T-Mobile makes calling and texting to and from Mexico free for Hurricane Patricia


Hurricane Patricia is hitting Mexico, bringing with it powerful rain and winds. To help ensure that T-Mobile customers can stay connected to any loved ones that they may have in Mexico, T-Mo is making calling and texting to and from Mexico free for all of its customers.

T-Mobile’s free calling and texting to Mexico is valid from October 23 through November 7. That means that even though T-Mobile announced this offer today, any customers that placed calls on October 23 will get retroactive credits.

Many T-Mo customers already get free calling and texting to Mexico thanks to Mobile Without Borders, Magenta is extending free calling and texting to all Simple Choice customers as well as Pay-in-Advance, MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, and Walmart Family Mobile customers.

One other detail that’s worth mentioning is that this offer applies to calls and texts sent from both the US and Puerto Rico to Mexico. It’s great to see T-Mo extending its free calling and texting to Mexico to all of its customers, including those on prepaid brands, to ensure that they can make sure that their friends and family in Mexico are safe. What’s more, the offer is good for two weeks, meaning that Magenta customers can stay connected while those in Mexico recover.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Gabe monroy

    Do you just copy and paste on these posts or what cause ive seen this word for word

    • Goat

      Can you provide some references? Usually when you say these types of things you have proof..

    • Philip

      Why not? I dont know who to call or txt in Mexico.

      • YABD

        Call to Pemex or Volkswagen manufacturer, they have customer service in English. And ask them about the storm.

  • Omar Lozada

    I already have calling and text to Mexico, but this is a good gesture from T-Mobile, Thank you TMo!!!!

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Is it just me or do new posts have the same pics????

    • TheVorlon

      Were you expecting a picture of a T-Mobile sign blowing away in the storm?

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Lol not a bad idea

  • RGVUSER956

    Doesn’t T-Mobile already have the Mobile without Borders for all it’s customers? Which is free talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada. Incoming and outgoing.

    • enoch861

      Not all plans include Mobile without Borders. For example, if you’re grandfathered into any of their older plans, you don’t get it.

  • justanormalguy13

    I’m curious if other carriers are doing this. If so, good on them. If not, it just shows that T-Mobile truly is looking out for the well-being of their customers. A company that actually cares, what a great concept!

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  • Adam

    T-Mobile lowering prices during a disaster=un-Uber

  • taxandspend

    Isn’t it already free?