Android fans, good news and some bad news…


The good news is that this is today’s Android announcement but the bad news, is . . . well pretty bad. We get information regarding the Android launch and we take a lot of it at face value. We’ve always tried our best to be accurate and sure of our info, corroborate it and this time we’re confident enough. I must emphasize that none of this is 110% concrete and is of course subject to change.

According to sources, the PRESALE launch of the Android device will be to customers in 3G capable areas ONLY. Thats right, the morning of Sept 17th when you wake up and go to order that magical and mystical device, if you aren’t in a 3G area, you might not want to be around anything you can throw. Keep in mind that being in a 3G market, doesn’t mean your area will have 3G coverage as the entire market may not be covered.  For example, being in the Miami market doesn’t guarantee 3G capability right away for the suburbs. As of right now, your home zip code will have to be in an area with 3G coverage to be eligible.  We are NOT sure if this news is specific to the 25 launch cities we’ve discussed previously or to those cities that are already publicly launched. So again, take this with a grain of salt. Just know that we are working tirelessly to confirm this information and hopefully refute it. Right now its the most up to date info regarding the launch.

Update: There is nothing that says non 3G residents won’t be able to order the phone post presale. This news is presale ONLY.

On another note its looking like the pricing scheme for the device is still likely to be tiered with eligible customers only getting the best possible pricing. It was considered at one point that all customers were eligible ala 1st gen iPhone but new information points to otherwise. This morning Androidguys published a pricing scenario and it matches up with the best of our knowledge. We have been working closely with these guys trying to ensure that only the best information flows to you, the readers and we trust in these guys and you should too.

  • Invoice Price: $399
  • New customer price: $200 + $35 activation fee (2-year agreement, no mail-in rebates to mess with)
  • Full discount for upgrades: $200 + $18 standard upgrade fee
  • Partial upgrade cost: $350 + $18 standard upgrade fee
  • Pre-Sale upgrade for full discount: $150 + $18 UF
  • Pre-Sale upgrade for partial discount: $300 + $18 UF

Info courtesy of Androidguys: read the article here.

  • se30chris

    Glad I live in Minneapolis then :)

  • Caseybea

    Well…. CRAP. My city (Milwaukee), while it has great tmo coverage, isn’t even on the list- anywhere. I assumed I could pick up the G1 and well, just wait a few months before they got around to it.

    So, because THEY haven’t gotten around to 3G in my area, *I* miss out on the introductory deal? That’s just wrong.

    *sigh*. Yeah, I know- “grain of salt”, but I think I’m screwed. Maybe in 2009, when we eventually *do* get 3G, and G1 v2.0 comes out, and prices drop, and…………..

    I’ll depend on the rest of you to tell me the great details of what I’m missing.


  • Caseybea

    Yeah, I knew moving here from Minneapolis 22 years ago was a bad idea…….. Between this, and that I *still* have yet to find anything better than Lake Harriet’s popcorn– well, I’m just mad.

  • tfan

    I live in NYC and my area is 3G ready so that bad news doesn’t apply to me

  • tfan

    How do i enlist for the presales ….

  • DennGir

    So in “theory” Kansas City should be getting the phone…

  • Rafael

    Crap… Tmo never lets people just have fun! I was waiting for this crap to come out, and Massachusetts isnt even on the list of 3G! If this post is really true… Im getting an iphone and taking my happiness back by xmas!

  • edgesmash

    Same for me, Rafael. I’m not going to be eligible either, so I may as well wait. This is no fun.

  • bmoredave

    so wait a second, your exact zip code has to be covered by 3g, so if the area i live in isnt covered then i cant order the dream. that sux

  • David

    Remember guys, this is PRESALE only…I haven’t seen anything that tells me there isn’t a national launch coming. I think T-mobile wants to get the phone first into the hands of people who can use its full potential therefore garnering the best reviews.

    Im sure none of you, including myself will be skipped nationally.

  • DR

    In the areas that have had 3g launched already, does the coverage include the outlying suburbs? I live in a suburb of Sacramento, which is rumored to go live on Sepyt 17th. I would be really bummed if the coverage stopped just shy of my house and I couldn’t get the phone.

  • robisaks

    just switch you address to a friend who lives in a 3g area and have them mail u your phone when it arrives.

    or after switching your address, and preording, call in before they ship (about a month after presale starts) and change your address.

  • Adam

    My main concern is if I am not in a 3G area but would like to purchase it at Pre-Sale price for a discount, I am left out in the cold. I have to wait a few weeks to pick it up and pay $50 extra for it because T-Mobile doesn’t provide that service to my area. Seems a bit unfair.

  • T1 Connect

    oh yes manhattan, brooklyn, queens, the bronx and staten island all have 3g for us new yorkers in the five boroughs excluding westchester rockland and long island and upstate…. well. ya know what the area codes are. more fiyah.

  • SheShe

    Well that’s stupid… I live just 15 from san diego… its still part of SD county… hmmm I would straight change my address to my moms… sd is supposed to get 3g the 15th… that makes no sense 2 do that since everybody is gettin 3g by the 13th right?

  • Hmmm, looks like time to change my billing address to the office…

  • Smoku

    thats such bull crap tmobile .. i am so dissapointed in you!

  • justinhub2003

    f*cking ridiculous, but then again, if it sounds to good to be true then it is,the thing is according to other post, the pre orders would just be a “pre-order” there for the orders would come in same day as the official launch, so it makes no sense if thats the case b/c no one will get to review it til official launch, 3g or not, so whats the point, its Sh*tty cincinnati doesnt have cincinnati and its Sh*tty that this is happening, but then again i will believe it when i see it written by t-mobile, i trust this site but i really trust androidguys info all the time. ruined my whole though and i will be so pist if i go to buy the phone at a store on release date and its sold out. ill probably freak out

  • T1 Connect

    @smoku yo dud watch ya mouth this is not set in contrete we dont really know for sure frankly it does sound rediculous but have some faith man.

  • jjarrin

    wat a f@*& and pardon my french but that just blows. All of us who are interested on the G1 and have been following the stories and rumors and whatnot where expecting to get our hands on it the 17th and now they say we cant (people outside 3g coverage) i mean that is a complete disappointment, if Tmo wants the most greatest reviews then everybody should take advantage of the G1 because if its good under EDGE then its GREAT under 3G no doubt, bad proposition Tmo

  • jjarrin

    anybody in Manhattan wanna be my new best friend and lend me their address?? lol

  • Random!!!!

    wait so i may have to buy it for 200 or 300 if i can even get it during presale? disappointment right there. looks like ill be waiting for the next sidekick

  • Change of Address

    Is anyone going to change their address to an area with 3G, order the phone, then change it back? Does anyone have a friend in an area with 3G?

  • SheShe

    Ill change mine to my moms if el cajon is not included in san diego… I pay my bill online n e ways so it don’t matter

  • robisaks

    everyone should calm down, this is not official. nothing is official yet. wait for the word from Tmo to get pissed.

  • justinhub2003

    my first comment i was so mad that i couldnt even type straight, ive calmed down, i just can’t (dont) believe this is how its gonna go down, it would be too complicated a process and also would make the preorder not as sucessful as it could be. I listening to the post and taking nothing but salt with the it, look how stuff changes everyday, 2days ago i was disappointed when i heard about the 64/128 ram/rom now thats changed, also was disappointed about pre order only to full upgrades, thats changed and now changed again. we are playing a huge game of “telephone” , a rumor starts from nothing and snow balls into reality faster than anyone can confirm or deny and no one wants to be late on breaking news. im staying positive and saying tmo wont do that to the 60 or 70 percent of the country who won have 3g and if they do, then i will freak.

  • T1 Connect

    @jjarrin yo son what up ya live in nyc get up on tha 646

  • mingkee

    NYC and part of NJ will have this offer, but Carolinas don’t…..even renaming has not finished yet

  • mojo fett

    I work for t-mobile and have seen specialized handsets go on sale regionally but I can tell you right now that the sale only for 3g customers is incorrect. the pricing for upgrades may change, but the prerelease for full upgrades only in the 3g markets is not true. I don’t live in a 3g city (but I do live the market of one) and we know about the upgrade date just to get ready for staffing for that day.

  • David

    @mojo, I wouldn’t write something like this knowing how many people it would anger if I didn’t think it had the possibility of being correct. This isn’t that far sighted to believe it could happen, they may want to control the flow of equipment to certain areas…

    What are you basing your “incorrect statement” on. Please, I really want to be wrong here…

  • hugeseal

    let’s ask T-Mobile to ship out the pre-order phone on Sept 17. What good is to order it and wait another month for it? Just a sale tactic or no inventory? Can’t wait to get the phone!

  • mojo fett

    Unless things have changed in the last 24 to 48 hours, the information that was passed to me from the higher ups (which I already knew, thanks to you) about the pre-release, what I had understood was it was for everyone. Now the tiered pricing does sound correct knowing t-mobile. I could be incorrect, but the info I received contradicts this article.

  • uslynn

    I stayed with TMO after the text increase, on all the talk from this and other sites about the dream. GREAT T MOBILE got me now once again i am stuck Discrimination against a non 3g city SUCKS ASS BAD..Hope all untrue

    Can;t wait to get one though :-)

  • David

    Mojo, see thats the thing, this was the first time we heard of this as well. It was something that was given to us that I will say was dated this week. It came from a reliable place and we trusted it enough to run with it. Like I said, I sure hope I’m wrong and I’ll love printing a retraction but still, I had to run with it just in case it does turn out to be reality.

  • SheShe

    Well ill just keep the faith 4 now… don’t let me down tmobile!!

  • barokzi

    it doesn’t make sense. if i live in a non-3g zipcode but spend most of my day right by the neighboring 3g-zipcode where i’ll be using it for the most part (since i work there, for ex), i’ll be missing out on the pre-sale?

  • I’m in NEW JERSEY so i hope we get it . did t-mobile stretch it from new york to JERSEY like they said they was going to ? hope so…….

  • Alex

    this confused me. dunno what exactly this article said..anyone explain?

  • SheShe

    @ alex It said that people who live in 3g cities only can get the phone on presale

  • edwin

    so only cities that have 3G turned on already? because chicago isnt live yet but it is going to be soon

  • SheShe

    @edwin if ur city is on by sept 17 the u are eligble for the presale… is goes by zip code supposedly..

  • NormanRockwellWasNotAFag

    Well if it ends up being true, it just sounds like a way for T-mo to not ‘give away’ the phone for such a low price… or maybe the demand outweighs production? IDK. There must be a reason to limit the pre-sale.

    If I can’t get this phone on pre-sale, then I’ll end up passing altogether… the attraction (besides being a cool ass phone w/ 3G and Android) was the pre-sale price.

    If I’m going to drop $300 or more on a new phone, then I’ll wait and see how the new Samsung does and whatever else T-mo has up their sleeve (Blackberry Bold in early 2009?)

  • mojo fett

    After talking to David and hearing what information he had vs what I had understood from work, I retract my comments from earlier. As always, I bow to The Man David.

  • SheShe

    well if it is true its like double whammie cuz u have to wait for the pohone and u pay 50 xtra dollars so not fair!

  • Steven I

    This would almost make sense when viewing the internal sale projections that androidguys released today. Even if this includes any of the 27 markets that are planned to be launched prior to October 17th, they are still leaving a lot of customers out in the dark, which isn’t right. I just hope this isn’t true, and everyone will be able to enjoy this device we all have waited so long for.

  • City’s around me are all getting 3G anyway I can see if my area will get my entering my Zip or something? Let me know email me

    Ps that’s some bullshit I really want this phone

  • WazzuKirk

    Ok, I am in the Seattle market which is on the 3G launch list, but it will not be 3G active until Sept 23rd. Does this mean that I can’t order it???

  • John

    I live about 45 miles south of Detroit, (which is on the list of launch cities). Detroit is considered my local tower area if you will. But my zip code is not the same. A T-Mo rep told me a month ago or so that Detroit is going 3g sometime this year. I hope I don’t have to wait and buy on lauch date instead of the pre-sale on Sept. 17. That’s just not fair. I want to be the first in my city to have one…LOL :)

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    @ Rafael- Masachsetts is not listed, however New England is…… I think we will be all set up here; I hope so anyway, I keep trying to use my S620’s touch screen, GPS and 3G capabilties and then I remember….. HTC forgot these features so that they could tease and taunt me for months on end with feature leaks, image speculation and all around Android Gossip…. this is far more torture than that month of uncertainty following my relations with that stripper in Montreal (Bubbles (if that is your real name) I think we both know it never would have worked.)

  • Josh

    tbh t-mobile gasnt even OFFICALLY announced anything yet, nor its the device even mentioned in employee only areas or even mention the presale. i visit this site a lot but i dont even think there’s gonna be a “presale”

  • silk7

    you took the words right out of my mouth. new england is on the list but i’m going to wait and see what esle comes out about G1 before i make my 12year old cat do the salsa!!!

  • Josh

    and besides, a presale doesnt mean your walking out of the store with it, it just guarntees the phone at that price and that you can get the phone at launch

  • SheShe

    @Josh who wouldnt want to save the $50 though? and t mobile employess are all over the place i know when i was gettin my sidekick some new about the pre sale some didnt i knew waaay before… it really depends on if they do their homework

  • edwin

    dudes and dudettes, does anybody know when does chicago goes live?

  • SheShe

    i havent seen any dates for chicago yet sowie

  • center rep

    I work for a call canter and there are no plans for 3g on horizon. prob by january there are two centers in this market wonder if that will help and speed things up. if available to us at national release date ill let everyone know how it works on edge

  • OK, for $150 I was ready to blindly buy the phone, but for me to dump $318-$368 on the G1 (I only qualify for a partial upgrade right now) complete official details and photographs had BETTER leak well before the phone’s release….

  • edwin

    i think the PINK TACCO is looking better price wise for me…though wi-fi is a real turn down

  • Jessica

    I live in Atlanta and have been with T-mobile for 3 years now, and would be very dissapointed if they blow me off come Sept. 13th. Cause I’m tired of my copper HTC Shadow/Juno. Way to burn bridges, guys.

    Oh god, please don’t let T-mobile be THIS dumb. There are still other phone companies out there; we can still go to one of the ones that you don’t have to wait several years for to see a cool phone. If Minneapolis gets the G1 before Atlanta…oh man, I can’t even type that with a straight face.

  • Eliza

    Hey out of curiosity when are they doing the 3G area for Miami?
    I’m seeing if I can buy one when it comes out.

  • justin

    How would I find what market I live in? I looked at the coverage map from the 3g FAQ but its hard to tell. I live in Simi valley(93065) witch is just outside of L.A. do I make it for the presell?

  • Josh

    kinda sounds like a typical upgrade to me… if you dont qualify to upgrade then you dont qualify to upgrade, although it would be great if the rules didnt apply at least to this phone to build up some excitement.

  • MobileBenz

    This sounds very bad for us NON 3G markets! It seems we are getting punished again for things out of our control! They keep chipping away all the reasons why to stay with Tmo!

  • czar

    this is BS! I can break my contract with tmobile and get an Iphone for less than this

  • darryl

    so when its comes out on presale n u already a tmobile customer, how much will it be.??

  • Big, big mistake, T-Mobile. We’ve waited for 3G, and stayed loyal. Reward ALL of us with a cheap device, even those who had to buy devices to replace old ones to hold us over for the supposed $150 smartphone. Otherwise, users will defect to at&t and the much better unlocked SIM-free limited edition N95-3RED $379 at CompUSA.

    When will these carriers get it right?

  • Nick

    I has a sad. :'(

  • Well, it is very simple in my case. I live in North Suburbs of Chicago-Land and here are my conditions:
    1) If the phone is not GPS (or A-GPS) equipped as announced by some news and forums, I will NOT buy G1 device from Tmobile.
    2) If my city does not have 3G because of THEM, *I* will not purchase the phone and the additional plan.
    3) When I decide to purchase the G1 device I will require from them to give me that $150 price or I will sue them for discrimination. Once I get the case I will purchase a bunch of G1s and then sell them on the eBay for very small price :)

    Yes Tmobile – you do not want to piss me off…

    lol … jk – well if there is no GPS and 3G and there is no option for me to get $150 price – I will most likely pass and wait little bit more. My contract is anyway expiring on the end of the year.