Samsung Galaxy S7 shows its backside in new render leak


A few days after the Galaxy S7 showed its face in a leaked render, Samsung’s next Android flagship is back in another image leak.

New renders shared by Evan Blass show the backsides of both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The phones look largely similar to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, but it’s rumored that the rear cameras on the GS7 and GS7 edge will be flush with their backs, whereas the GS6 and GS6 edge had rear cameras that protruded from their rears. However, it’s tough to really tell if the rear cameras are indeed flush in these leaked renders.

Next to the Galaxy S7 rear camera is a flash and heart rate monitor, and below that is the “Samsung” and “Galaxy S7” branding. The edges of these phones look to be a bit curved, but again, that’s tough to confirm since we’re looking at the backs of the phones straight on.

So yeah, it’s looking likely that the Galaxy S7 will have a design that’s largely similar to the Galaxy S6. There may be some small refinements, though, like the flush rear camera and some curved edges on the back to make the GS7 more comfortable to hold. This may not be the most exciting strategy, but the Galaxy S6 is a nice-looking phone that earned praise for Samsung, so I can see why the company wouldn’t want to throw it out after one year.

Samsung is hosting an event on February 21, and it’s expected that we’ll see the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge debut there.

Source: @evleaks

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  • besweeet

    Glass back again? No thanks.

    • Jay Holm


      • VINN


  • Jose Lugo

    Um, don’t like it. um … hope the Note 6 don’t take cues from it.

  • killjoytre

    I like this. Looks like the camera bump is gone. Kinda sorta takes some style cues from Sony Ericsson….maybe the back of the K850..

  • rex2745

    Bought the galaxy VR and my s6 overheats after like 10 mins i hate it waste of $100 if i cant use it to watch movies.. hopefully samsung software gets a nice upgrade cause android needs to do something drastic i been seeing mostly the same apps on the playstore for like ever android is really boring! and the social media apps never seem to want to update their apps for example Facebook has had the “live” feature on iPhone for a couple months now and Android still hasn’t got it i hate being on the short end of the stick waiting almost a year for a software update on my phone no thank you… really thinking about switching to iPhone 7 this year wats the point of having up to date hardware when android is still slow and lags.. sometimes it freezes the whole phone i doubt the s7 is going to change my mind as well

    • Eric

      Sadly for your phone (android) no. I have that feature since Xperia Z

    • Kenneth Warner

      I actaot have it on my Facebook and I have a m9 so patience its coming

  • tranceformer978

    If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?

    • Android_God


    • Joey

      It says galaxy s7 on the back LOL.

      • GI Jane

        Its called a case……”LOL”

  • Banney Ley

    Still no dual LED flash? Seriously?

  • George Salcedo

    I hope the HTC M10 kicks this things ass!


  • Rod

    Give me a 64GB 5.5in s7+ waterproof, with microsd and I might be convinced to upgrade from the Note 4…. maybe

  • VINN

    Are there any Nokia fans?

    I learned that Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent, and I think they are now (or about to be) free to market phones, although I’m not sure if they can use the Nokia brand name on their possible phones yet since Microsoft released a feature phone with the Nokia name few weeks back.

    I hope Nokia phones come back soon.

    • VINN

      … but, Alcatel-Lucent is not the maker of the crappy mobile phones, that’s Alcatel Mobile Phones, a completely separate company since 2005.

      I’m correcting my mistake, sorry, got excited. I guess will have to wait a little more for the Nokia phones.

  • Mike Thaler

    Still emulating Apple w. no replaceable battery – or SD Card. No go for me.

    • Mike

      The internal battery is great compared to apples battery. Also reasons Samsung dropped removable batteries is due to ppl using other brand batteries that damaged the phone and caused fires in some cases.

      • Huzaifa

        Sure Mike, what ever you wanna say to defend Samsung, why cant we ever accept, that all samsung does is copy apple, and then it tries to “GIVE” a reason as to why they did it.

        • Apple

          This guy get it


        • AS118

          I feel like they don’t always copy Apple, and Apple copied android and Samsung’s note series recently, but I have to agree that this time, they did copy Apple with the sealed phones with no extra storage, and I feel that it was a really stupid idea.

          The S5 with waterproofing along with the microSD card and removable battery was the most exciting Galaxy for me lately, and since then, they’ve gone downhill for me.

          Sure the S6 Edge looks nice, but I prefer functionality.

    • warpwiz

      Me, too. Went for a refurb Note4 b/c the 5 is the same sealed design.

    • AS118

      Yeah, it’s probably best to get an S5, Note 4, or one of the newer LG phones with a removable battery if you want that feature. I love removable batteries because it makes a phone more usable after 1-2 years.

      Is the battery fading? Just pop a new one in, and you can keep on using the phone, sell it, whatever, but you won’t have to deal with a depleted battery that can’t hold charge as well.


    Please REMOVE the physical home button, and follow suit with having on-screen keys that can be re-arranged. I hate to have been used to using standard Google layout, and then go to a Samsung device where everything is backwards.

    • VINN

      I don’t like the Samsung layout as well and it’s one of the reasons I haven’t switched to that brand, and I was this close. But I do like the physical home button.

    • AS118

      If you want on-screen keys and the removable battery that Samsung (strangely) removed, I’d suggest an LG G4 or similar phone.

      LG’s added microSD cards and removable batteries to their phones at the same time Samsung took those features away, and from the G2 onwards at least, there’s been no physical “home” button.

      It makes for a surprisingly small, big-screened device that has almost no bezel, because the only buttons are volume and power, and these are on the back.

      • PiCASSiMO

        Oh yes… I’m on my LG G4 right now. Had the SGS6 for a weekend before I returned it on Monday.

        With the SGS7, I’d like more options to be available from Samsung that will cater to people like me and you.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Refinements to an already praised design, I’m good with that. Even more so if Samsung can decrease the protruding camera. I’ll wait for the reviews, specifically the camera, to make the jump from my S6 to the S7.

  • mike hernandez

    so no sd card??

  • william43

    I like the back of the S6