Good Morning Dallas!


Well well Dallas fans, as first announced to us here, you are officially the next city to launch 3G services from our beloved carrier. So strap your boots on, head to your nearest store, check out that 3G selection. Of course, I know what everyone really wants, Android…Android…Android. Feel free to shout it from the rooftops, I know we are.

So Dallas residents, sound off in dem comments and join this discussion and let us know if you are enjoying that sweet sweet 3G love.

Who is up next? Tick tock…tick tock…That October 1 date is getting close!

Our forums are the place to be, so are you a member yet?

Update: We’re hearing rumblings of an “expansion” of the NY/NJ area later this week. We’re not exactly sure what geographic area an “expansion” refers too but its good news nonetheless.