Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Grand Prime Hits T-Mobile’s Shelves

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Just in time for its new Advanced Messaging service announcement, T-Mobile has launched both the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and the Galaxy Core Prime smartphones. These two devices are budget-friendly, yet manage to come with decent specs.

For starters, the Galaxy Core Prime features a 4.5-inch display with 480×800 resolution, a 5MP rear-facing camera, and a 2MP front-facing sensor. Powering it from within is a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and it comes with 4G LTE connectivity. These specs do not make it the next best thing but for its price, it makes for a wise decision.

The other device that T-Mobile launched is the Grand Prime, which comes with a 5-inch 540×960 resolution display and the same processor power as the Core Prime. In terms of its camera, the Grand Prime boasts of an 8MP rear and a 5MP front-facing camera. The Grand Prime looks like it’ll be the better model, especially since it will launch with T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging service.

Both these devices are now available on T-Mobile with a price tag of $139.99 for the Core Prime and $189.99 for the Grand Prime.

Source: Phone Arena

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  • HeyPhonedogManagement

    Christina, welcome aboard.

    Nice to see phonedog management decided to finally get Alex coverage while he was on his honeymoon. Phonedog mgmt really screwed up, they don’t seem to care about this site or this community.

    Cam talked about a TmoNews site forum a while back, but it never materialized. Maybe it should be reconsider it. We could have covered for Alex on our own if existed.

    Seems many if us are turning to reddit, howardforums and T4GRU for what we use to get here. This site feels like it it is imploding. Better do something fast otherwise I think this site’s days are numbered :(

    • 21stNow

      There used to be a forum on this site, but it had very little participation.

      • neoslan

        In the end, it did have little participation. But, it’s not fair to say that without any background.

        A few years ago, it was a very lively discussion board. I would hop over there as soon as I finished sighing about the announcements of new flip/slider phones from Samsung. On the forums, people discussed everything. People talked about network technologies (breaking down how exactly AWS would integrate with the TMO network, and its future in consideration to the ownership of frequencies by TMO/other carriers/future auctions), propose new ideas for TMO, talk about the phones people own right now, etc. One of my favorite things a poster put up (eventually stickied) was a post of all phone releases a year, It was color-coded against how technology-advanced the phone was. It survived about 14 versions before the forum died off. I maintained a fairly popular variation of that thread at the time, about battery lives of different phones.

        The forum was very lively indeed back then. David Buren (the founder of this website) had even done weekly Friday roundups of what happened on the forums. It’s because so much was discussed on there that it was worth covering.

        Unfortunately around 2011-2012, the forum started getting attacked by spambots. You’ve seen it on the internet. New threads would pop up talking about nonsense pharmaceutical products, penny stocks, etc. Replies were also made to regular threads. These were obviously by non-human users. The accounts were being created with no stop to it. The moderators on the forum either gave up or did an ineffective job of purging these spam posts. Because in the end, each board on the forum was so infiltrated with spam that you couldn’t find legitimate content anywhere unless you looked hard.

        With this context, I think you can judge whether you think it had little participation or not. I think the TmoNews Forums was an amazing forum, with amazing discussions. Discussions still exist, but have splintered apart across reddit (less serious posts), Howard forums (more technically-inclined posts), etc. Although I feel a strong sense of nostalgia about the forums, I don’t want it back. I don’t think it fundamentally adds to the TmoNews experience if we were to start over again right now. It’s just too late. Most standard forum designs in my opinion, are slow and cumbersome to navigate, The TmoNews Forums was a standard vBulletin template. If the forums are to be re-implemented, we better make sure it’s a thoroughly modern incarnation (eg. conversation oriented-discussions rather than hierarchy-based one, social media integration, direct integration to authoritative content, etc).

        • 21stNow

          Thanks for the history. I was unaware that it had actually been active at one point. When I looked at it some time ago, I tried to scroll back to see if it ever looked like it had what I considered a lot of activity. Maybe I didn’t go far enough back?

          Keep in mind that what I thought were normal levels of activity is what you would find on T-Mobile’s (or any carrier’s) forum. I would consider what I see on XDA a high level of activity. Any activity level that is lower than what I see on a carrier forum would be a low level, in my opinion. So we may have different criteria for forum activity levels, as well.

    • YABD

      Yes, since Cam left this place is going down. :-(

    • Hi All,

      Alex will be back very soon. And as for the forum- we do have one in the works and you guys will all hopefully be a contributing part of it very soon. We do care about the community and we do like the idea of you guys helping to cover the news when someone like Alex takes some time off. Also, we had some over biggest traffic days ever the week he took over so the site is not imploding, even though it may seem like that temporarily in a week where we do not have constant coverage.

      @neoslan:disqus – great to hear the full history on it. We will look to people like you to moderate the forum when it re-launches in the coming months. In addition- our web development team is much stronger than it was back then, and we will make sure there will be no spam bots attacking the new forum.

      Anyway- keep the suggestions coming, as I assure you these comments are read. You can also use the Submit News or contact us buttons to voice your opinions.

      TmoNews/PhoneDog management

      • MC Mickey Lee

        Isn’t this a forum?

        • Yes in a sense! But the upcoming forum will allow anyone to post about any topic, and not rely on the comments section of articles.

      • Mike Palomba

        Looking forward to forums starting on this website. And I’d love to be a mod!

  • Lenny from the block

    Are these phones available in-store? I want see what this advanced messaging BS is all about. Someone please post your number so I can send a few test RCS based messages using T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging service.

    Hi Christine ☺️

    • DStudio

      Yes, I saw one in the store today – probably both of them. I was just casually browsing at lunch time to see what they have these days. I saw a $139 phone plus the Kyocera they just released (I couldn’t miss that one).

      I was thinking they have quite a few affordable phones right now, should I ever need one. It didn’t dawn on me that I was looking at at least 3 brand new phones they didn’t have last week!

  • Roger Sales

    They have band 12, but do they support voLTE?

    • Phone Guy

      voLTE is garbage. I have been using it for over a year off n on and it does nothing to the end user but make it easier for the carrier to handle multiple calls. I dread the day we all go voLTE vs just using a regular signal. I was so excited when I saw it the first time, and now i hope not to see it.

      • Rod

        I’m sorry. But you are an idiot. Have you even used VoLTE on TMO? Do you even know what it means? What is a ‘regular signal’? VoLTE is superior in every way to a circuit switched voice call. Being able to handle more voice calls/more voice calls easier was never a factor in carriers switching to VoLTE.

        • Trevnerdio

          It is a factory, but it’s not the sole reason. It enables them to handle a much larger volume of calls because IP voice is much more efficient than a circuit-switched network. Not to mention it allows for improvements in voice quality down the road (even better than HD Voice).

        • “It is a factory”

          No it is not a factory

        • Trevnerdio

          Appreciate the subtle critique :P

      • dtam

        Volte will allow tmo to retire the edge network and upgrade

        • Golbez352

          Correction VoLTE will allow T-Mobile to shut down the 4G network, reason for AWS in some areas. Still need edge for people with flip phones. :-)

        • dtam

          they are going to do to them as they did with metropcs customers. they’re just going to turn off the legacy networks and get people on new phones. might not happen for 5 years though

        • Golbez352

          That’s part of the reason for, aws offers for certain markets where t-mobile offers replacement devices for certain phones. Example markets with limited lte spectrum shut down 5mhz 4g, make it into 10mhz lte.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        VoLTE is awesome my market finally has it. Even though we had HD calling on 3G. Dual HD Calling you can say lol

      • slybacon

        VoLTE works great in my market (rural Washington, hour drive (without traffic) from Seattle). Faster call connection, faster internet while on a call, everything is smoother (iPhone 6).

  • Trevnerdio

    Oh hi! I didn’t even notice that this was written by someone other than Alex. Welcome!

    However, can a phone with a 4.5″ screen stretching those precious 480 lines across it really be considered “decently-spec’d” in this day and age? ;)

  • shamatuu

    not worth it. Bad specs in 2015!. it’s not 2012 anymore get with the program Samsung

    • Mark

      Personally, I’m happy to see something in that price range made by Samsung as opposed to leaving the low end to Alcatel crap. A lot of people can’t afford high-end phones.

      • Trevnerdio

        The Alcatel higher-end phones actually look like a good deal.

      • Acdc1a

        I’ve got the Idol 3, not crap AT ALL

        • Mark

          Fair enough; my son has the OneTouch Fierce and it’s been nothing but trouble.

    • BreakThaLawFTP

      Really? Did you read the article? It’s a budget Android from Samsung, the Grand is a steal at $190 with very good specs.

      • JLV90

        It’s an Avant with a blown up screen. Not really like Samsung is trying didn’t even raise it to 720p

        • neoslan

          I would make the argument that a person that buys a $100-200 phone wouldn’t care about HD quality screens. We survived just fine a few years ago when super-phones weren’t of HD quality yet. We noticed increased sharpness and brilliancy of the newer HD phones, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker type jump. A $100-200 phone buyer is typically 1) trying to get a affordable phone just to get what they need done, or 2) using it as a cheap backup phone. Thus, it wouldn’t matter.

          I actually find these phones very intriguing. I have an Avant myself for backup, and I find it a very capable phone already. With these releases…it is hard to compare against the GS4 or GS5 if you didn’t know what to look for…that’s most people. Remember, they were the super-phones of yesteryear.

        • ” We survived just fine a few years ago when super-phones weren’t of HD quality yet.”

          We survived just fine with VHS, Cassettes, Ford Model T, horses, tube TVs, etc…

          It’s such a stupid argument. The real comparison is between this phone and all others in this price range. Guess what? it’s 2015 and the other budget phones in this price range do have higher res.

        • neoslan

          Yes, you have a point with those examples. However, I am making a point that the Samsung phone displays are not antiquated. It’s very much passable for a modern device, especially that of a budget device.

          There is reason to believe competitor offerings may be higher spec. That I can give you. However, as I said previously, the people buying these phones may not even notice those minuscule differences.

        • Notice it or not, I would rather have the phone with higher specs for the same price. Wouldn’t you? I don’t see why anyone would be these phones over an LG G3 unless they just fall for marketing.

        • Herman

          I think you’re missing the point. neoslan is saying PEOPLE who WOULD BUY THIS PHONE DOES’NT CARE ABOUT THOSE MINUSCULE SPECS.

        • People who would buy these phones cares more about price than specs. Guess what? THERE ARE SIMILAR PHONES WITH BETTER SPECS FOR LESS.

          So why would anyone buy this Samsung besides for the brand?

        • dtam

          the HTC desire 626s seems like a better phone and that was released too

        • JLV90

          And $20 less

        • JLV90

          I’d at least expect 720p. qHD on a 5 inch screen doesn’t look good at all.

          Motorola, HTC, Microsoft and LG can provide it at a $100-200 level why can’t Samsung?

      • shamatuu

        i would never recommend any phone with those screen resolutions

      • Jay J. Blanco

        its 129 at Metro PCS

  • Jay J. Blanco

    This phone has Galaxy light specs with Galaxy Avant screen. crazy

  • HeyPhonedogMangement

    TO: Phondog Management

    Thanks for the reply way down below and considering the forum idea.

    Since your reply seemed to solicit this community’s feedback or at least that you are actively listening, may we have a serious discussion about the advertising on this site? For about six months there have been constant complaints regarding the over-abundant ad sources. Many (hopefully most) of us are okay with supporting ad revenue for the site, but some of the advertising is so intrusive it has done nothing but frustrate your regular visitors who in turn comment and complain (myself included).

    I know that Cam passed along our complaints, but nothing has ever changed. Are our complaints simply being ignored or is Phonedog management looking into making a good balance between creating revenue vs. a negative experience for your customers?

    This topic seems to fall on def ears. It would be nice to know our complaints are being acknowledged and addressed.

    There is a lot of friction here, is this something you would be willing to discuss with the TmoNews community?

    • Hi,

      The advertising complaints are not falling upon deaf ears. We are experimenting with different advertising formats and are giving them a good few months each to decide what works best. We obviously want the experience to be as good as possible for users, so we are taking your feedback into account. More on this as we figure out what will help us keep the lights on at TmoNews, while still making the user experience pleasant.

      • HeyPhonedogManagement

        That’s good to hear. May I suggest that the ad at the top of the page that delay adjusts it’s size making the page shift up and down be thrown out.

        It is by far the number one complaint I’ve seen from TmoNews readers. Possibly one of the worst ads I am aware of all the sites I regular visit.

        • Yes that is one unit we are evaluating.

        • Voila! We have done away with the large ad at the top that adjusts it size. Thank you all for your feedback as we experiment with different ad units.

        • HeyPhonedogManagement

          Thank you. This is exciting news for me.

          Ads on a site are an “all or nothing” thing for me and the 150,000 users on the corporate network I manage. If one single ad is intrusive or tricky in nature I block everything. I have been blocking the following sites for a couple of months now when visiting TmoNews (and all PhoneDog owned sites):

          pagead2 googlesyndication com
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          If you would be willing to remove the few intrusive ads (ads that get in the way or are annoying in nature) I will gladly re-enable the rest of the ads to help generate revenue each time the site is visited. The company I work for is a tech company with a significant amount of traffic to your site. It would be my pleasure to do so.

  • superg05

    i find it interesting that Samsung is finally bringing budget phones from India to the US i wish they would bring tizen so i can try it

    • Anonymous

      The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime was already released in the U.S. for Cricket Wireless in April.

  • T-mobile’s price is: $189.99 for the Grand Prime, while Cricket’s price is: $129.99. I ordered one from T-Mobile to replace a phone on my acct and had them bill it to my account. Tried to get those tp give me the $60 credit and those bastards would not budge.
    I hope T-Mobile wins nothing in the Spectrum Auction in 2016!

    • Shawn

      Why should they give you a $60 Bill credit ?. when the prime is originally $229.99. They took $40 off the original price from the start, lol. Do you give them extra money for free wifi calling. Unlimited global data and texting free of charge. Or how about unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada for free. I bet you give them extra money on your Bill for all the free perks, lol. By the way you should want T-Mobile(your carrier). To win as much spectrum as they could, so they continue to expand and be more reliable.