T-Mobile #BallBusterChallenge kicks off next week, here’s more info on the testing


After announcing the #BallBusterChallenege yesterday, T-Mobile has now spilled some more details on where the challenge be headed and how it’ll work.

The #BallBusterChallenege will kick off in Seattle, Wash., on January 26 and then travel south to Santa Clara, Calif., the week of February 1. Afterward, T-Mobile will hit up cities throughout the US, including towns “where some people might not expect to find T-Mobile’s network.” T-Mobile will be tweeting out details about where the #BallBusterChallenege will be headed, so follow @TMobile for up-to-the-minute challenge locations.

When the #BallBusterChallenege makes its way to a city near you, you can go take part and potentially win $100. Verizon customers over the age of 18 can show up with their phone in hand and battle it out with a T-Mobile device. There will be three categories that are compared: voice calls, texts, and data speeds. If a network experiences a blocked or dropped call, failed text delivery, or slower data speeds, it’ll get a loss.

The winner will be determined by whoever side wins two of three categories. If Verizon does, the Big Red customer will get a $100 Visa Prepaid Card. But if T-Mo wins, the Verizon user will have to pose for a photo with a “network sign of shame.”

If you’re not a Verizon customer — which is a strong possibility since this is a T-Mobile blog — don’t worry, because you can participate in the #BallBusterChallenege too. T-Mo customers can bring a friend on another network to the #BallBusterChallenege and compete in their own network battle, the winner of which will get $100.

If you’ve got a friend that’s a Verizon user, the #BallBusterChallenege could be a win-win for you. If they take the challenge and end up winning, you could convince them to buy you lunch with the $100 that they wouldn’t have won without you. And if they lose, well, you can revel in their embarrassment when they get their photo taken with a sign that reads “Verizon’s network just got spanked by T-Mobile #BallBusterChallenge.”

Will you try the #BallBusterChallenge if it comes to a city near you?

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  • Guest 2

    Adele is crying because her songs get old pretty quick.

  • peharri

    Does anyone care that Verizon has such a supposedly wonderful network when everyone on it sounds like they’re speaking through ten yards of plastic tubing?

    • AJ2

      every one i know on verizon i pretty happy

      • yankeesusa

        Yea, most people are happy with verizon coverage. Their is no doubting that. But i do hear them complaining about them taking something away and adding another fee or taking away their data or overcharging them on their bill or just overall high pricing. So yea, it can be either. The point here is to show that in the cities that tmobile has a presence they will beat or match verizon on call quality,data quality and data speed.

      • Brad C

        My Verizon line has the WORST voice quality. I only keep it on 450min and only call people through FaceTime audio – only normal phone calls get used for Android phones now. Their VoLTE always drops for me, and the CDMA sounds like charlie brown’s teacher a lot of the time.

        Verizon needs to do something about that voice quality, and get on deploying network wide AWS, I’ve been in way too many spots lately with VZ where the LTE is just unresponsive and only testing ~1Mbps due to them only using 700MHz LTE in the area.

        Trust me, the grass is not any greener on Big Red’s lawn, they’re just better at making curb appeal.

  • Dark enV

    I like this move. Real time data compared to the year old data that RootMetrics gets. Unfortunately if they tried this where I am right now T-Mobile would lose because the network is down where I live because of bad weather. Thankfully we still have our wifi so we can still do everything we need to with our devices.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    T-Mobile would lose for me as well. I’m not sure what happened over the past year, but speeds all over the Los Angeles area went from amazing to ‘please just load my email’.

    • Guest 2

      Could be Binge On, it is a throttling service by T-Mobile to reduce data consumption and give us headaches, it is enable by default so you have to disable it.

      • Andrew Singleton

        wow. bingeon throttles streaming video only. absolutely nothing to do with email.

        • Guest 2

          If it throttles apps like Facebook and Web Browsers it could be trottling email apps as well. According to the P3 report mixed media apps are affected.

    • yankeesusa

      I would get the phone checked, like someone said, also check binge on and also see if apn settings can be tweaked. Also, what phone do you have?

      • Jesslyn Hendrix

        I have a Nexus 6. I’m going to try a new SIM, hopefully that will help

        • yankeesusa

          That sucks, it’s rarely something wrong with sim card, it happens but rarely. Hopefully it works. Also doublecheck your apn settings and for good measure wipe cache.

        • Guest 2

          It could be band 12 too.
          Did the problem begin when you switch to a new phone?

        • yankeesusa

          Good point. Band 12 sometimes messes things up since it is not aggregating the bands together so the band 12 will penetrate more in a building but band 4 is probably faster in that area. Band 12 will keep improving but sometimes it can mess things up.

    • fentonr

      I’ve noticed a lot of major cities seem to have seen major speed reductions presumably due to additional load. By far and away the worst was Vegas. I was there for a few weeks last year and if you’re staying on the strip your phone is basically useless after 7 PM. I was working in North Las Vegas though out by Nellis Air Force Base and it worked fine there though.

    • Genbu

      What you described sounds like what T-Mobile does when someone goes over on their data. It goes from blazing fast, to why wont this webpage open? The problem with that description is that you said its consistent over the past year..maybe call T-Mobile and ask them. They gave me a month of unlimited high speed without an additional charge when they gave me the benefit of the doubt on a mistake that was made. The tech on the phone was pretty eager to actually solve the problem and do something additionally to make up for the inconvenience. Overall, it was a pleasant call.

  • Mike

    John, screw them all. It’s not about the childish games – whose Got the biggest dick. Its about becoming the best possible network. Some like Johns crassness, foul mouth and over personalising of criticism, I’m seeing him as very immature, impulsive and demonstrating poor judgement for a CEO. People will tire of this and TMO is going to implode under his leadershit.

    • Edgar Gonzalez

      Well the only way to prove who is the best network is by challenging other networks to see who’s is better. Anyone can say their network is better given the right circumstances.

  • TheRealKingSen

    This is pretty retarded. Legre and his antics are getting old and stale real quick

    • yankeesusa

      No reason to use the word retarded but ok…. Even if you think this is a bad idea the fact is that it brings more attention to tmobile. If the attention is good then it means more customers. Either way i think it’s good because it will show how good tmobile is, at least in those cities.

      • Edgar Gonzalez

        And I’ve said this before. If you don’t like your carrier whoever it may be, some other carrier will buy out your contract/EIP to switch to theirs. (Thank T-Mobile for that btw)

  • Jason Caprio

    They need to bring this challenge to Trenton, NJ the area where I work. I had a client’s Verizon phone the other day compare speedtests with my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5. Both of us had a full signal. I get 0.3mbps, Verizon got around 18mbps. Don’t get me wrong, I love T-Mobile, it is exceptionally fast in many areas, except parts of cities where congestion is hurting performance.

    • fentonr

      If it’s just in that immediate area then the tower you’re connected to probably just doesn’t have a upgraded backhaul. I have no idea why they do that in some cases, but the tower next to my house has been broadcasting 4G (and LTE for the past twoish years) but still gets terrible speeds because the backhaul is so slow. Worst part is, that’s the tower you’re connected to if you’re at the only T-Mobile store within 90 miles.

      • Dean

        Same here, the towers around here (300k+ people city) have been at 4gLTE for years but the actual speeds are 0.1-0.5 mbps . Ive called and complained many times, over 2 generations of phones, and they keep saying there is nothing wrong with the towers. I love Tmo but this is getting stupid.

  • Guest 2

    Verizon should accept the challenge, it they lose they should forgive ETFs of their customers or give them a gift card so they can switch to T-Mobile on the spot. But customers should decide where the tests are made.
    I know, that will never happen.

  • steveb944

    I like it. Too bad it won’t be in my area.

  • Genbu

    I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile in southern California and have way better service. I’ve got way better coverage with T-Mobile, more data, and for half the price for 4 lines. I was getting one or two bars 3g at best (except for on the 210 fwy where I’d get like 3 bars 4g). I was getting 1 or 2 bars 3g in my own house. Now with T-Mobile, I’ve got service everywhere and its usually full LTE. So far, that Verizon commercial proves to be a load of crap

    • You must live in one of those areas where it’s real cheap to build a cell site tower. By chance, do you live near a mall, a WalMart or a used car dealership?

      Also, and many people don’t know this, but back in 2005, T-Mobile bought AT&T’s infrastructure in a project called “Empire Unwind”. The coverage you enjoy so much today was originally built by AT&T/PacBell Wireless. That’s just the facts.

      • Genbu

        Companies buy each others towers all the time (usually associated with with when they bid for different frequency ranges). You sound like you don’t live in California. There’s a Walmart for every 10 miles or so. There are used car dealerships every mile or 2 in most cases. California is one of those places where you cross a street and the house prices go from 300k to 1mil. If a company can’t provide a usable service within the 75 mile radius that I spend my time, then there is no point in giving them my money. That’s why I prefer T-Mobile. I was with Verizon for close to 15 years and they’ve been getting steadily worse and increasingly more expensive.

        • Omar Boyer

          i live in California in LOS ANGELES and agree with everything u said lol walmarts theres lots of em and many car dealerships in every corner .. And well your Right about Verizon its not as good as it used to be at&t and tmobile work much better now than verizon does .

        • Genbu

          Yeah, I spend a lot of time in Glendale, but used to work in the jewelry district downtown a few years back. I never had good service in those areas. Now I can be anywhere in a building or whatever and actually have service (usually full bars LTE)

        • I’ve spent a lot of time in southern california. The area is mostly “99¢ Only Stores”, Dollar Tree, and the Chinese ports. I’m surprised you enjoy shopping in those kinds of areas. For every one block of Rodeo Drive, there are 3 miles of “99¢ Only Stores”

          So, the point is, when products being sold in the area have such a thrilling selling price, the actual cost per-square-foot is relatively cheap. Why buy into another company’s real estate lease when products being sold in the area are already so cheap?

        • Genbu

          Los Angeles is the 3rd most populated city in America. If Verizon can’t offer quality service in such an important area, why should I give them my money? You’ve spent your time talking about how poor Californians are (and the stores they all seem to shop at) but ignored the topic. Verizon quality has dropped like crazy over the past few years, and T-Mobile offers more quality for less money. You can talk all you want, but at the end of the day, but its a foolish move to pay more money for less service. T-Mobile is the better provider in southern california- in cost effectiveness as well as in actual quality

        • Actually, Los Angeles is the second most populated municipality.

        • Genbu

          Oh crap, haha I thought it was 3rd behind Chicago! That only proves my point further, I guess. If Verizon ignores the 2nd most populated area in its coverage, I have no reason to give them my money

        • Los Angeles was behind Chicago until the 2000 census.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    Can’t wait to see this!

  • Urutora

    sexist ad.