John Legere will use T-Mobile airplane to skywrite a message above Verizon’s headquarters


UPDATE 2: Here’s an image of the message that T-Mobile wrote in the sky above Verizon’s HQ:



UPDATE: Jeffrey Nelson, VP of Communications for Verizon’s consumer and enterprise businesses, has taken a shot at John Legere and his skywriting plan. Nelson just Tweeted “That time when your wireless company’s CEO did a circus act to deflect the real problem: a lousy network that doesn’t meet your expectations.”


ORIGINAL: When John Legere’s petition — the one urging the other major US carriers to drop overages — crossed its 250,000 signature goal earlier this year, T-Mobile’s CEO promised that he’d “send a message that they won’t be able to ignore.” Today he’s beginning to follow through on that promise.

Legere just Tweeted the image you see above, showing a small plane decked out in T-Mobile livery. He says that the plane is standing by in Basking Ridge, N.J., which is where Verizon’s headquarters are located. Legere hasn’t yet revealed exactly what his message to Verizon is going to be, but he promises that he’s going to give his go-ahead soon.

When Legere’s petition officially crossed its goal of 250,000 signatures back in August — it’s at 330,025 as of this writing — he gave us the option to choose how he’d hit back at the other carriers and their overage-charging ways. The options included dropping a copy of the petition and its signatures on a build in AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint’s home markets, skywriting a message above their headquarters, or building a live counter that’d display the amount of money that they’ve gained by charging overages. It looks like the skywriting message won out, and it’s going to be interesting to see what messages Legere has for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

The only downside to today’s news is that it doesn’t sound like Legere will be in the plane himself, meaning that we won’t be getting any crazy mid-flight Periscopes.

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  • TBN27

    Good grief.

  • brybry

    Trolling to the Nth level

  • Deadeye37

    Lame. The counter billboard and the petition on a building would last for a while. Skywriting over the headquarters…..hardly anyone is going to take notice. You can see the message for ~5-10 minutes and its gone. A few people may notice it when they’re on their lunch break.

  • Cellphone Chris

    Banking on a media blurb on Monday’s news cycle, John? You picked to least effective message option of the 3 – Skywriting will last what, a day? The overage counter would have been most impactful, with a banner of the petition signatures on the side of a building following in a close 2nd.

    • skywalkr2

      He was relying on twitter and bloggers…

  • Danny

    No one funding this so T-Mobile select the cheapest of three.

  • Paul


  • CJ Jacobs

    This dude is seriously starting to make me be ashamed of being a T-Mobile customer. 1 circus sideshow after another. Enough already! These antics do absolutely nothing other than to solidify his place as dbag and amuse juvenile minded idiots.

    • Spanky

      The tweet posted by Verizon’s VP of Communications was spot on.

  • steven berson

    While a decent attempt to generate PR I don’t see any other news outlets talking about it. If this showed up on yahoo, the verge, cnet etc. might have been worth it.

  • crabbyMcCraberson

    this is hilarious. take it for the joke it is and calm yourselves down. What are you 70 yrs old? GET OFF MAH LAWN YE OLD WHIPPERSNAPERZ!

  • nosmohtac

    I voted for the counter because it would be a constant visual reminder. How long was this message even readable?

  • T-mobile Board Room…

    Just me, I really think John Legere needs to Return back to the T-mobile Board Room. His stunts are becoming Hilarious! , LOL, LOL, LOL

  • Colton Williams

    Who even voted for sky writing? Even if it was readable (it barely was) its gone in minutes (at best) either of the other two options would have been better.

    • steveb944

      Probably the competition swayed the result.

      • Colton Williams

        LOL Verizon and AT&T corporate employees stuffed the ballot

  • Chris

    “a lousy network that doesn’t meet your expectations.”

    I just LOL’d at that tweet. Enjoying my 70 mbps download speeds and 13 mbps inside my work building. Mwahahahahaha

    And did I forget to mention it’s TRULY unlimited :) hahahaha

    • skywalkr2

      Nice for you. I am the other side that cannot even get a voice call connection from some places in my house.

      • imrf

        Not even with wifi calling on? I find that hard to believe.

        • skywalkr2

          Wifi calling is the only way it works. However we were talking about the network, not workarounds.

        • steveb944

          If you’re on the latest B12 device, and in a B12 area, I would switch if I were you because it’ll be a while until it improves for you.

        • skywalkr2

          Supposedly there is B12 here, but I haven’t seen it so far. Philly metro area.

        • D Griffin

          I just took a train ride from Chicago to Detroit. A year ago, my phone would pickup NOTHING outside the cities except intermittent 2G. Now I’m rocking LTE or HSPA at the least for the bulk of my ride. There’s still a few dead zones, but nowhere near as bad as it was.

        • Mark

          …And for those of us who aren’t in a B12 area (where TMo didn’t get the spectrum)?

        • steveb944

          Well I don’t foresee things getting better anytime soon. But you can wait like he apparently is, or leave for a bit and then rejoin when it gets better.

    • Richard Roma

      Lol indeed. I travel and work in the biggest cities throughout the US – NYC, LA, DC, San Fran, etc and no way does T-Mobile have better inbuilding coverage than Verizon. Heck, the service barely works at airports anymore. Outside the metro areas, Verizon eats T-Mobile for breakfast.

      • YABD

        Tmobile is the despicable network of America, The less reliable network and the only network that only work in some metro areas.

        • Trevnerdio

          Can we get a nomination for Sprint in the house?

          And only some metro areas? Really? How about all of them? And their rural coverage…now that’s getting a lot better, I can personally attest to that.

        • Despicable Network

          Despicable me, I think that Movie was very successful…just like Tmobile!

      • steveb944

        Verizon also eats their customers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be it prices, limitations, or limited network innovations.

        The truth is you get what works for you. For some T-Mobile is great and it delivers, for others it’s the competition. To each his own.

    • SirStephenH

      T-Mobile isn’t “TRULY unlimited” though… They throttle (“de-prioritize”) after 21GB.

      • Trevnerdio

        Nah, that’s not true. They only throttle if you’re in a congested network area and you’re either a) on an unlimited plan b) on their free data plan with 1GB or c) have used a lot of data in general.

      • Ozgur Sen

        I used total of 55.9 GB this month and I’m still getting 65 to 72 MB download speed in my town.

        I only saw my speed drop when I traveled to NY when passing through Philadelphia and as soon as I got connected to different tower my speed jumped from 15 to 50

      • Ozgur Sen

        What I also noticed is that when I tried to download a torrent that was 10 megabytes space the download speed was capped to 320 kilobytes and when I exited the torrent app and did the speed test it was back to normal

      • J.J.

        That’s not completely true. You will only be deprioritized if the network in your area is congested at that time. I occasionally go over 21 and have never been “throttled”

        • VernonDozier

          Be sure to disclose the fact that employee lines aren’t throttled. :)

        • J.J.

          implying I’m paid by T-Mobile because i state a fact, uh. No i do not work for T-Mobile or any other wireless company, or any company that benefits from T-Mobile doing well lol.

      • Jay Holm

        I have used 22gb’s with one week remaining in my billing cycle, and I just did a speed test, 17mbps, Galaxy S6, Galveston Texas.

    • YABD

      I just came from the north side of Indiana today and Tmobile coverage up there is an Epic Fail, driving on I-69 approaching to Warren and Huntington I drove 10 miles without coverage, driving on US-20 from Ohio to Goshen, IN oh my God! a despicable network, If I keep mention where Tmobile fail I will need 20 pages, Sprint have a better coverage than T mobile. Tmobile still number 5 in coverage.

  • Thatguy

    This is complete fail. Can someone tell me what that even says?

    • Jay J. Blanco

      End overages now

    • SirStephenH

      Sorry, no time for a reading lesson.

  • take the good person test

    Pilot texting while skywriting and crashes into the Verizon headquarters ;)

  • xArlon

    Legere did away with overages on grandfathered minute plans yet he has tried to ‘force-migrate’ those same customers onto more expensive Simple Choice plans to fund his ‘uncarrier’ campaign.Talk about hypothetical. Johnny, if you’re going to brag about doing away with overages then please leave the one’s who were affected by the abolishment of overages alone.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      They have to make money to fund a better network. Simple economics

    • paducahnewsnow

      Sorry, your complaint is falling on deaf ears. I happily moved to TMUS from AT&T and not a single carrier matches the features and prices that TMUS does. Not even close. Happy customer here.

      • skywalkr2

        I moved from ATT to TMO. Happy about prices, but not happy at all about the network.

        • StevenM

          It’s rapidly improving. I moved from Verizon in January and was dissatisfied, but stuck it out. I now have no complaints and about $80/mo extra in my pocket each month.


    How much is this costing us?

  • SirStephenH

    Hmm… Skywriting that will be visible for ~5 minutes or a counter that would be a constant visual reminder. What to choose…

  • Mike Palomba

    This was cool but they should’ve done the live counter on a billboard because that would’ve made more of an impact

  • Tmo1082

    I hope they do something else for AT&T because this was hard to see from the pictures and I’m sure did’t last long enough for most Verizon top management to even notice.

  • VernonDozier

    In a parallel universe, there’s a T-Mobile that stopped buying and painting logos on airplanes, and instead invested in service and coverage.

    In that universe, T-Mobile is not the last-ranked “Class Clown” located in the back of the classroom, wearing a pink nose, throwing paper airplanes to let people know it’s “kind of” trying to be relevant.

    • (J²)

      Honestly, I find that to be somewhat inaccurate.

      Yeah, T-Mobile has gone overboard with advertising BUT the method has worked for years now. Why fix something that’s not broken?

      T-Mobile IS aggressively upgrading their networks. It may not have reached everyone overnight but the improvements are noticeable.

      T-Mobile need low frequency spectrum. Spectrum has to be available for it to be purchased and implemented. T-Mobile has low frequency spectrum in many markets but it has not gotten the green light to flip the switch in some.

      Money isn’t the issue here.

    • Garrity

      I love my T-Mobile service. And I certainly don’t view them how you described them. I think the changes the CEO has made has literally changed the wireless industry upside down, which I can respect. And I love the fact that he doesn’t work behind closed doors and he speaks his mind. I like his attitude, it’s different, in a cool way. I know they have invested billions of dollars on their network. I switched from Att to T-Mobile 5 years ago and my T-Mobile service I received at the time was just as good as Att. Now the service is even better, my internet speeds are ridiculous.

      I like connecting to my Wi-Fi at home that I have with Att even though I don’t have too because I’m never charged overages for going over my data. But 50% of the time I have to use my data on my cell phone over my Att Wi-Fi because it’s slow at times.

  • Android_God


  • El Boricua

    T-Mobile and metroPCS Rocks!!!