Following announcement of half-off promo, Sprint flies banner above T-Mobile HQ


Remember last month when T-Mobile took to the skies above the headquarters of the other major US carriers to urge them to abolish overages? Well Sprint just pulled a similar stunt.

Sprint today used an airplane to fly a banner over T-Mobile’s headquarters in Bellevue, Wash., and presumably it was promoting its new half-off promotion. I say presumably because the people on the ground had a difficult time reading the banner, too. You can see a couple of Twitter users telling Sprint that their banner was illegible.

T-Mobile eventually took to Twitter to respond to the promo, telling Sprint “let us know if you want to borrow the rest of our marketing guidebook to copy.”

T-Mobile flew its planes over its competitors’ headquarters about a month ago, so Sprint had to know that it’d catch some flak for its stunt. It’s still getting people to talk about Sprint and its new promotion, though, and the saying goes that “any press is good press.” Still, you have to imagine that it’d be tough to get folks in and around T-Mobile’s headquarters to jump from the ship Magenta.

The people at T-Mobile’s headquarters aren’t the only ones that Sprint is marketing its promo to. There are also trucks driving around, including one truck that was parked in front of a T-Mobile store in Chicago.

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  • Verizonthunder

    Sprint best marketing planner sense 2004 (Sarcasm).

    • Fabian Cortez

      We agree!

  • Frettfreak

    Lmao… These guys can’t come up with anything themselves can they? Wow

  • superg05

    wow thats a small banner

  • Sprint better save their money, lol! They need it to improve that network! #BeOriginal

  • AS118

    Well, at least they’re trying. I wonder if the government will let T-mobile buy Sprint out? That might create some other kind of monster though.

    • dtam

      nope, they repeatedly said 4 major carriers. only thing that might change wheelers mind it’s if a company is about to go under

  • lomsha

    Fail lol, the banner can’t even be read. Instead of saving their money they are trying to get into a battle of gimmicks with tmo.

    • Fabian Cortez


      And that’s potentially someone’s job right there.

      • NOMERCY

        Another Sprint “must have.”

  • Drew

    -peas his pants while laughing at this banner-

    -being sarcasm self-

  • Rob H.

    Maybe this will end Sprint. Trying to go marketing toe to toe with T-Mobile. I like that #BeOriginal

  • fechhelm

    Size matters.

  • mingkee

    This is rather pathetic.
    BTW, if you have one of the “supported” video service, you will surely appreciate how data is saved using Binge On.

  • Ren Sack

    They can’t afford a bigger banner. It’s not in the budget.

    • Fabian Cortez


  • steveb944

    I really wish the little guys would stop fighting and focus on the big dogs.

    • (J²)


      If anything, they should be working together to ensure they have a future. They do not benefit from stealing each others customers. They still claim the 3rd and 4th place and combined would still be smaller than the number 2 carrier.

      Sprint needs to build its own brand instead of following the other 3 carriers.

    • dtam

      honestly, I think tmobile does fight with everyone, not just Sprint.

  • (J²)

    I don’t see Sprint’s 50% Off promo luring T-Mobile customers (unless they are already looking for an exit strategy).

    Sprint has confirmed that the promotion does not apply to grandfathered plans. This would only apply to T-Mobile’s recently announced plans (Simple Choice Amp’d). Also, only limited plans are eligible. Realistically, this is only an option for the handful of people who switched to the new plans (from grandfathered plans) or new customers who just joined.

    Sprint is wasting its time and money throwing dirt at T-Mobile, the real opportunity (for both carriers actually) is at Verizon and AT&T. It’s actually amusing, it seems as if both carriers are remaining quiet hoping that one of the smaller carriers will kill each other off.

    On an unrelated note, this brings me back to a previous comment where I shared my opinions about Sprint. The carrier has been/is going through some identity crisis. Sprint is the follower, not once has the carrier led anything. When T-Mobile was down and almost out, Sprint was hiking prices and raping customers just like Verizon and AT&T and now its stealing gimmicks from T-Mobile. Sorry, I couldn’t be loyal to a brand that doesn’t know what it wants to be.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Waste of time.

  • VernonDozier

    T-Mobile’s primary network has become so unreliable, it’s not worth my breath.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      I guess the 1 Million customers additions every quarter for the last 10 agree with you

    • steven berson

      The service has been great! Do you have T-mobile or just a troll?

      • dtam

        absolute troll! spewing stuff that is off topic

        • Bradley Karas

          Total troll…I’m seeing speeds of 100 down and 30 up in Tampa. Had to put one of those LTE cell spots in my office due to aluminium and concrete walls and that’s giving me speeds of 50 down and 20 up. And unless Sprint is offering me truly unlimited everything at 35 a month they can hold T mobile’s jock. Troll away now!

        • zeiferx

          I haven’t gotten the new LTE cell spot but I have a question. Do you have to plug it to the Internet? Cuz if you do, you know it’s your internet giving you those speeds. Not tmo. I’m in jersey and i have noticed lately that in place were I was able to do anything from streaming to browsing now I find my phone struggling to load sites. Speeds in my area have gone down not enough to talk crap about it but enough to understand those that are having the low speeds now.
          And no I’m not trolling. I have had tmo for a long time. Even when I had better service while driving over any body of water than in my own house.

        • Bradley Karas

          Negative…the internet connection is just offering a gateway connection to TMO data center via fiber connection. Same as a tower…a tower broadcasts cell signal from the fiber feed to it. The cell spot supports not only data but VoLTE, video calling and advanced texting features not offered over Wi-Fi. So basically it’s a mini tower broadcasting 10 mhz on band 4

        • zeiferx

          So who’s bandwidth is it using to connect to this data center? Did tmo provided you with it or are you using your internet?
          I understand this new cell spot offer some other protocols and services than the wifi calling one but you should understand that the backbone that connects this mini tower” to tmo is your internet and will affect your internet performance. It might act like a tower but a cell. Tower has a dedicated fiber connection to it which I’m guessing you don’t.
          And if it was Only for your usage it. Would be kind of fine but what I don’t like it’s that any tmo user can connect to it. Idk if you can limit that.
          Either way I’m gonna request one and do some test on it. I like the idea I just think they don’t really explain to customers a 100% about how it works. Not that many would understand it.
          But thanks for letting me know

        • Bradley Karas

          I know where you’re going…I work for a telecommunications software company…no ambition to type but it’s safe trust me

        • Romdude

          I hope you got the personal cell spot, you have complete control of that instead of the new one they released.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Yet you still pay T-Mobile monthly and continue to comment about them.

      They must be doing something right!

    • Romdude

      You really should move to a carrier that better serves you. Besides with t-mobile free test drive, you could always test the system if you ever decide to come back when or if they improve coverage in your area.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Wait Sprint can afford a banner after the 2 Billion budget cut???

    • steven berson

      Can you say line of credit! LOL

      • bb

        They took a “half off” approach to budgeting the banner too! It’s all part of their charm.

  • Bryck

    I don’t want to sound like a troll, but I think it’s time for Sprint to get creative and unique, instead of COPYING EVERYTHING T-Mobile has done. THAT’S CHEESY!!!!

  • ronjon400

    so what they’re saying is half off of SH*T would be a what…..a half SH*T

  • ronjon400

    i don’t think that banner is small enough maybe the pilot should climb another 1200ft

  • mopar6464

    Sprint would have to offer me 2 lines unlimited everything for $50/month for it to be half off , not going to happen .

  • NEO2U



    First .. Sprint (MARCELO & CO) .. they need to concentrate their efforts going after AT&T and VERIZON .. Second .. fix your network .. your coverage have been deteriorating year after year .. Third .. there is no way that you can compete with T-MOBILE PLANS specially the LEGACY plans .. because in my case I have 2 lines on T-Mobile unlimited everything for $ 90.00 a month .. there is no way that they can match that .. UPDATE … SPRINT already announced that the half off offer is only for the new plans on T-MOBILE .. and one last thing .. SPRINT .. BE ORIGINAL .. Stop Coping .. T-MOBILE .. if you really want results JUST LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS THEY ARE YOUR BEST SOURCE TO START ADDRESSING ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS …

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      What’s up WITH all of the RANDOM capitalization?


        just to highlight the most important parts of the message …

  • Mike

    Lack of LTE coverage, no data rollover, and no unlimited music or video streaming sorry I’ll pass on Sprint. This makes Sprint look desperate they should focus there network then make jabs at other carriers.

    • “Their” is the word you’re looking for. It’s taught in primary school.

      • Mike

        It’s called the Internet biatch yes I spelled it that way so you can know what u are

        • Romdude

          In the end, it’s all about communication. No point missing the forest for the trees.

  • Mike

    The banner should say “switch to Sprint and get 50% off your current plan and LTE coverage we got you covered with 3G and 1x”

  • Fabian Cortez

    T-Mobile’s banner (first): End overages which are anti-consumer.

    Sprint’s banner (second): switch and save 50% (not true) while still charging overages and full of gimmicks.

    Desperate carrier isn’t desperate enough it seems.

  • anshephe

    Just did a speed test on my friends edge plus Sprint full bars of LTE got 1 meg download speed

    • Chadd

      I can’t even get that on my S6 Edge on TMobile with 4 or 5 bars of LTE. Slowest service I have ever had

      • Christopher Olson

        Wish I could embed images on here because I’ve gotten 50-60 megs on average everywhere and I just hit 118 here while writing this post.

        • Chadd

          I wish I could embed images as well to show my .2 Mbps that I get on 4 bars of lte. I’ve posted many screenshots on Twitter. Not sure if I’m allowed to post my handle, but if I am please someone let me know then I can prove the horrible speeds I am getting

        • Romdude

          We all know some carriers do better than others depending on the area, the smart ones will just go to the one that provides the best service and connection to them. For me, it’s t-mobile, all the plusses like when I went overseas for 3 weeks and just used free data and texts and truly unlimited highspeed 4g lte at about 50mb to 70mb in my area. I’d be stupid if I had bad service and stayed with any carrier and just whine about it in the forums.

      • TheCudder

        Just pulled down 43 Mbps on T-Mobile in North Alabama… no complaints here.

      • notyourbusiness

        You must live way out in the boondocks. I’ve gotten 60Mbps easily on my phone.

  • TK – Indy

    Maybe we can talk Claure and Legere into a celebrity boxing match for charity. Claure has close to a foot of height advantage, Legere would likely get hurt.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Yes, being physical is naturally the solution when civilized individuals can’t compete on intellect.

  • patt

    Wawawiwaaa T-MO news adblock blocked 34 ads.. and ghostery 25 trackers :O

    • Romdude

      I don’t know why you’re complaining since almost everyone has adblock installed.

      • patt

        just pointing that out :P

        • Romdude

          Hehe, fact.

  • Frantic efforts by gouging carriers to duck Google Fiber. The USA is ‘way back of the pack thanks to the greed of the “Big Four.”

    • Sprint doesn’t work here

      Huh? What’s Google Fiber got to do with any of this. You’re confusing wireline–Centurylink, VZ and AT&T landline, and the cable carriers–with wireless.

      • 3165dwayne


  • Registered User

    Have you heard of #freepie.. Im trying to have Sprint offer #freepie.. Cheaper and better than 50% promo. Gluten Free too.. Diabetics approved. #cakeisalie but #freepie is forever.

  • Joey

    Healthy competition at its finest :)

  • Sprint doesn’t work here

    LMAO!!!! Really, I nearly fell off my chair laughing so hard. Then I laughed again when I read they screwed up the banner!

  • zeiferx

    I gotta say first this is sad. I didn’t like the fighting thing too much but at least it was original when tmo did it and second. I was at a mall yesterday where there’s a tmo right next to a spring store, mall is pack, the tmo has around 25 people inside but the sprint store only had the workers in it and this was about 6:30 pm.
    Customers really don’t trust anything from sprint and maybe Marcelo has been trying but they gonna have to try something different, maybe a rebranding should be done for them, new name, new colors better customer service and better reliability. For sprint simple plans are not gonna do it and the “uncarrier rebel” theme is already taken.
    I personally don’t believe that sprint is #1 I’m anything anywhere.

  • Romdude

    I think it was a coupon for free phones to bring people over to their stores being towed by that plane.

  • AJ2

    Such a stupid waste of marketing dollars… These CEOs need to get their egos in check and stop being distracted of this nonsense

  • steadymobb

    I saw this driving to work the other day… I could kinda tell it was a sprint logo but that’s about all I could make out, such a big fail.

  • SirStephenH


  • joemail

    im this for their “cell” service or their stock price?

    • Eric Butler

      neither are worth much of anything these days.

    • VernonDozier

      Most likely stock price. Every $1.00 it goes up, the CEO makes $3M.

      When T-Mobile was tight for money, it gave stock to employees like it was going out of style. It continues to do this.

  • Joejoe

    Has anyone read the fine print? It says only the new plans that T-Mobile launched (2 gb, 6 gb , 10 gb) are eligible for promo. So there’s literally like .001% of T-Mobile customers would get the half off with sprint. Hahahahahaha. Oh sprint. You cray

  • Rumor is a new CEO for @sprint will be announced after the holidays.

  • Actrip

    I used to be the store manager for the location being shown, the truck can’t park there so they must have stopped took the picture and then left. Sprint started advertising above the store this past summer which I thought was pretty funny when I saw it going up.

    Left since it wasn’t a corporate store and the partner kept playing games to screw me out commissions.