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TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up #3

After taking a week off, we’re back with the weekly wrap up of all the happenings and highlights of this weeks forum activity!  We here at TMoNews know that not everybody has the time to devote to rummaging through all the goodies that are contained in the forums (though if you do, you really should – you’ll find some good gems in there!), so that’s what … [read full article]

G1 logo revealed!!

Today, Androidguys, among our most favorite people to communicate with have given us something if you’re like me, you’re going to be using as wallpaper on your desktop/laptop/phone…seat covers in your car. That’s right, it the Android G1 logo…<cheap halo effects take place.> I know todays news hasn’t been received well and we knew that would be the case. I can’t imagine … [read full article]

Android fans, good news and some bad news…

The good news is that this is today’s Android announcement but the bad news, is . . . well pretty bad. We get information regarding the Android launch and we take a lot of it at face value. We’ve always tried our best to be accurate and sure of our info, corroborate it and this time we’re confident enough. I must emphasize that none of … [read full article]

Oh Android fans…

Ok, todays Android news…thats right, there is news but its not really about the phone so bear with me. Today has a little more of a focus on the marketplace that will support the Android system. Like Apples app store, Android will for those who have lived in a cave the last 2 weeks or so support the open handset alliance. In other words, developers will be able to place … [read full article]

Forget Android, heeeeere's Moto!

Attention roughnecks, do we have the phone for you? Dropped your phone in a puddle, kids got a hold of it, has it met a mug of beer (cough, cough me!)? Well do we have the phone for you, thats right Motorola is still making phones! Behold, the motoactive…really, we didn’t make that name up! Also know as the moto w450, there doesn’t seem to be much here feature … [read full article]

Android, photoshopped…

Ok, I know I know we’re putting Android stuff up all over the blog. I PROMISE non-android stuff is coming, we have a couple of exciting announcements coming up in the next week or so! For the moment however, I wanted to post this up because Jimbo831, one of our super forum members (and newest moderator!!!) took hours out of his time creating the best photoshopped look of Android to … [read full article]

All hail G1!

That’s right Tmonews lovers, yet another Android find to get you oooohing…ahhhing and in my case, a little drooling. Just kidding, but not really. Thats right, we are hailing the men over at Androidguys tonight for this super spy find. “Official” confirmation with the myfaves logo, T-mobile wording and behold “google” on the back! Nothing else really to write here, just enjoy one more drawing and … [read full article]