T-Mobile launching free prepaid phone promo on February 3


T-Mobile today kicked off a new promo aimed at helping prepaid customers get a shiny new cellphone.

Starting this Wednesday, February 3, customers that sign up for a prepaid plan of $40 per month or more will get a new smartphone for free. This offer is good on Simple Choice Prepaid, Simple Choice No Credit, and Simply Prepaid, which just got some refreshed plans.

The four phones that prepaid folks can get for free with this promo include the Coolpad Rogue, ZTE Obsidian, LG Leon, and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. It’s worth noting that with this promo, customers will be given a $50 mail-in rebate to cover the cost of the device.

Finally, T-Mo says that Simple Choice No Credit Customers can get another $50 mail-in rebate when they activate a second line.

This prepaid deal will be available in participating stores. T-Mobile isn’t saying when the promo will end, so if you or someone you know is interesting in getting a new prepaid plan and a phone to go with it, it’d be wise to visit your friendly neighborhood T-Mo shop as soon as you can.

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  • peharri

    Can’t speak for the others, but the Coolpad Rogue is a surprisingly good phone. As in I actually prefer it to the hipster-phone I had before (screen is worse, and lacks HDMI/MHL or NFC, but the battery life is actually usable, it has off-screen buttons, and you can add an SD card. And it doesn’t seem to be slower or otherwise performance impaired.)

    On the other hand, there’s supposedly concerns that Coolpad devices may contain spyware that sends your data to China, so there’s that.

    • VINN

      I heard from friends that Chinese brand phones are very good: Huawei, HTC, ZTE. I was using a ZTE hotspot for couple of years without a single issue.

      From what I know the spyware issues that happened in China doesn’t point to the manufacturers as responsible. I think it happens when the phones are on their way to retail, over there. But who knows.

      I’m not sure what’s worse, a spyware from the Chinese government (probably) designed for it’s citizens or things like Carrier IQ from other manufacturers and carriers.

      • Anonymous

        HTC is Taiwanese.

        • VINN

          Taiwan… officially the Republic of China. (Zhōnghuá Mínguó).

          China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC). (Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó)


          But you are right in the sense that most of us here know the Republic of China as Taiwan.

          It was a bit like calling LG a Korean company when others can say it’s South Korean.

      • Bighorner

        You “heard from a friend”? That screams credibility.

        • VINN

          Well, I do take online reviews and tech sites reviews into consideration as well. But you know they focus more on the specs.

      • ThatsMrtoyou

        ZTE is cheap as hell

        • VINN

          I meant good as in well made and reliable, but yes, most Chinese devices we see here are budget and entry level.

  • shawn

    is tmobile getting sony xperia z5?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Very interesting….. new prepaid plans, tablet plans and now this.

    • VINN

      I think they are just trying to make room for the coming LG K7. The Rogue and Obsidian with their 4GB RAM should be given for free to customers and new customers anyway.

      • VINN

        I meant 1GB RAM / 4GB ROM.

  • riverhorse

    This is a hohum promo…at these specs.
    16/2 gb would be a very decent promo, 32/3 would get millions new customers, 64/4 would have the entire world stampeding to the stores.

  • Acdc1a

    ” This offer is good on Simple Choice Prepaid, Simple Choice No Credit, and Simply Prepaid”

    What could be more simple?

    • Ky

      “Simple Choice” plans have most complicated “features” in the industry.

  • svec7186

    can existing customers with existing lines get this or only for new lines?

  • WITH A MIR…IT’S NOT FREE! You’ve got to come out of pocket to get a check back! THAT’S NOT FREE!!! Let me explain to you what FREE means: I go in/call up. Sign up for the plan. they send me out/GIVE ME the phone without me PAYING FOR THE PHONE! THAT’S FREE!

    • Acdc1a

      Too much coffee today?

    • Jake Fitzpatrick

      lol. Tomorrow you get only one cup of coffee.

    • davidofmidnight

      It’s still free, just inconvenient.

  • patt

    core prime is so bad