T-Mobile Beat Verizon in New Phone Subscribers in Q2 2015


The rankings are in and for T-Mobile, there’s a lot of reason to celebrate! Earlier today, Verizon reported its earnings online and based on this, T-MO was able to add two times as much new phone subscribers in the Q2 of 2015. This is the fifth consecutive quarter where T-MO rose to the top over Verizon in this highly acclaimed recognition.

Sharing the link on Twitter, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere boasted about the success they have achieved. Ever since the failed merger with AT&T, T-Mobile looks like its winning back the customers they lost to the other networks in the past. By offering some of the most unique and over the top promotions, T-MO has been able to shake up the industry and shortly after regained their spot on the list.

T-Mobile is expected to release its official earnings report on July 30. Despite this, they already claim that they have added 760,000 postpaid phone customers in last month’s preview. And this is a number they have already greatly improved compared to Verizon’s 321,000 customer additions reported today.

While T-Mobile doesn’t aspire to be on top of the list right away, they are proud of themselves for claiming the number 3 wireless carrier title. As of this writing, the top spots still belong to Verizon and AT&T.

Source: GeekWire

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  • Nate Sykes

    “Earlier today” Why is this coming out on the 25th when VZ results were released back on the 21st and AT&Ts numbers have already been released as well. I feel like the timeliness of articles relating to all things T-Mobile are slipping.

    • Sad Tmo reader

      Not only that i feel these post are just what ever now. I don’t feel the excitement anymore…. :/

      • MC Mickey Lee

        Me neither

        • Ashton3002

          I mean was she supposed to lie?

        • maximus1901

          It’s an irrelevant statement. Of course they’re on top. They have triple the # of postpaid subs.
          While TMO b12 LICENSEs cover 190M, coverage much less.

        • DStudio

          What’s wrong with that? You have to keep your eye on the goal and execute.

          Otherwise you become Sprint.

    • DStudio

      Alex is on his honeymoon. Christine is filling in and she’s doing a good job.

      I wouldn’t be posting on TMO news during my honeymoon! Give Christine a few days to catch up, OK?

    • Paul

      “T-Mobile is expected to release its official earnings report on July 30.”

      Maybe that’s why?

  • Frankwhitess

    Dam… You guys are out for the head of the writer lol

  • Cam Fas

    I wouldn’t mind articles about their coverage expansion and articles about what markets have band12 and what markets are constantly being converted over too LTE and the mhz 5 or 10mhz channels. Info on Carrier Aggregation and the timeline for its implementation and the time line for Full LTE Advanced along with updates on when the first 5ghz phones could appear on the markets. And what year they project to have all band including the 600mhz 700mhz and above mhz all above able to be aggregated together and what would the mhz of the whole block be and what real world speeds could we achieve those are the articles I am interested in along with the new phone rumors thats cool too

    • maximus1901

      That’s more like t4gru com
      The writers here are clueless about tech stuff. For example, Cam thought the aws3 frequencies were compatible with current band 4.

      T4gru has the info you need.

      • Cam Fas

        Thank you much appreciated I’m looking at the site now

  • YABD


    • Paul

      Much like you’re post.

  • Frankwhitess

    Guys… Put the AK 47’s away, put the box cutters away and relax… The new dude that is running this site is away on his honey moon… Let the dude live.. Even John Legere is on vacation… Hell, even I am on vacation writing this from the beach… Soooooooooo,…. Let’s all drink some prum juice and let this poop go… Once newly married dude comes back, he will start doing his thing… In the mean time, stop kicking the writers that are covering him and the website….. Your going to have raining days once in a while folks..

  • Priority

    Simply said, Alex Wagner…remember home is your priority and First priority, enjoy! And thanks to the other Writers who are covering in your abseent. Keeping a life balance, always…

    • Manny

      The article was written by Christine Torralba, not Alex.

      • Priority

        Yes, I know…that is the reason I referenced other writers who are covering for Alex. And we appreciate Christine efforts in support of Alex and the readers.

  • Arturo B

    Where are all the post have gone so far about Coverage and 700mhz deployment… Missing those articles, it’s been a while since I don’t see anything related to that in this page.

    • maximus1901

      Go to t4gru com
      They track the clearing of ch51, for example.

  • MC Mickey Lee


    • Paul

      Actually, this is news.

  • jpswain

    The point is that while T-MOBILE is accelerating in their acquisition of new customers, the top two carriers are decelerating. The idiots at AT&T have increased fees to turn on new and additional service to $40 per line, the highest in the industry, $36 at Verizon.
    As expensive as it is, I can not fathom why any logical individual would sign a new contract with those duplicitous scoundrels.

    • maximus1901

      Coverage and in building lte.

    • Kiwini

      Not everyone makes decision solely based on price. Some people can and do shop at Whole Foods & get organic produce and high quality fresh meats. Others shop prepackaged highly processed foods at Aldi. Competition is good, and people have different needs. Some people buy $200 phones and some buy $900 ones. I know many people who recently signed new contracts with ATT and Verizon and are happy. Unfortunately for Tmobile, their marketing message didn’t even reach them. I even know people who constantly go from Canada to US who could benefit from Tmobile and they had never even heard of it. Others can’t get reception from Tmobile inside buildings or outside downtown… Or listen to music where Music Freedom doesnt apply. I know I left Tmobile years ago because of bad service and still haven’t gone back because MF doesnt apply to my owned music I’ stream via Google Music cloud. I’m willing to maybe give Tmobile a one week try in a couple months but as a single plan, Straight Talk 5gb LTE for $45 & no fees is cheaper. I have friends & family more concerned with coverage & they have ATT or Verizon (and honest they haven’t been reached at all by Tmobile marketing so they’re totally unaware of any of Tmobile recent changes)

    • 21stNow

      For some of us, coverage is more important than price. If I’m going to pay for service, I want it to actually be available in the places I live, work and travel to. While T-Mobile is getting better, there are still gaps when I travel that I need AT&T’s coverage in.

    • DStudio

      There are many who wisely choose AT&T or Verizon based on where they live and travel.

      But there are probably just as many who are ignorant of how T-Mobile might actually be the best choice in their area – especially in certain population-dense areas that T-Mobile covers well.

    • Spanky

      As has already been stated, coverage and reliability are two good reasons why “logical individuals” would sign up with the “duplicitous scoundrels.”

  • Matt Smith

    The ads on this site are out of control.

    • Paul

      Adblocker, works wonders.

  • Goat

    I hate seeing the comments full of complaints that have nothing to do about the article.

    Too many intrusive ads? Phonedog is looking into it, they know.

    Not Alex writing the articles? He’s on his honeymoon, Christine is filling in temporarily.

    Everything will return to as it was in a little while…IMO

  • Jeffrey Wang

    “As of this writing, the top spots still belong to Verizon and AT&T.”

    This would be a good statement to make on a news site like CNET. But this is a fan-driven news site and it’s obvious.

  • no2apple

    as much as I dont like this, lets give a break to the newly married guy.. He must be stressed..

    • Cam Fas

      That’s the truth workers work more hours and the crook CEOs at the top take all the pay

  • Aj White Jdaniels

    Go tmobile!

  • Mark

    FYI TmoNews Fans and Readers :

    Alex Wagner, the new Managing Editor of TmoNews, is on his honeymoon and will return to his position in the near future. Until that time is known, Christine will be taking his place and/or whoever else writes articles until that date is known.

    I am sorry Phone Dog Media (including Alex and Christina) has not advised the TmoNews community about Alex Wagners’ absence due to his recent marriage.

    Please forgive the powers that be concerning the lack of communication regarding this matter. Unfortunately, due to all the news coming from T-Mobile lately, we have not had the time to advise our readers of this momentary change. We promise, all will return to normal within a reasonable amount of time.

    Thank you, community, for your understanding and patience during this time.


    *** I am not an employee of Phone Dog Media in any way. Any comments or opinions are that of my own accord. ***

    • SMSGuru

      We figured you were unaffiliated to the blog. Even PhoneDog has some minimal standards. They would never hire anyone with your 6th grade writing abilities. However, you need not defend them. They know they dropped the ball.

      All we ask is accept responsibility and start coverage as of now. No need to post blogs with old news. We know, people were not available. Okay understood, but don’t try and play catch-up by reporting old information and just post current newsworthy pieces, please.

    • MC Mickey Lee

      STFU Who do you think you are? Just sit your azz down somewhere like the rest of us, and shut up!

      • Paul

        He’s an officially relaying information to the group. Who do you think your are to post a piss-pour reply to someone sharing information?

  • Joe D

    Who is writing these articles now? A 2 year old? The quality is abysmal. This woman’s writing abilities are just incongruous. I mean even Phone Dog’s letter directly below this post is obviously written by Christine, because the curious English is the same as the original post. Heh it’s like bush league T-Mo News. They lost their star, the replacement is ‘on honeymoon’ and they got the third graders writing the articles. LOL

    • Paul

      Feel free to get your own blog and become a writer. It’s always easier to criticize from the side lines.

      • Joe D

        Any creature with a heartbeat could write better than this. Are you kidding me? I had no idea this is how amateur hour these blog companies were. I mean it was a polished experience for years, but one person leaves and things fall flat on their face? Its like 2 high school kids running a business in their garage.

        • Paul

          Again, it’s easy to criticize from the side line. I’ll resist pointing out the punctuation errors in both of your posts.

          See what I mean? Pretty easy.

        • SMSGuru

          That’s some strong crack you are smoking. TMOnews “lost thier star”? Lol, no offense to Cam, but he was hardly above average. Christine, article timeliness aside, doesn’t seem that bad. No need to be a jackass just because you’re upset.

        • Joe D

          He was at least competent and he knew the subject matter. I mean read the woman’s article. Its all over the place, its not descriptive enough where it needs to be, it lacks context when bringing up statistics like actual numbers. Its clearly obvious that this written by somebody who doesnt even know the context and background knowledge enough indepth.

          T-Mobile is expected to release its official earnings report on July 30. Despite this, they already claim that they have added 760,000 postpaid phone customers in last month’s preview. And this is a number they have already greatly improved compared to Verizon’s 321,000 customer additions reported today.

          What the hell does the above even mean? I mean first off Verizon added 1.1 million net customers. But then she seems to be pulling out one component and then using that in a ridiculous way. Comparing it to a preview estimate. Its like a childs analysis of an issue when they have no background knowledge

        • SMSGuru

          I’m sorry PhoneDog threw your resume into the rubbish container. Really seems like you wanted the head writing job… Alex Wagner is the official blogger and Christine is just covering. I don’t expect her to be an expert on all things T-Mobile, only an idiot would have such expectation – particularly if she’s only covering for Alex for a few days. That said, she should only post recent (in Internet terms) news.
          When Alex comebacks, I look forward to your critiques. He definately needs to be an expert. Otherwise, why should we continue to subscribe to reading TMO news?

        • Paul

          Over using the term “I mean” REALLY isn’t helping your credibility as a writing professional, or having any adult grasp of the English language.

  • Paul

    Ignore the monkeys in here, Christine.

    This is great news!

  • steveb944

    “…As of this writing, the top spots still belong to Verizon and AT&T.”

    Ha-ha, that’ll be for quite a while actually, it won’t happen overnight.

    A lot of haters on here, I’m hoping it’s not the original community and just a bunch of trolls.

    • Joe D

      Hahaha that was my favorite line. I mean this woman is so clueless she put in “as of now Verizon and ATT still have more customers” WHAT?! I mean who would write that? They have over 100 million customers each. I mean its like common knowledge. Just like a blonde moment all over this article

      • Paul

        I just thought I’d say that you’re doing a fantastic job of acting like a clown. Just an amazing job.

        Again, I won’t point out the multiple punctuation mistakes in your post.

      • steveb944

        I just found it funny. I think she did a decent job and doesn’t deserve those attacks.

    • Paul

      Pretty much trolls. Most of us are just interested in the information.

      • MC Mickey Lee

        She’s not going to reward your stupid azz with pu@$y for standing up for her, so u might as well stop kissing her azz. You A-Hole

        • Paul

          ???? posted by an random “guest” account.

          You obviously lack any originality, creativity, common sense, and intelligence. Maybe the Disney forums are more your speed, the adults are talking here.

  • Pei02

    I left T-Mobile to Verizon. I have no service inside buildings. I did enjoy music freedom.

    • Mike Palomba

      Depending on where you live you may not have a phone compatible with the stronger signal.

  • Thomas Czinder

    To quote Cam’s final post: “TmoNews is an example of why comments are essential on blogs, and – for the most part – a shining light to how community engagement should be done.”

    Let the light shine, people.

  • Glen Baeret

    One thing is certain, I’m dropping many more calls on T-Mobile today than I did last year.

    And, yes, your are right in a sense, but advertising and promotions like what T-Mobile has changes the game, I think it’s going uphill now. T-mobile’s network is like a high horsepower car with no torque. When u go uphill (subscriber congestion) it will drop more calls because it cant handle the extra pressure. And yes, LTE can handle more simultaneous services over 2G or 3G networks, but its still like racing a Lexus IS350 and a BMW 335 uphill. They both have 300hp but the BMW will win because there’s more engineering investment of the engine, and it has more torque. In my market BTA, T-Mobile has 30MHz of spectrum. AT&T bought and bid 120Mhz. It simply has more Mhz available in the same square-mile.

    Only thing I didn’t like is the price. Once my phone’s paid off, I’ll probably switch to Cricket. When AT&T says they lost 300,000 customers, or Verizon looses 200,000, it means there are 500,000 reasons to expect a lower rate at another company.

    I’m not German, I don’t “bleed magenta” or whatever. That’s cultish. I have a simple need for communication service. If it’s going to cost $55 per month, taxes included, to get AT&T coverage, 10GB of LTE data on AT&T and Cricket, that’s worth $5.00 per month to switch.

    T-Mobile has deliberately targeted the youth and millennial kid customer segment. This group, the Millennial kid demographic, is real interesting. When these kids figure out they’ve been materially deceived, they don’t hold the company accountable to the marketing message or coverage which the company says is representative of where it provides service.

    • Philip

      I live in Atlanta and work in Macon and performance and voice drop is the same for the last 3 yrs. Where are you located?

      • Glen Baeret

        I’m in Kansas. Still, it’s somewhat revealing, and comforting that for the past 3 years T-Mobile hasn’t upgraded or changed it coverage and service in a city like Atlanta. At least I’m not the only one.

    • Logan S

      AT&T and VZW don’t have better engineered network. They have more spectrum, some of which were inherited for free from Bell days.

      The car analogy is a bad one, IMHO. I work on cars as a hobby and understand torque and HP, but it’s apple and oranges when it comes to comparison with network congestion.

      • Glen Baeret

        Of course AT&T and VZW are better. The companies started offering service on a nationwide scale in 1984. The PCS auctions occurred in 1997. T-Mobile will always be a network that’s 13 years younger than its rivals and competing against rival companies who were acquiring customers in the 1980s.

        T-Mobile started as an offshoot of one of those companies called WesternWireless with roots in General Cellular.

        Free? Inherited? Now, Germans are an interesting group of people whom also want to pretend that World War II never happened either. Please perform a little research into the history of the US telecom industry. You’ll understand how things got to where they are.

        Today, the reason why it’s called T-Mobile is because the 6 or 8 international companies that initially invested into Western Wireless/General Cellular pulled their investment. Deutsche Telekom’s corporate structure, and being partially owned by the German Government was so bureaucratic. In the red tape, it got stuck with holding the rest of the company’s stock.

        • Logan S

          LOL, I couldn’t hold it when you said, “T-Mobile will always be a network that’s 13 years younger than its rivals..”

          That’s like saying Tesla (est. 2003) is always going to be 100 years younger than Ford Motor Co (est. 1903). Yes, and?? Even AT&T wouldn’t go around advertising that their network is 13 years older than Tmo’s.

          So long.

  • Jesus Soto

    Im going to verizon, t-mobile services has been getting worst and worst! I have about 10 dropped calls a day, wifi calling is a joke it works when it wants to and roaming is so obsolete 99% of the time when I don’t have service it will not roam!! I actually enjoyed t-mobile until they kept adding customers and no improvements to the network. Taking my 48 lines and moving to Verizon! BTW i have a business account with t-mobile 2 personal accounts..

    • Bordelais

      I love WiFi calling. I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem. I’m on conference calls nearly everyday. One of the best features T-Mobile pushed out.

      WiFi calling for me is a must, regardless the carrier.

      • Jesus Soto

        I don’t go to AT&T because in my area the signal is just as bad as t-mobile my wife has AT&T I know you should listen to the amount of complaints I have to listen to on a daily basis

        • Das_juden_adam

          Just like the complaining you are doing here?

        • Jesus Soto

          Thank you!!

    • TylerCameron

      Guess you like wasting money since you’ve apparently never heard of Cricket. $55 for 10GB on AT&T is just as good of a deal, of not better deal than T-Mobile. Unless you’re one of those fanboys who thinks only Verizon can be good.

    • jay_max

      Your post just isn’t believable. Sorry.

      • Jesus Soto

        What part isn’t believable? The part that during the past few years T-Mobile service has gotten so congested that’s it’s starting to effect the service.

        • Das_juden_adam

          No, the entire thing.

      • Dylan Aarhus

        I think he is talking about verizon lols

    • Das_juden_adam

      Worst and worst? Learn to speak proper English before talking trash. An congratulations on your 50 lines, that automatically makes you super cool brother. No one is going to take you seriously.

      • Jesus Soto

        Lmao I didn’t think I was in grammar school also didn’t know it was a popularity contest either?? Seriously I was merely expressing my experience with t-mobile lately. I’ve had t-mobile for about 4 years and lately the services has been anything but good. Had problems in Orlando, Miami, Boston,Rhode Island, Connecticut and now New York and New Jersey.

        • NorCalOffspring

          You think you have problems now? Verizon is suppose to run out of network capacity in less than 2 years. In my neck of the woods they’re already maxed out on capacity. You’ll be lucky to get 2mbps on LTE at 3am. So in essence you’ll have full bars everywhere you go, but unusable data. But hey if having full bars is all you care about then you’re heading in the right direction. Just don’t expect your services to work the way they should…

        • Michael

          It really surprises me when people make dumb and uninformed comments. Jesus might have made a stupid comment but your comment about Verizon running out of capacity is ludicrous.

        • NorCalOffspring

          You’re dumb and uninformed. I’ll cite my source since you’re not capable of doing your own research. doubleyoudoubleyoudoubledotfiercewirelessdotcom/story/verizon-begins-deploying-carrier-aggregation-20×20-mhz-channels-4×4-mimo-fa/2015-07-24

          “However, despite Verizon’s network efforts, some analysts believe wireless subscribers’ increasing demands for data will create problems for Verizon in the coming years. In a research report, analysts at New Street Research said that based on management comments, they estimate that if data growth continues at the current pace, Verizon will run out of capacity in the next two to three years, even if it refarms all 2G and 3G spectrum. “Densification may delay the crunch by a year or two, but sooner or later the company will need more spectrum,” said analysts Jonathan Chaplin, Spencer Kurn and Vivek Stalam.”

        • Michael

          You guys read this stuff and take it as law, exactly where did they say this was happening? What type of research did you do on this source. I will give you an example. New York Verizon has PCS spectrum, 700-LTE spectrum, AWS-LTE spectrum, 850 A band, 850 B band. Expanded A and B band in the 850 range. Explain to me where your source is talking about, Verizon is also setting up to buy 600mhz spectrum, which T-Mobile CEO is scared to let happen because he says they own 73% of available spectrum now. Your source is crap. You are uninformed and you only take information from one source to make a decision.

        • NorCalOffspring

          You must be one of those idi0t$ that think the moon landing never happened. I really don’t need to research this source beyond what I read because I have experienced capacity issues with Verizon back in 2013. I live in a town of 200,000 people and on a good day would get 2mbps on LTE. I ended up escalating my slow speeds up to a district manager and he said a majority of the eastern North Dakota was maxed out on capacity and let me cancel all of my lines without ETF’s. And till this day Verizon is still experiencing capacity issues in a majority of North Dakota and I’m sure in other parts of the country.

    • orlando duran

      Taking your 48 lines ? Tmobile made no improvementimprovements to the network ? Both huge lies. Tmobile has made improvements to its network, faster than any other company ever has

  • Yeah they are gaining new subscriptions because they are lying to bring you in. Service does not work, I hate to even pay my bill because I’m always calling about my data being slow or unreliable, keep in mind that their map says I have coverage, where is it?

    • JLV90

      works for me and the 6 other lines on my account.

      • I bet it does, a friendly reminder that everyone that leave’s a comment isn’t in your location.

        • Croq

          The same could be said to you.

        • Not necessarily if you read between the lines more subscribers on an already congested network mean poor service for those who live in a high subscriber area. If your service works kudos, it means your in an area where T-Mobile is less popular. Trolls scroll to find something to be a smart a** about, hard working people that have families & bills find something to relate to in a comment & relate to it. Especially for something that used to work fine, & now it’s subpar.

        • On the road again

          What city/state do you live in? My job takes me all over Texas and T-Mobile works great 95% of the time. Sometimes on the high ways I get 2g or a roaming partner and I might get one dropped call every two weeks, but the coverage has only gotten better over the last year and a half. Where I use to get 2g or no service is now mostly 4G LTE. I get 4G LTE speeds of 10 to 30 mbps down and 7 to 20 mbps up on the road. A lot the major cities I get 15 to 70 mbps down and 10 to 40 mbps up on 4G LTE. T-Mobile may not work where you’re at, but T-Mobile works just fine in Texas.

        • Croq

          I don’t know if you were calling me a troll, but if so, it was not intended that way. The fact is that some people have good service with T-Mo and others do not. You made a statement about how you were having issues, and someone replied that they had good service, then you said, “I bet it does, a friendly reminder that everyone that leave’s a comment isn’t in your location.” My point was that someone could have said that about your original statement. I’m sorry that you’re having bad/subpar experience with T-Mo, but some of us have a great experience. Regarding congestion, I travel all around the Chicago area, which one would assume would be fairly congested with the large population here. I rarely have any problems (note that I didn’t say “never”, problems sometimes do occur, they do with every cell phone provider I have had, and I have tried all of the big 4).

    • Paul

      I have LTE all day. No issues here.

      Every carries has problems.

      • YABD

        Of course you have LTE all day because you live in a metro area or probably downtown. Drive 6 miles outside and you will see what Darrien Kemp is saying.

        • Paul

          Metro? Yes.
          6 miles? I live about 8 outside of downtown.

        • Last I checked, Denmark, SC is not part of any kind of metropolitan or micropolitan area. T-Mob has LTE there. The same with Hampton, SC.

        • Michael

          Look you guys can make up all the excuses you want, but there is a reason AT&T has 89million customers and Verizon has 109million, there is also a reason T-Mobile has 50 million on a network built for 40 million, they don’t have the spectrum and they tried to lower prices and get people to move but the network can’t handle it and people are figuring that out.

        • The reason why AT&T has more subs is because they have better phones (looking at the Lumia 830, 1520 and 640 XL).

          Now, Verizon has more subs because they have the most lucrative spectrum: 700 upper C.

          I imagine if T-Mobile had both the best phones and favorable spectrum, they too would be #1 in subscribers.

        • Paul

          A very agreeable point. Hopefully T-Mobile can obtain more useful spectrum and continue to roll-out coverage.
          It’s a slow process.

        • Dustin Roe

          I love how you give AT&T 89M, Verizon 109M, but round T-Mobile down from 59M to 50M. The network has the same antennas radios and bandwidth in most areas so while Verizon does cover more people and much more geography they aren’t any more dense in capacity. I won’t talk about AT&T because my experience with them has always been sprint like but some people brag about their coverage.

        • YABD

          Maybe Indiana is the only state Tmobile forgot. I just came from Michigan state toward Indianapolis, IN and LTE only in few places, the rest was 2g and no coverage at all. I have a brand new LG G3.

        • Prod1702

          your phone also does not have band 12 and it is over a year old. If you had the G4 you might of got service in more areas because of band 12.

        • YABD

          Thank you. I didn’t know that. I will try a band12 soon.

        • Barnassey

          I drove to my hometown of Ely MN, in march and only 3 time in that 9hour trip did my data drop down from LTE. twice it went to 2g, once i had a complete lack of signal. Its a FAR better improvement compared to older times.

      • Correct. Even Verizon has problems. Drakesboro, Ky., there is zero coverage there on Big Red. Even T-Mob has 2G there.

    • orlando duran

      Tmobile coverage maps are from actual customers experience, the phone sends this data to tmobile

      • We still have 2G in my town, but LTE 10 and 13 miles away. T-Mobile needs to speed the process up while we’re in a meteorological drought.

    • Sterling Stokes

      Stop working for verlying. ……you need to move! Get a land line if your service doesn’t work.

      • Michael

        There is no way T-Mobile can handle the AT&T 89 million customers much less Verizon’s 109 million customers. If you don’t want to pay for a bigger and better network on the other 2 carriers that is fine, bit don’t criticize them for being bigger and better than T-Mobile

    • Maybe you need to get outside for a minute or two and toggle your data setting. It should show up as gprs/e-gprs, or e as in Edge, if you have a phone from either one of the duopoly. Or 2G, 4G or LTE if you have a Windows phone. Try that, then post an update.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I miss Joe sometimes…

  • The Baker

    @johnledger Because of Baker @Bardstownroadky

  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    So can I get better service now? I hate that I was lured into this shit network

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile’s LTE is slowing down all over the place. Probably a bi-product of their success.

    They need to hurry up and get all that 2G spectrum reaffirmed. Still 2G on large stretches of some very popular and heavily traveled freeways in California. No excuse for 2G in 2015.

    Call quality is still really good though except for a few drops here and there.

    • Derrick

      I’ve experienced a drop in my lte speeds too as of late. I was getting between 50-60mbps but that has dropped to 25mbps now. Still useable for what I do but I do agree T-Mobile is starting to become victim of their own success.

    • M42

      Although they’ve vastly improved their LTE footprint the past year, there are still far too many stretches of 2G coverage on the interstate in places where everybody else has long had 4G or 4G LTE coverage. I agree there is no excuse for 2G in 2015.