Kyocera Hydro Wave swims onto T-Mobile and MetroPCS with water-resistant body, Android 5.1


Kyocera has released several water-resistant Android phones in recent years using its Hydro brand, and now that family has grown again.

The Kyocera Hydro Wave is launching at both T-Mobile and MetroPCS, and like other members of the Wave family, the Hydro Wave isn’t afraid of a little water. The phone can withstand being submerged in 3.28 feet (1 meter) of water for up to 30 minutes. It can also take a bit of a beating because it’s Militery Standard 810G certified for shock and drops, and it’s also IP5X dustproof-rated.

The rest of the Hydro Wave’s spec list includes a 5-inch qHD (that’s 960×540) display, 5-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, 8GB of storage (4GB user-accessible), a microSD slot, and support for LTE bands 2, 4, and 12. Powering the Hydro Wave is a combination of a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 2300mAh battery, and Android 5.1

The Hydro Wave is now available from T-Mobile in postpaid and prepaid flavors. The postpaid version is available for $0 down and 24 payments of $6.25 each, or $149.99 full retail. Meanwhile, the prepaid model has a suggested retail price of $189.99. MetroPCS will begin offering the Hydro Wave on July 27.

Kyocera’s Hydro Wave may not be the most highly-specced phone ever, but its low price and water and dust-resistant shell could make it an attractive option for folks that spend a lot of time outdoors, especially with summer and beach time still in full effect.

Sources: Businesswire, T-Mobile postpaid and prepaid

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  • impasse

    aw it’s like a modern moto defy! man i miss this size phone..

    ..and no don’t wear skinny jeans, and yes i have big hands (i’m 6’2″), and a fuckin’ g3 is still a little too big for my pockets and my hands

    • steveb944

      You’re in the minority because most of us are in the phablet crowd, especially with Apple offering it too.

      • impasse

        “most” of who? i consider myself on the savvy technical side, but going from an xperia zl to my current stopgap z1s was a rude awakening for the potential size differences of two phones with an identically-sized screen. really the only major other manufacturer doing small bezels is lg, and the xperia compacts, which is great and i hope continues.

        i don’t understand this fascination with trying to convince everyone that bigger is better, when their personal preference is smaller. i’ve played with a nexus 6, iphone 6+, and like i said, they’re just too fuckin’ big. try to look at it this way, it’s roughly like trying to convince someone that they should be okay with getting a 70″ tv that doesn’t fit their living room as comfortably just because they’re more common now, when they’re doing just fine with their smaller but just-as-functional 50″. like why would you waste your time? everyone is allowed to state their preference without trying to convince other people it’s the best option for them. i don’t go around shoving my religion down anyone’s throats, but i’m happy to explain why i believe in it if i’m asked.

        • steveb944

          Most of the consumers, you know the ones buying the new hardware. Being tech savvy has nothing to do with it, phone size is all about consumer demand. We’re talking phone size, not bezels because that’s a whole different animal.

          No one is trying to convince you or anyone for that matter. I was just pointing out that you’re in the minority now. If smaller size was so important the Sony device would be the top selling device, but it’s not.

          Your TV analogy doesn’t match because technology doesn’t stay with ‘doing just fine/just-as-functional’, you want to see how far you can go and innovate over the previous iteration. You’re an outlier with small pockets and hands to not be able to fit a 5.5″ device, just like the people with small rooms that can’t fit the big new TV.
          You eventually have to stay with the old TV/phone or upgrade to the newer midrange option because the newest features are only on the big ones.

        • AQ

          It’s exactly as you said, the newest & best are only available with big screens, allot of people aren’t really buying big screen phones for the big screen, they are buying them for other reasons, features & even brands. Many will buy the newest iPhone because it’s the newest iPhone, not because the screen size is bigger, same with other brands, the choice is taken away from the buyer unless they want to go even bigger (+ & note series).

        • Angel

          Couldn’t agree more. Big screen phones sells a lot because are the only one with good spec, if you wanna go for a small screen, even 4.3 you’ll have to settle for mediocre spec.

        • gmo8492


    • gmo8492

      I’m way shorter than you and have a 5.5″ phone and it fits perfectly in my jeans and my hands handle it just fine. I don’t know what your problem happens to be.

      • impasse

        rofl i don’t have a “problem” dumbass, i’m just a different person, with different hands, different pants, i.e. not you. just because it works for you doesn’t mean it works for everyone. my PERSONAL preference and PERSONAL experience is just as valid as yours.

        • gmo8492

          Wow very professional, you call me a “dumbass” just because I was offering a different perspective on the situation. Seems that you’re a very insecure person to get all defensive out of nowhere. I wasn’t really expecting a response, but I was curious why a 6’2″ man would have trouble handling a relatively mid-sized phablet like the G3. You didn’t make that clear in your initial statement that it was personal preference rather than size that was the problem here (i.e you said “it was too big” not because you prefer smaller phones). But you just contradicted yourself which in the end makes you like a complete fool.

        • impasse


        • TK

          Douche bag alert. Tool bag with a small ….

    • DStudio

      I like the way my iPhone 6 Plus (I’m average size, no skinny jeans) never lays perfectly flat on a table. I consider the slight bend a special feature! ;)

  • michael lind

    I would get one just to have a spare phone but wait till price comes down

  • דקס וויליאמס

    I would like to point out that in the 2nd paragraph you misspelled the word military. It should not be “Militery”.


    This site is now drowning in your “OMG ALEX IS SO BAD OMG GET SOMEONE BETTER.” posts. just plz stfu..

  • Deadeye37

    So it’s IP5X rated? No rating at all for the waterproofing. If its 1 meter for 30 minutes it should be IP57 rated, but if there is no official rating, does that mean it was never certified? Doesn’t bode well…..

  • Halid

    Try 720p display and at least 2gigs of ram. You can keep the 2011 specs. Nah thanks Kyocera.

  • steveb944

    That’s a pretty decent device for the price point, especially given the ruggedness.

    With that slogan tho “live more, fear less” is a lie, you’re going to fear that small internal storage.

    • MastarPete

      lmao. Seriously though, I just don’t understand how base storage in phones hasn’t steadily increased every other year like it has with computers. It’s actually hard to find a new computer with Windows 7/8 that has less than 250gb unless it’s got an SSD. If base phone storage had kept pace with technology not even low ends would be under 8gb.

      When is the last time you have seen even an SD card that was under 2gb!!

      • steveb944

        I found an old camera in my office that had a 256MB SD card this week. I was in awe of that relic.

        • MastarPete

          hah, I guess I should have clarified new and available to buy in stores. The lowest I think I’ve seen lately is like 4~8gb.

          If we’re talking used then a couple months ago I found two 64mb cards in my neighbor’s old phones when she asked me to wipe them before tossing them. I think I still have a working 16mb card around here somewhere that I believe came with my Moto V635 some 10 years ago.

  • YABD

    How big is the screen?

    • FILA

      says 5 inch

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Sold 2 today

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    please these need more storage

    why isnt there a 5in phone with 32gb storage, b12, 2, 4 support with removable battery and sd slot?

    • JLV90

      The budget phones aren’t gonna have a 32 GB hard drive, they rely on you buying an SD card

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Id be surprised if they had a hard drive considering the size.

  • Angel

    This could have been a good update/upgrade to the Kyocera Hydro Life.
    But it reality is not that much better, actually it have less RAM. Since they put a 410 there they should have up the camera to 8MP, and bigger screen with same pixels…. they could have put 720p at least. Lets say, this, plus 720p 8MP camera it could go for $180+/- and it would be worth it.
    But this, not really worth 150. Maybe when the price drop to 100~ like the Life.

  • TK

    After owning this phone for a couple of months it is a big letdown. I’m a big Kyocera rugged phone fan. My last 2 phones were the kyocera torque and the brigadier. Both excellent phones and not 1 complaint about either of them. But this phone is worse in every way. Both 5 MP cameras (torque) yet this phone has worse. Worse non removable battery. Worse ruggedness. And when dropped sim becomes loose. Overall its a sub par phone compared to the other 2 phones I previously mentioned. Thinking about switching to another brand if they don’t release a better rugged phone. I get these phones for their ruggedness and functionality. Could care less about the cosmetic appearance.