T-Mobile rolls out refreshed Simply Prepaid plans


The updated Simply Prepaid plans that were rumored earlier this month have arrived.

T-Mobile is now offering refreshed Simply Prepaid plans that range in price from $25 per month up to $60 per month. There’s a $40 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data, with 3GB of high-speed data. Stepping up to the $50 plan will get you 5GB of high-speed data, and the top-end $60 plan includes 10GB of high-speed data. These plans also include features like Music Unlimited (aka Music Freedom), Data Maximizer (aka Binge On), and Smartphone Equality, which will get you T-Mobile’s “best up-front pricing” on a new phone after you make 12 straight on-time payments.

These new Simply Prepaid plans are an upgrade from the previous offerings, which included 1GB of high-speed data for $40, 3GB for $50, and 5GB for $60. The new rate plans also include goodies like Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer, making them solid options if you’re considering prepaid service on T-Mobile’s network.

For folks looking for even cheaper rate plans, T-Mobile does offer a $25 plan with unlimited talk and text but no cellular data, meaning that you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi for your data needs. There’s also a $30 plan that offers unlimited data with 5GB at 4G speeds, unlimited text, and 100 minutes of talk.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • Ordeith

    At least they matched Cricket’s pricing. It was daft to pay more for Metro when Cricket leverages a much stronger network.

    • riverhorse

      Depending on location of course.
      Although Cricket is throttled vis a vis ATT, unlike Metro / TMO / another couple mvno’s.
      I had the chance of 6 cricket lines for $100, I like Metro better…and cricket gets the same phones but with lesser specs lately.
      No thanks.

    • Guest 2

      Simply Prepaid has 1st network priority, tethering and no speed limitations (when you disable Data-Maximizer/Binge-On), things I see Cricket not offering.

      I think T-Mobile is counting on people not turning off Data Maximizer for them to offer very competitive plans.

  • kgraham182

    Another week, another promo/refreshed plan.

  • lucifer90

    Does anyone know if these new plans offer domestic roaming ?

    • Guest 2

      Fine print says that monthly plans of $40 and above have it, but it also says “see your plan details”. So, it’s a bit confusing, maybe someone should call TMo.,

      • lucifer90

        I’ve called and they claim yes but good example is I’m currently on the everything unlimited $80 plan that’s no longer being offered. It should have roaming, however instances where I’m in an area where it shows signal bars but reads “emergency calls only” and shows full bars. That’s not roaming to me. I guess the only way to find out if if I change my plan and test it out

        • Guest 2

          Did they tell you what amount of roaming it has? The fine print mentions 200Mb but it also says that it varies depending on the plans.

  • (J²)

    Long overdue!

    After revising their plans, T-Mobile is now able to tap into the real prepaid market. I’ve always found T-Mobile’s prepaid plans to be on the pricey end.

    It’s only a matter of time before Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Cricket begin to loose customers as they have all essentially been matched.

    • Thorhand

      I don’t see anyone moving from Cricket which is using a network with much stronger coverage to a prepaid T-Mobile plan. The $60 Cricket plan gets you 10 GB of data versus the $60 prepaid plan on T-Mobile. The lower data allowance plans are even matched too. Boost and Virgin, yeah maybe.

      • (J²)

        Based on personal experience and overall trends, this is very likely.
        Cricket offers a more reliable network via AT&T (at least for now) but now that T-Mobile has matched the pricing (and thrown in Binge On, Music Freedom, etc) it does appear that T-Mobile offers a better deal.

        Unfortunately, AT&T caps Crickets download speeds for 4G and LTE, so in actuality you aren’t getting any LTE. This was ultimately my reason for leaving Cricket. I also work in the IT and some of my co-workers who use Cricket do not even know this.

        It’s worth noting that many prepaid users are typically; younger, elderly and not technical inclined. These demographics aren’t going to be too concerned with comparing networks (which ultimately boils down to frequencies used and not coverage itself – very misleading to those who are shopping around).

        I do think that Cricket would be able to remain competitive with T-Mobile but I don’t think Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile stand much of a chance.

        • Thorhand

          I never had Cricket but a lot of my friends do. I mentioned it in my response above but their phones still work pretty damn fast with even with the speed cap. Yeah they load things a split second slower but they have extensive coverage in our state when driving to mountains, national parks and low population areas where they see me only getting edge or no service or worse yet… Roaming on AT&T Edge. My T-Mobile service works for me and I do see many people switching but for the coverage-conscious consumer who tends to take frequent trips outside of metro areas, will not pay T-Mobile the same amount they pay Cricket for a prepaid plan and get less coverage. I do see some people switching… The purists who want truly LTE speeds but how common are these people? Just like you said, I wouldn’t include the elderly and young people in that category.

        • (J²)

          That I totally agree with. Yes, for those who travel I completely understand why they’d choose Cricket over T-Mobile’s prepaid

          But on the other hand and in reality, those who travel are more likely to have postpaid service with Verizon and AT&T.

          There’s actually a lot of people who want blazing fast LTE speeds and that is what most of the carriers advertise. In fact, that’s why a lot of people leave prepaid for postpaid.

          I think this is just demographics at work.

          A) Young people actually would do more heavy data using and therefor would care more about data speeds – hence Binge On and Music Freedom because we all know its not possible to stream if the connection is bad or the speeds are too slow.

          B) Elderly people don’t follow the price wars, technical specs. or anything. Elderly people are just going to go with what they know unless otherwise deterred.

          Again, coverage varies from market to market and if you aren’t traveling it truly doesn’t matter.

          I completely get your point but it only represents a small percentage of prepaid subscribers.

      • Richard Finzel

        I was a T-Mobile customer that migrated to Cricket. Let me tell you this, the plans may sound the same and you think that the coverage on Cricket is better, they are not either way. With Tmobile now gaining ground on the LTE network as well as expanding their network to many of the rural communities that have only seen verizon and at&t coverage for a decade. I moved to one of those areas and I can tell you that I am so glad to see Tmobile has coverage in the area now. I am ready to switch because anything has to be better than the 300ms ping and top speed of 8mbps on cricket’s LTE. I really missed the lightning fast LTE that I had on Tmobile. Not only that but T-mobile has customer support, something that Cricket completely lacks. I will be so glad to switch to Tmobile again!!!!

        • AJ2

          I’ve been on Straight Talk with $45 for 5gb on ATT lte for almost 4 years now with no issues. No throttling either as at times I’ve exceeded 30mbps on Speed test

        • Thorhand

          I have never had Cricket. T-Mobile works for me because I’m in an urban area 360 out of 365 days a year. But most of my friends have Cricket and if we were to take a drive somewhere from Seattle metro area, to the mountains on the east side, down south to Portland, or to Mount Rainier National Park, I get either Edge in low population areas or no service at all in the national park while they still have at least HSPA+. They don’t seem inhibited at all by the cap on the speeds as you can practically do anything with 8 Mbps. Yeah my phone loads things faster by a split second when we’re in the city but they wouldn’t switch to T-Mobile just for that reason. They would rather have the capped speeds and the coverage for when they go skiing and hiking. And if my life required me to be on the road more often, T-Mobile wouldn’t work for me. Just an example of how people have priorities and wouldn’t switch simply based on pricing and perks.

    • renGek

      I think Tmo’s $30 prepaid is the best value with 5gb of 4g data. The only thing you don’t get is a decent amount of voice. But I use Google voice so that doesn’t even matter to me.

      • Bermudan Option

        Same. Using Google Voice/Hangouts makes the $30 plan sooo worthwhile

    • I had Cricket for a while, and I had T-Mobile before them, and I have them now. Both of them work great. I never had an issue with coverage with T-Mobile, Cricket did have 1 spot of HSPA signal when I was on the road one time, where T-Mobile normally got 2g. Other than that, they’re about equal in my experience. I love these new Simply Prepaid plans. I feel like it’s finally a reasonable bone that T-Mobile has thrown to the individual plan customers.

  • A lot of overlap with the MetroPCS offerings…

  • Guest 2

    Maybe they are aligning Simply Prepaid with Metro for a possible merge.

    For those looking for deals: There’s a new promo at Metro and they already have the K7, at a promo price, I’m guessing.

    • randian

      “Maybe they are aligning Simply Prepaid with Metro for a possible merge”

      I hope not, Metro is a better deal than Simply Prepaid, especially at the $60 level.

      • Guest 2

        If they merge, like some rumors are saying, I think the Metro prices will remain the same. The rumor is that Metro stores and Simply Prepaid stores will become one where they’ll offer Metro prepaid and T-Mobile Simple Choice. Who know what would happen to GoSmart, Ultra and Univision Mobile, if that ever happens, of course.

        • AJ2

          Nothing like simplifying plans

    • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

      Are you serious.. That K7 phone is trash.. So sad that some one is going to buy this and that LG is selling this.

      • Guest 2

        Then I guess that’s it’s price, $49.

  • calvin35

    Data Maximizer?

    • Guest 2

      It’s throttling. They throttle the connection to 1.5 Mbps to force video providers to adjust their video streams (if they can) to ideally 480p. With it you can reduce your data consumption. But it affects many other apps that are not video apps but may contain a video file like Facebook, Gaming apps and Web Browsers apps, meaning slower speeds. You can turn it off though.

      • calvin35

        So is T-Mobile no longer calling it Binge On? Too many bad Google search results coming up so they changed it to Data Maximizer!?

        • matt

          binge on is the ability to watch netflix without it using your data plan
          data maximizer is a seperate deal that maximizes your streaming so you can stream more, but it counts against your plan

        • matt

          they are two different features.
          one plan has maximizer , one has binge on

        • Guest 2

          With simple choice you get Binge On, with simply prepaid you get data maximizer.
          Both work the same but with one difference: when you watch a video from a binge on partner that data doesn’t count against your allotment.

        • SirStephenH

          Both “services” throttle ALL video to 1.5Mbps. Binge On is for their post-paid plans and allows you to watch some (throttled) video without it counting against your cap while Data Maximizer is for their pre-paid plans and only throttles.

        • 9to5Slavery

          which are full of opinions. few educated good answers, majority uneducated bad answers.

  • Guest

    The simple choice and simply prepaid are confusing. Why not just have one prepaid plan instead of splitting them in to two seperate plans?

    • renGek

      They don’t want one plan with all the features. Simple choice plans offers access in Canada and Mexico while simple prepaid does not nor are you allowed tethering. To make things even more complex there is also simple choice and simple choice prepaid which does not let you add international roaming data passes. And there is no page that has a comprehensive list of features for each plan. I have sim cards for multiple prepaid plans and refill specific ones as needed.

      • matt

        i have a walmart $30 plan and i am allowed tethering and use it all the time

      • matt

        the new chart clearly states that both simple choice prepaid and simply prepaid both allow smart phone mobile hotspot. your message is incorrect.

        • renGek

          well then you can try it yourself. I recently got a new phone, put in the sim card and hotspot was BLOCKED. I even asked their support once and they even said so, $30 plan gets no hotspot. So I guess your message is incorrect.

  • AJ2

    Do they limit you to. 8mbps speeds like Metro & Cricket or do you get full lte like Straight Talk $45/5gb lte plan?

    • Guest 2

      Metro and Simply Prepaid don’t have a fixed speed limit like Simply Prepaid did before. But if you don’t disable Data Maximizer video apps and mixed media apps will be throttled. And when there is congestion you’ll be throttled as well in order to manage that congestion. When there is congestion Metro will take second priority, Simply Prepaid is first priority.

  • Sean

    So they’re basically just T-Mobile versions if the plans that MetroPCS has had for awhile now.

  • Omar Boyer

    i have a question if anyone can help me ill greatly appreciate it . I have an att s6 edge i want to use on tmobile prepaid i havent unlocked it yet but on atts website it says it has alot of lte bands even band 12 . Is it the same lte band 12 tmobile uses for its new lte? And also would Hd voice or volte work? does tmobile allow that on prepaid ? and lastly do they really throttle the speed to 8 mbps only? cuz i heard on prepaid and simply prepaid speed is throttled to 8mbps is this true?? or would i be better of just using it on metro?

    • Kaulana1989

      Yes your phone will be compatible T Mobile HD Voice and voice over LTE works with your phone just get yourself a tmobile prepaid SIM card you can get one for only $0.99 online I would switch to MetroPCS $50 a month including taxes and fees unlimited talk text and data and 5 gigabytes of high speed data all you need is a metro pcs nano SIM card does your phone take nano SIM cards?

      • Omar Boyer

        thnks ill try tmobile n see how it goes or else ill try metro i just hope HD voice/lte works since it is an at&t branded phone.. ima unlock it saturday n see how it goes.. also hopefully they do allow faster speeds than 8 mbps i just read somewere else they do . And that band 12 hopefully its the same lte band tmobile is using now since it says on the att website it has that lte band.

    • Att and tmobile are both GSM.

  • Vicky Stromberg

    The marketing department at T-Mobil just wants you to know that when it comes to cheap, cheaper, and cheapest, you’ve definitely got T-Mobile (and MetroPCS’s) un-coverage.

  • BillSmitty

    So, I’m on an older Simply Prepaid family plan with 1 line having the base 1mb data and my line has unlimited data for only $20/mo. When I login to my account it shows I can upgrade that 1mb data line to now 2mb for free, but I’m assuming that will change to 3mb free soon. If I update that 1mb line, does anyone know if they will change my unlimited line to the new unlimited price, which would increase the overall price of my plan by $15/mo?

    • Probably better just to do nothing. Contact them but don’t agree.

  • Ron B

    Is it just me or has T-Mobile become the UN-un-carrier?

    I have 2 phones on 2 prepaid plans. For about a year or so, every time I refill my account or I auto-pay my account, I get an extra $0.75 tacked on under “taxes”. Is that only happening to me or are others seeing that charge?

    The guy in-store told me it was a 911 charge, but shouldn’t that charge be monthly? I get the same $0.75 charge if I refill $30 or $100.

    Also, I went to Target and bought a $60 refill card for $57 (5% off sale) and when I added it to my account, I got a full $60. No $0.75 charge anywhere. Am I alone? Is the T-Mobile rep feeding me a line of garbage to get me out of the store? Help!!! Please shed some light if you know anything. Thanks.

    • Blanca Perez

      Charges on prepaid depends on the state. Here it’s 3.34%. I can avoid that by buying online.