Good Morning Dallas!


Well well Dallas fans, as first announced to us here, you are officially the next city to launch 3G services from our beloved carrier. So strap your boots on, head to your nearest store, check out that 3G selection. Of course, I know what everyone really wants, Android…Android…Android. Feel free to shout it from the rooftops, I know we are.

So Dallas residents, sound off in dem comments and join this discussion and let us know if you are enjoying that sweet sweet 3G love.

Who is up next? Tick tock…tick tock…That October 1 date is getting close!

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Update: We’re hearing rumblings of an “expansion” of the NY/NJ area later this week. We’re not exactly sure what geographic area an “expansion” refers too but its good news nonetheless.

  • Jake

    Will the whole DFW area have 3G or is the reception restricted to Dallas proper? Please say Ft. Worth will have 3G!


  • money69

    Im sure FT worth will have 3G also. If you have EDGE now Im sure it will be 3G.

  • T1 Connect

    wow welcome texas hope you enjoying your 3g dont for get if you have a 3g phone with a data plan the 3g is free until october. i guess its safe to say tmo will activate 3g at the begining of every week until rollout izzz komplete. we will find out next week.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Seattle is still waiting.. but i heard between 9/21-9/25

  • mingkee

    about Westchester/Yonkers/Long Island/NJ area, I’ll try to detect it later

  • Smoku

    forgetting about chicago tmobile… i guess we aint that important…

  • David

    Trust me guys, there is no area more important to me than Chicago either. My ears are to the ground, everyone knows I am looking for launch date info so as soon as I get it, after I jump in the air with excitement for a few minutes I’ll post it up with neon lights and fireworks.

  • StillTMO

    Any idea when the Capital of the free world “Washington DC” is getting 3G? So the capital gets it last?

  • T1 Connect

    @mingkee im at work in westchester right now as a matter of fact yonkers ive tried the 3555 for data it moves at edge speed.

  • T1 Connect

    but when i get home to da bronx 3g speed kicks in. i wish the 3g symbols would pop up on the phone.

  • Smoku

    hey david ill be looking for the fireworks on your post for chicago as soon as you find it and post it

  • center rep

    I guess the gov has not left chicago or dc yet. government still occupies the signal, I guess they left the signal in texas a while ago, the whole state shoulder ready by feb this next yr

  • David

    @smoku, you’ll hear my screams first…you’ll see the fireworks second!

  • YES i live in NEW JERSEY cant wait till the end of the week . 3G YEAH BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!! it would only make sence that they would expaned it to NEW JERSEY we are so danm close i live like a 1-2 hours from NEW YORK . so i would like to say i love you guys tmonews & t-mobile . YES YES YES…….

  • danska

    Well, my 3g aws data card sees t-mobile’s 3g network in downtown chicago. Has been for the past week or two. So, it’s there. It won’t let me register on it but it’s there! I could not find it in the western suburbs. (dupage) today when i took the amtrak from downtown to western illinois. I actually got gprs only from western springs to westmont. No edge!

  • I’m glad the Dallas market, which is the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington/Denton/Plano/Mid-Cities etc. will be online soon. However, I’m not wishing for Android. I’m wishing for Symbian, the world’s number one smartphone platform, still largely unknown in America.

    So I’m begging…
    T-MOBILEUSA, PLEASE BRING NOKIA’S NSERIES AND ESERIES TO THE SUBSCRIBERS! Remove the stigma of T-Mobile being only “the teenager’s carrier” and upgrade the customer base to more higher business customers. We need the best devices (Nokias N95 8gb, N82, N96, E66, E70, E90, 5800 XPressMusic, and Samsungs i850 and i8510 etc. If you’re not familiar, Google any of those models, or even “best smartphone”. You’ll usually get mention of one of these models), not just competitive ones, and without carrier support, we’ll NEVER get the top devices, since AWS utilization is so low right now.

    LET’S GET TOGETHER AND DEMAND EVEN MORE HIGH END 3G DEVICES, LIKE OUR T-MOBILEUK COUNTERPARTS!!! They get the Nokia N95 and N85, 2 of the top ten smartphones available for sale anywhere on the globe, FREE on contract! I would pay full retail with no contract if they offered it!


  • Technology1

    Now all we need is a few high end upscale PDA super phones, you know the ones that I’m talking about.The Dream is nice, but keep hope alive, it does not have all the whistles and bells……….!

  • mingkee

    nokia need to bring out AWS version, not just NAM!
    or they’ll lose T-Mobile customers!

  • mingkee, I certainly agree with you. I’ll be writing an open letter to Nokia on the Symbian Freak site tomorrow or day after. Please show your support and register and comment.