Here’s a teaser for T-Mobile’s two Super Bowl 50 ads

Earlier this week, T-Mobile told us about all of the work that it had done to get its network ready for Super Bowl 50, but that’s not all that Magenta has planned for the big game.

T-Mobile has two 30-second commercials planned for Super Bowl 50, and while we’ll have to wait to see just what they are, T-Mo did drop a teaser for them today. The video includes references to bits like Volkswagen’s famous Darth Vader ad, Betty White, Doritos, and more, before admitting that none of those things will be in T-Mo’s ads.

As for what will be in the ad, T-Mobile makes two promises: the ads will be magenta, and the other carriers will hate ‘em.

The Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 pm ET on Sunday, February 7. Considering that T-Mobile has gotten big names like Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian, and Sarah Silverman to appear in past ads, it’ll be interesting to see what T-Mo has cooked up for this year.

While we’re on the topic of the Super Bowl, who do you have to win it all? It should be a good game, but I’m thinking that the Panthers are going to pull it out.

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  • kgraham182

    Stupid. Go Panthers. Packers fan for life

    • Alex Wagner

      Go Pack Go!

  • Tanner

    Denver Broncos!!

    • MadJoe

      Sorry for your loss

  • Raymond Berry

    Stupid bowl, strength of schedule. Last year that was the factor, and this year the Panthers had a much stronger schedule than the garbage AFC west. Manning will make a game out of it, but fall short at the end. As for t-mo, the only thing they could improve is their default carrier in canada. The phone used to pick from all the bigs up there, but now only works on the Telus towers. Their service sucks in Winnipeg. Dropped calls, poor bandwidth, etc. Guess this started when the binge on promotion kicked off. No matter how much t-mo brags about being an un-carrier, they are still tied to other carriers for roaming talk and data in rural areas. Ask any reporter doing tweets about the Iowa caucuses. Some counties have only GMRS! Phones have hit the wall as a tech device. Time to get the infrastructure built out. Here’s the test. If I can drive anywhere and run Sirius radio without a bandwidth cutout, then cellular has grown up. Still needs work.

    • WhyFi WhyNotFi

      If only Iowa had wi-fi………


      • MadJoe

        Ask Sprint how that worked out

  • patt

    Tmobile raised the the soft cap on unlimited plans to 25GB :P AT&T effect ;)

    • Paul

      Gotta link to source?

      • VINN

        It’s in the T&C.

        There’s also roaming for Simply Prepaid, 10, 50 and 100Mb, I think, depending on the plans.

        Thank you T-Mobile, thank John Legere.

      • patt

  • Walt

    Got a link for this?

    • Walt

      Sorry that was a the post below

  • mikeZo6

    T-mobile should be beefing up network EVERYWHERE not just super bowl so its back to being FAST AGAIN and not slow like it been cause all the new subscribers network can not handle it……

    • VINN

      I agree, I also expect that all coming phones come with a very good range of CA, because band 12 phones without CA sucks.

  • Android_God

    “Big names”? BWAHAHAHA?

  • Android_God

    Is the point of spending millions of dollars to bring in new customers or create add the other carriers won’t like? John Legre is like a five year old in a sandbox