T-Mobile’s new Super Bowl ad shows other carriers ruining Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’

UPDATE: T-Mobile has posted a 60-second version of its Drake commercial. You can find it at the bottom of this post.


The first of T-Mobile’s two Super Bowl ads are here, and like in past years, T-Mo has gotten a major celebrity to appear in it.

The new 30-second spot features Drake and his popular track “Hotline Bling.” Three reps from the other major US carriers want to tweak some of his lyrics, though, like adding “device eligible for upgrade after 24 months” after his says “call me on my cellphone” and that “streaming music will incur data charges.” I’m no artist, but I’d say that adding those lyrics to “Hotline Bling” would be kind of strange.

Drake and “Hotline Bling” were both pretty big at the tail-end of 2015, and so were the memes that included Drake’s dancing from the music video. Combining all three into a Super Bowl ad is pretty clever of T-Mobile, and while it may not become quite as huge as some of the Super Bowl ads hinted at in T-Mo’s recent teaser, I think folks are going to like it.

As a reminder, T-Mobile will have two ads airing during the Super Bowl. T-Mo told me to “stay tuned for more tomorrow,” so perhaps we’ll see the second commercial then.

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  • really

    Wow this is bad why don’t they just sell apple product and A mobile vs Tmobile

    • Steven

      this made no sense

      • makapav

        He’s incoherently alluding to the fact that T-Mobile knows the money’s with Apple users so it used the logo at the end in their ad. I am sure Apple paid them too.

    • yankeesusa


  • Paul

    Not spectacular, but funny. The song isn’t very good to begin with. Ha ha.

  • Acdc1a

    Hey, not bad…

    Alex, why not post OpenSignal’s new results. T-Mobile won 3 of 6 awards, Verizon 2, Sprint 1, and AT&T 0.

  • yankeesusa

    Pretty funny. I like it.

  • kev2684

    eh… it would be funny if we actually hear him sing with those changes in the background while the voice over guy is talking about being the uncarrier.

  • KenP

    Underwhelmed by this. Not enough “wow” factor to stand out as a Super Bowl ad.

    • AJ2

      Yes, will not win any awards or top the USA today list. Maybe if Drake danced with a cute puppy. The message isn’t clear enough in the :30 spot either. Not memorable at all

  • Philly Guy

    I’m still madd about what he did to Meek Mill

    • Drewski

      Meek Mill is whacked out. Meek Mill is a snitch, disloyal, disroyal.

  • Android_God

    Ha! Good one!


    Who’s this Drake person? He has a nice voice but I’ve never heard of him. Does it matter that I turned 60 last week?

    • 0neTw0

      His name is Aubrey. Popular male name when you where knee-high to a grasshopper. ;)

    • Jay Holm

      I don’t have a clue who “Drake” is, as far as I’m concerned Drake is a snack!!!

  • illstplaya .

    It’s actually kind of funny.

  • kgraham182

    Do we honestly believe this Canadian from TDot is using this carrier. I live in Miami, and T-Mobile is lacking in the Beaches and Hallandale area where Canadians normally roam. I don’t know if T-Mobile had enough cell sites but when inbetween all the high rises your phone is downgraded to just a camera. Maybe Canadians like peace and quiet.

  • trife

    You’re overthinking it man. It’s a TV ad with one of the biggest names in popular music, using one of the biggest, most recognizable songs of 2015. Nobody is worrying about what cell provider Drake really uses when he’s in the States.

  • KingCobra

    That second one was better than the first. They should probably use that one. These were pretty funny.

  • Saul Hoodman

    I like how they have that sprint yellow