G1 logo revealed!!


Today, Androidguys, among our most favorite people to communicate with have given us something if you’re like me, you’re going to be using as wallpaper on your desktop/laptop/phone…seat covers in your car.

That’s right, it the Android G1 logo…<cheap halo effects take place.>

I know todays news hasn’t been received well and we knew that would be the case. I can’t imagine anyone believes we thought it would go over well and you all know that we wouldn’t post it if we didn’t think there was at least a shred of truth.

So while wallowing in misery if you aren’t in a 3G area for the presale, you can at least enjoy one more step closer to d-day by taking that logo and tattooing it to your forehead.

Many thanks to Scott and his team at Androidguys!