G1 logo revealed!!


Today, Androidguys, among our most favorite people to communicate with have given us something if you’re like me, you’re going to be using as wallpaper on your desktop/laptop/phone…seat covers in your car.

That’s right, it the Android G1 logo…<cheap halo effects take place.>

I know todays news hasn’t been received well and we knew that would be the case. I can’t imagine anyone believes we thought it would go over well and you all know that we wouldn’t post it if we didn’t think there was at least a shred of truth.

So while wallowing in misery if you aren’t in a 3G area for the presale, you can at least enjoy one more step closer to d-day by taking that logo and tattooing it to your forehead.

Many thanks to Scott and his team at Androidguys!

  • jact1234

    Name is awful. Why didn’t they just call it the dream?

  • Dream was code name from HTC. T-Mobile has been renaming their handsets for quite some time. Herald, Wizard, Hermes, all code names. Many times, the carrier has a code name different from the hardware maker. For instance, T-Mobile is calling the BlackBerry KickStart the “London” instead.

    Dream is nice though, I will give you that.

  • none

    looks like ass

  • Matthew

    Who cares! Okay, I understand everone is going crazy over this phone, well not everyone… Some of us would like to know what the next Windows Mobile phone is going to be and when it is coming out.

  • tfan


  • none

    Next winmobile phone is called HTC POS which will run WM7. A complete re-write of the code since WM6 and below is horrible. Remeber Vista, also a complete re-write of code! Get ready for Windows 7 for your desktop, a complete re-write of code!

    Can you guess what POS stands for? Seriously, people are excited for this phone because it’s something different than the other crap devices Tmo offers and finally I can get something close to an iPhone on Tmo network…

  • Stalyn

    look like ass.

  • DennGir

    Gets the point across that it is the first phone running Google’s platform.

  • Pecoy

    lets get to the official pics and specs..cmon tmo htc & google

  • T1 Connect

    all hail the g1. yo mercedes has a jeep that called the g5. just think of this phone as the benz of cell phones matter of fact if you got a g5 pimp it out with a g1 and complete the set then you would be a TRUE P.I.M.P. you might not even need the g5 just whip out and g1 and watch the draws drop.

  • looks like ass.

  • T1 Connect

    looks like ass what the…..dude what

  • cubs

    The logo is simple, but it tells you everything you need to know. The G stands for google, and the 1 (in T-Mobile magenta) means T-Mobile’s exclusiveness of the first Google phone.

  • Alex

    @none. I dont think theyll stick with HTC POS. POS can be an abbreviation for piece of sh*t. Kinda like how the chevy nova never sold in mexico cuz no va means no go in spanish. they put a lot of thinking into the names

  • TmoJoe

    Since a few of you asked, the next Tmobile Windows phone will be……the Touch Pro. I have reported this to tmonews 2x now, and they don’t seem interested; but noe the less this is confirmed, and will be a late october/early november release. I origonally had this down for a mid october release, but Tmobile decided to delay it by 2 to 4 weeks to allow for the G1 and to make sure they were able to handle the potentially large call volume/ in store walk-in volume, etc.

    I have confirmed this from 2 independant sources, 1 on either side of the pond.

  • T1 Connect

    @tmojoe what the touch pro is coming aaaaah man you have just forced me to make a decision i wonder if my other line is due for an upgrade ill get both thanks man u made made day i wish i knew you id buy you a beer homie

  • Matthew

    Yeah, me too. Thaats the kind of news I’m interested in! Its just like the first Iphone, everyone thought it was going to be all great becasue it was Apple, and it turned out to be crap. What ever happened to loyalty, to sticking to what we know works, and works well?

  • T-Mobster

    Its been confirmed by multiple people in the forums on this site that neither the Touch Pro or the Diamond will be coming to T-Mobile in the near future.

  • de-fault

    So is it the g1 going to have a touch screen keyboard and a qwerty?

  • I think, that is some cool material

  • chingachangachingchingchongcHaree

    Fo shigga my…..wiggaz!