More info about the upcoming Samsung T919!


One of our excellent forum contributors (Anon) has given us some more information about the forthcoming Samsung T919 (or Tocco, or Roxy, or whatever it is they are going to end up calling it – we’ll go with T919 for now)! Anon was able to actually get to use one of these cool little phones for all of three minutes, and came away absolutely impressed from what it sounds like.  We’ve been wondering (and debating) whether or not the T919 would have a landscape qwerty keyboard layout, which for some people could be a dealbreaker.  Well, those prayers have been answered and it sounds like it will have the qwerty layout – with a haptic response as well!  Oooo I just me love a good keyboard with feedback. It will also come with a full browser, although like the Blackberry browser you can’t pan around the entire layout – but Anon did say that Youtube was zippy and looked good! Yes once again, further confirmation of youtube. Ah, but all that video (and music) goodness isn’t going to worth anything if you can’t hear it, right?  Well, good thing it looks like the T919 will have a nice and loud speaker! Which is great, because I think I’m just getting too old or phones are just getting softer. A-GPS is also a possiblity, but unfortunately it sounds like Wifi has been left out.

But what about videos taken by the phone itself?  Anon reports that those are awesome as well, so that’s definitely a positive.  Confirmation of a November 3rd date for a release – so it’s definitely lining up to be an excellent Fall season for T-Mobile.  “But where are our smartphones?” you ask?  Well, while the T919 is not a smartphone, Anon did mention that Samsung will have something exciting for us in Q1 next year.  Wonder what that could be? As always, we’ll be watching.

Head on over to the forum for upcoming information on this cool new phone!

  • J-Hop2o6

    hmm.. this or the HTC Dream……


    I’m a RSR with tmobile and was actually able to play with this phone. Just like what was posted phone is really impressive. Very quick and responsive. Full qwerty texing was deff nice and easy to use, in my opinion was mostly do to the haptic(small vibrations when pushing the keys) Camera and video was awesome. Unfortinatly not wifi/uma but yes on 3g. What suprised me was the size of the phone, very nice. Our rep from samsung also brought with her a full qwert slide out samsung. A more basic phone but great for all those tmo users that want a full qwerty and not nothing to expensive or special like a smartphone. And yes my rep also comfermed a samsung smart phone in early 09. Very excited for this and the 5mp motorola, both with a november 3rd release.

  • Ran

    practically speaking, how significant is the lack of wifi?

  • mundo

    This Is Great T-mobile Is Getting Better And Better This Phone Sounds Like A Great Alternative For The Dream, To Me At Least!

  • DR

    no wifi means no @home (or whatever they are calling it these days). I am getting the Dream/G1/Killa (Tmo has a problem with names?lol) and dropping home phone in favor of wifi calling.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Ran

    that’s what im wondering also.. there probably gonna say sumn related to UMA and HotSpots

  • ratchet

    but wait! is it desktop youtube or kinda doesnt matter to me though

  • David

    You know if 3G has blanket coverage I say wifi isn’t that big of a deal and personally when I’m out and about I don’t like knowing I’ll have to be restricted to a particular time and place to use wifi. I’d rather have the always on high speed connection.

    Then again having used the 3G iPhone on youtube with both wifi and 3G there is a noticeable refresh rate difference. 3G is definitely viewable and worth watching but you notice the difference immediately.

  • John

    Sounds and looks like a good phone. A few questions…1.What is the price? if its more than $200 I may choose the Dream. To me Wi-fi is a big deal if I don’t get the data plan. And also is this an open OS like the Dream? Do we need a data plan to buy or use it?

  • wow this sounds great!
    i can’t wait to get my hands on one. i would be angry about not having wifi, but seeing and though the detroit area (where i live) is going to be getting 3G by october, that will be fine.

  • Anon

    @ratchet… that’s a good question about or not. Didnt notice that either but again the video was zooming! i am not too familiar with the differences in the mobile version but youtube video in anyform is good enough for me.
    @BBkid.. thank god someone else got the same impression i did. head on over to the forums and see if you can answer some of the questions i was stumped on like the headset jack etc.

  • viduka009

    im sold now with landscape qwerty keyboard tmonews is the greatest!!!

  • David

    @John, nobody seems sure on anything price wise. Rumors abound about 150 but not sure if thats post rebate or prior to rebate. I can imagine it will be under 199, I don’t think any carrier really wants a pricing war with the iPhone right now. Again, all speculation though, take it with a grain of salt.

  • Vit

    Does it run on MS WM?

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Vit

    No, its a dumbphone (Samsung’s UI)

  • Pythagoras

    Wifi is only a concern to certain people who need it or have access in places they need it.

    3G is more important.

    (i hope the folks from other carriers aren’t laughing at us for still hoping for 3G – like still hoping for color television… And if they are, well F-’em, we never wanted high speed data anyway

  • Random!!!!

    Is surfing the web on your phone with a wifi connection really make that much of a difference to 3g? The only downside is no hotspot @ home to my understanding then.

  • Random!!!!

    Oh yeah i think the front facing cameras genius bc of about 30 gagillion kids in the US who need their myspace picture from their phone xp

  • mark

    Okay so this qwerty keyboard is the touchscreen, not a slideout??

  • mark

    also, will this phone have stupid data plans like the dream will?

  • Technology1

    The only mobile phone we want from Samsung is the Omnia i900, Mr. TMO no other 5MP camera phone from Mr. Sam man will due. Mr. TMO we would love to have the Samsung Omnia i900 in T-Mobile stores before the upcoming holidays……!

  • Alex

    This looks amazing to me. Great call from TMO. priced around possible 200?!? (saw that in a previous post) i think it will be a little higher than that IMO.
    Wifi really i DGAF id rather just have 3G if i had to choose. I want to be able to use it wherever and expect high speeds, not be restricted to a certain area. It would be nice however in school if i got bored but then that risks getting an amazing phone taken away!

    Im really glad this is all touch and no slide out keyboard. to have touch and keyboard seems almost redundant *cough* Voyager *cough*

    please post any price details that are in the future and is the release really set for Nov 3??

  • mark

    data plans?

  • Lrodriguezx8

    I will soooo pick this then the HTC!!! i dont like the sliding thing on the htc this samsung rockz!!

  • mrjlwilliams

    So I have been thinking, and after seeing the Dream…its ok. I loved it at first, but I just saw the pictures of it that were just posted…and I am NOT too impressed. I have been using BB’s for some time now, and nothing can really competes with them if you ask me. I can do a lot with my BB Curve, so the Dream will have to bring it. I don’t use maps, I don’t care about the slide out keyboard, and I don’t care about wifi. I have those on my curve, and they are never used. I just need it for emails, text, and sometimes music (but I just got me a new Teclast MP3 player, so I am really set on that.) But, this SAMSUNG T919 is really nice. I love touch screen phones, and really like the cameras on samsung phones. I used a wing, MDA, and several other touch screen phones before switching back to BB’s. I was not impressed with the iphone, because texting was horrible. But if this phone has a qwerty on screen, I am going to make an exception! This is the one I am waiting on now, the Dream has turned out to be just that…A DREAM to me. But, if for some reason when it hits the stores and I use it and like it…, I might get it for the wife. But just to be clear…THIS PHONE HAS AN ON SCREEN QWERTY RIGHT? Someone let me know…thanks. Oh yeah, like always…I LOVE THIS PLACE. TMONEWS is the best place to be.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ mrjlwiliams

    go to youtube and check out some video’s for the “Tocco (UK version)” and you will see it has a ON SCREEN QWERTY (also numeral T9)

    If the HTC Touch Pro doesn’t come to T-Mobile, then im gettin the T919.. and the Dream/G1 is ugly

  • J-Hop2o6

    ^^ but do not type in “Tocco (UK version)”.. just search for “Tocco” on youtube lol

  • peachymomo

    I will definitely get this phone if it has the qwerty keys on it. I have seen videos with a numeric keyboard on it like a normal phone and I’m not willing to drop the money if this phone doesn’t meet my standards. I don’t like the htc cause it looks bulky and I dont like the slide out keyboard. Please let this phone be great!

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