measures the amount of time that users have coverage — putting it about one percentage point away from AT&T and getting close to Verizon and its 87 percent time coverage rating. T-Mobile has been rolling out Extended Range LTE to boost its coverage, and today’s report shows that T-Mo’s work is paying off.

To check out the full OpenSignal report for yourself, hit up the link below.

Source: OpenSignal

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