Following announcement of half-off promo, Sprint flies banner above T-Mobile HQ


Remember last month when T-Mobile took to the skies above the headquarters of the other major US carriers to urge them to abolish overages? Well Sprint just pulled a similar stunt.

Sprint today used an airplane to fly a banner over T-Mobile’s headquarters in Bellevue, Wash., and presumably it was promoting its new half-off promotion. I say presumably because the people on the ground had a difficult time reading the banner, too. You can see a couple of Twitter users telling Sprint that their banner was illegible.

T-Mobile eventually took to Twitter to respond to the promo, telling Sprint “let us know if you want to borrow the rest of our marketing guidebook to copy.”

T-Mobile flew its planes over its competitors’ headquarters about a month ago, so Sprint had to know that it’d catch some flak for its stunt. It’s still getting people to talk about Sprint and its new promotion, though, and the saying goes that “any press is good press.” Still, you have to imagine that it’d be tough to get folks in and around T-Mobile’s headquarters to jump from the ship Magenta.

The people at T-Mobile’s headquarters aren’t the only ones that Sprint is marketing its promo to. There are also trucks driving around, including one truck that was parked in front of a T-Mobile store in Chicago.

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