All hail G1!


That’s right Tmonews lovers, yet another Android find to get you oooohing…ahhhing and in my case, a little drooling. Just kidding, but not really. Thats right, we are hailing the men over at Androidguys tonight for this super spy find. “Official” confirmation with the myfaves logo, T-mobile wording and behold “google” on the back! Nothing else really to write here, just enjoy one more drawing and the ever increasing anticipation of Android. All hail G1.

Androidguys, as the Romans did before Caesar, we salute you. Read their article here.

The conversation starts here, forum love.

  • J-Hop2o6

    hmmm.. still deciding between the T919 or the HTC Dream/G1

  • Juan

    Maybe it will grow on me.

    *thinks functionality over looks*

    …and it really doesn’t look all that bad.

  • looks to me like that camera is sporting a flash, based on the window size and shape. either that or a silly self portrait mirror.

    i want to get in on that flickr geotagging goodness with my new phone!

  • T1 Connect

    it has a chin. tha settles it. it was created on krypton and is probably superman’s cell phone. i gotta get one. and no it really doesn’t look that bad.

  • Juan

    and by the way, thank you TmoNews, for completing me once again.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    I would like to thank TmoNews, Androidguys and all other sources that have contributed to what is adding up to be what can only be described as a geek’s wet dream (pun partially intended). While I concede that it may not be the most beautiful design one could hope for, I will admit that it grows on you.

    The time I have spent with my HTC S620 has been well spent, and I have enjoyed my full internet access via proxy, but now I might have reason to contribute more to this waning economy. 3G, G1 and have a good day.

  • justinhub2003

    oh snap! this phone gonna be mighty sweet! chicka chicka yea gangstas.

  • Tfan

    At first I wasn’t thrilled but looking at it again its a nice looking phone I can’t wait to own it G1 is gonna blow every other phone out the water thanx tmonews!!!!!

  • Ricki

    any word on pricing and plans?

  • Greg

    So based on this data I get a 3.2inch screen – not too bad.

    However it doesn’t look like any headphone jack :(

  • SheShe

    I’m sooooo excited I can’t wait to order it with my full upgrade woo woo!!

  • voodoovixen

    I so want to love this phone. I so want it to be beautiful. I believe in the guts, I just want to believe in the look of it as well. I’ll keep the faith for now.

  • 4yrsOnTmobile

    when this phone comes on presale, will there be demo units at the stores or images released for us to decide if we want it or not?
    all this hype and excitement is good, but i want to know if i’ll be comfortable with the form factor.

  • DR

    They say black is slimming, and it looks like black is the only color that might make this phone look good. If this really is the same as the videos that have been floating around, white makes this thing look cheap.

    Good thing I am a hypocrite and will buy one anyway.

  • Steven I

    This phone just isn’t ascetically pleasing at all. The OS and the guts of the phone sound promising, so I hope the actual phone will look better than the mock up.

  • Don Boogie

    This phone better be able to walk on water because the design is boring and unsexy. That shouldn’t matter but we all know in this culture and marketplace looks matter a lot. It’s kind of baffling because the most recent HTC offerings are some of the coolest-looking phones out there. Oh well.

  • lp894

    yea…but it costs money to look good. you think the iphone would still cost the same if it didn’t have that shiny titanium(or whatever it is) on the back? think about it

  • SheShe

    I don’t think there will be an instore model to playwith until it come out.. That’s how it was when I got my sidekick… but u can return it if u don’t like it…

  • TH3 GAM3

    This phone actually looks pretty good.

  • imbred fred

    now gosh dang brothas im so darn excited im excreating love moffins every where, when i get me hands on this little gadgeget imma poo poo my britches, he haw brotha and have a me good ole’ hanging round with my pretty little internet girl friends, in that this here kitchen making me tennessees finest chewy bacon sticks, come on android and please please me! just like the them damn hippie beatles said , its been a dam ole hard days night for them here android makers and by golly imma be so happy when gets my little paws on a great telephoner like this here. oh heck ya brother heck yea.

  • justinhub2003

    disregard the above comment, my friends makin a mockery of my android obsession lol.

  • Nick

    Will it have UMA? That is make or break for me.

  • Dr. G

    iphone Killer the G1 is mine!

  • GP

    Will the G1 have a onscreen keyboard?

  • Bryan T-Berry

    in other news, the G1 is now confirmed to print $20 bills every other Thursday.

  • mojo fett

    So this is kinda like the girl you’re dating for her personality and not for her looks? well, she better be a naughty little girl in the sack if I’m gonna take her out in public!

  • Pecoy

    so lets see the real pic now! =]

  • justinhub2003

    ha funny analogy mojo fett. i dont think she is all that ugly though, im mean i wouldnt have to be intoxicated to get with her, unlike the few regrets ive woke up next too, thats a plus, shes a little thick but in a good way, my only problem is maybe her jay leno chin, other than being a but-her face i bet she cuddles sweet and is a charm when you turn her on.

  • Steven I

    Don’t get me wrong, I will be one of the first people to pre-order this phone, but I just wish they could have taken some of the design cues from some of their other new phones that just seem to have a better form factor. People do love eye candy.

  • GP
  • SheShe

    well now that im home and can see this pic better im still happy with it… i mean its not the coolest design but i’ll still take 2.. in black plz

  • rommel

    this phone sucks!,back to unlocked phones.

  • justin.

    Yay! I can’t wait for this phone to come out!