More info about the upcoming Samsung T919!


One of our excellent forum contributors (Anon) has given us some more information about the forthcoming Samsung T919 (or Tocco, or Roxy, or whatever it is they are going to end up calling it – we’ll go with T919 for now)! Anon was able to actually get to use one of these cool little phones for all of three minutes, and came away absolutely impressed from what it sounds like.  We’ve been wondering (and debating) whether or not the T919 would have a landscape qwerty keyboard layout, which for some people could be a dealbreaker.  Well, those prayers have been answered and it sounds like it will have the qwerty layout – with a haptic response as well!  Oooo I just me love a good keyboard with feedback. It will also come with a full browser, although like the Blackberry browser you can’t pan around the entire layout – but Anon did say that Youtube was zippy and looked good! Yes once again, further confirmation of youtube. Ah, but all that video (and music) goodness isn’t going to worth anything if you can’t hear it, right?  Well, good thing it looks like the T919 will have a nice and loud speaker! Which is great, because I think I’m just getting too old or phones are just getting softer. A-GPS is also a possiblity, but unfortunately it sounds like Wifi has been left out.

But what about videos taken by the phone itself?  Anon reports that those are awesome as well, so that’s definitely a positive.  Confirmation of a November 3rd date for a release – so it’s definitely lining up to be an excellent Fall season for T-Mobile.  “But where are our smartphones?” you ask?  Well, while the T919 is not a smartphone, Anon did mention that Samsung will have something exciting for us in Q1 next year.  Wonder what that could be? As always, we’ll be watching.

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