Oh Android fans…


Ok, todays Android news…thats right, there is news but its not really about the phone so bear with me. Today has a little more of a focus on the marketplace that will support the Android system. Like Apples app store, Android will for those who have lived in a cave the last 2 weeks or so support the open handset alliance. In other words, developers will be able to place their own applications into the android “market.” Ignoring for the moment that T-mobile has its own plans to open their own infrastructure to developers and concentrate on the notion that Android will its own support system. Just as that OTHER phone does.

Details are very fresh but the official Android developers blog today posted the first of what is sure to be many many more details about the upcoming marketplace. There are a few highlights to look at it, such as the rating system that is best described as similar to youtube. Another note is the speed by which developer should be able to get applications on the store: “register as a merchant, upload and describe your content and publish it.”

It also sounds like at launch applications will be free with developers being given information on payable opportunities soon thereafter. Its a quick read so I suggest heading over to the Android developers blog here and start getting excited all over again. Oh yes, in my quick reading I didn’t notice, but there are quite a few references to gps in those pictures, so hmmm we got it right. Thanks forum people!

Have I mentioned our own Android forums before, I’m pretty sure I have but I’m plugging them again anyway. So shameless plug happening and besides, those guys catch things I miss in my hurry to get stuff posted so they rock.

Thanks to the tipster who got this to us!

  • SheShe

    Yay I can’t wait!

  • this will be hot SheShe . so only like two weeks and some change . YES !!!!!!

  • Smoku

    i want to see phone and finals specs of it

  • SheShe

    Hopefully google will do more demos with the final phone and some apps

  • voodoovixen

    Sooo glad we got some more news today. I nearly had an attack due to lack of information lol.

  • illuminati

    Are some of those apps real? lol….I saw a Barcode Scanner, im curious to how that would work. I really cant wait for this phone to launch, i’ll definitely be one of the first in line to buy it. =]

  • SheShe

    Me 2 lol I dunno how may times I refreshed my sidekick… I need stuff to get me through the work day

  • Orlando Reyes

    You can see how the barcode scanner works by looking it up on YouTube.

  • Juan

    ty for more android, tmonews.

    keep it coming!

  • I just hope the battery life is better than the iPhone 3G

  • Paul

    I love the android info. And to think I was going to leave t mobile for Sprint….I’m sorry T-Mobile, will you ever forgive me?

  • blehman

    You know that just because there are programs written for gps doesn’t mean that every phone will have gps. I have a computer running linux and have a free open source program to use my bluetooth devices, but my computer doesn’t have the capabilities to utilize that program. That being said, I do believe the Dream will have GPS and all sorts of other bells and whistles, but other Android phones don’t have to utilize every program written for the OS.

  • Nathan

    I am ├╝ber excited for all of this. I really hope that the app store goes smoothly. that talk of dual app stores between Android and T-mobile kind of has me worried but I am sure they will work it out. I have been telling people for months now to stay with T-mobile because that have some crazy awesome trucks up their sleeves. to no avail, three of my friends switched to At&t for the stupid iphone. now I kind of feel like laughing in their faces. I think I might just wait until I actually have my phone in my hands and then do it. that’s might be more effective.

  • J


    You are going to see a majority of T-Mobile phones with GPS because that is what they are going to use for E911 locating on the 3G network. Without GPS, every new site would have to have a GSM node and a 3G node in order to triangulate your location. So, you are going to see GPS more and more in T-Mobile phones.

  • Caseybea

    I agree on the battery life comment above– I immediately fell in love with one of HTC/T-mobile’s last new phones– the _shadow_. After only a few days use, I realized the dismal battery life was a deal-killer, and I sold the phone immediately, went back to my trusty moto phone.

    I hope that HTC learned a lesson from that– but I also assume due to the increased size (compared to the much smaller shadow), that they reserved enough room for a decent battery. All the cool things included like 3mp camera, wifi, HUGE screen, etc- are all totally useless and pointless if you have no juice….

  • go Cubs

    Look at all the Cool Apps http://code.google.com/android/adc_gallery/index.html#3

    Can’t wait for the G1!