HTC Dream dimensions!!


Well the morning brings some great news. We’ve seen some debates on our own forums about what the Dream would look like size wise. Given our patient yet burning desire for this handset we are all having a little fun breaking it down in any way possible. Well since I can’t sleep I caught Engadget with something that settles the matter. We bow yet again to the FCC docs which give us just a little more info and bring us a little bit closer to the Dream, oh the Dream. Engadget was kind enough to already break down some “comparable” devices that serve as a good size comparison. Engadget, oh you’ve give us some damn fine news today! Keep in mind its pointed out that this image replaces the previous one, apparently HTC wanted a less detailed picture floating around. I’m putting this picture under my pillow tonight.

HTC Dream – 4.53×2.17
Apple iPhone – 4.53×2.40
Apple iPhone 3G – 4.55×2.44
Blackberry Bold – 4.49×2.60
HTC P3470 (Pharos) – 4.25×2.30
HTC P4350 (Wing) – 4.29×2.32
HTC S620 (Dash) – 4.39×2.46
HTC Touch Cruise¬† ¬†– 4.33×2.28
HTC Touch Diamond – 4.02×2.01
HTC Touch Pro – 4.02×2.01
HTC TynTyn II – 4.41×2.32
HTC TynTyn I – 4.45×2.28
Nokia E66 – 4.23×1.95
Nokia E71 – 4.49×2.24
Nokia N96 – 4.06×2.17
Palm Treo Pro – 4.49×2.36
Samsung F480 (T919) – 3.87×2.17
Samsung i900 Omnia – 4.41×2.24
Sony Ericsson W960 – 4.29×2.17
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 – 4.35×2.07
Sharp Sidekick 2008 – 4.72×2.24
Sharp Sidekick LX – 5.12×2.36

Via Engadget

Update: Our forums have proven yet again to be one of the most solid sources of everything T-mobile. While I can honestly say I must have glanced at this a dozen times, this info was posted almost 6 days ago thanks to ingenunity and genius of our forum members. Discuss in the forums!

Thanks to EVERYONE for taking time out to convert all the measurements for those of us who are less than mathematically inclined.

  • Random!!!!

    cool smaller than the iphone, but how thick?

  • David

    The engadget article surmises that the phone will be thicker than the iPhone because of the sliding keyboard. Thats all speculative now but I’d wager it to be a pretty good guess.

  • mojo fett

    Smaller than the Iphone, yet it has a rollerball? How small is the screen gonna be? I thought the Dream was going to be 3×5. I dunno. I just dunno.

  • Juan

    @ mojo fett, something tells me we’re in for a good surprise. I think this secrecy + the speculation of them hiding pretty much the final design in plain sight is just what they wanted, and I’m really starting to think the final design will actually be something we’re going to like.

    UGH I’m just waiting for a front shot! :(

  • Mr.gadget

    I’ll wait for an actual image.

  • SheShe

    i just hope the screen is big enough

  • justinhub2003

    with the demionsions provided i drew out the phone and then sat my shadow on top of it, i personally like the screen of my shadow and this device is gonna be a lot larger than my shadow screen even if the bottom portion ( part with buttons) takes up 1/3 of the whole device. im getting excited, seems most people are so negative lately, im expecting a eautiful screen, i also drew 5×3 sized phones and um that would be a little much, i am starting to think these new measurements are correct. im getting more excited.

  • Smoku

    whats the size of diamond? is it the same as touch pro?

  • Orlando Reyes

    Wow, this is great news. I wouldn’t mind the phone being bigger if it had a bigger screen but my girlfriend wants one but doesn’t want a big phone. She was just getting use to the size of the Dash but wants this phone now.

  • Will

    Yeah, I’m excited, but the thickness w/ the keyboard scares me… I’m hoping its around the same as the touch pro (which is 102mm X 51mm X 18.05mm)… so like .7 in which wouldnt be too bad…

    I’m giddy no matter what… is that bad?

  • Christian

    I’m new here, but do ever post dates when there are new articles.

  • Ran

    If it don’t easily fit in the pants pocket along with the wallet, fuggedaboudit. Slim pleeeeeeze.

  • Jeff C

    Well…. I did a comparison to my Eten X600 and it (at 107x58mm) is going to be shorter and wider than the Dream. It has a 2.8″ lcd which takes up 2/3 of the front so hopefully the Dream will hopefully at least have a wider screen.

    I’m really looking forward to this as long as Exchange sync and GPS are included. I can get along without proper navigation for a little while by using my X600 for that but I’m going to need something better than Google Maps at some point in the near future.

  • justinhub2003

    im just so glad this phone almost here, i wanna a different OS, i like windows mobile 6.0 on my shadow, and im not a fan of blackberry or nokia (though some of the n-series phones are awesome), and at&t ruins the iphone for me. i want android to be exceed expectations and smack all its critics and iphone fanatics accross the face. windows mobile for me is great but i also feel if you have one phone with win mo on it, then you’ve had em all. android has already seen its competion and knows the bars it has to exceed, and have the funds to do so, and htc is my favorite hand set maker, so if android is a failure it will be a suprise, im expecting google to bring a whole new prespective to mobile phones. p.s. i am seriously addicted to this site, just wanted to send a thank you to all the created and moderators of tmonews, you guys keep me on the edge of my seat every day and make me feel good that im a apart of such a growing company. keep up the good work.

  • mojo fett

    I guess I was hoping for a screen as large as the Iphones. That’s about all that I admire about that whole entire Apple “we are better than the world, and the world is better because of us” phone.

  • greg

    i actually am pretty happy about the dimensions , my hunch is well be seeing about a 3inch screen, slightly larger than touch diamond but noticeably smaller than iphone.

  • just me

    I am begining to wonder…Are we are going to be able to see what we are all buying on the 17th?

  • T1 Connect

    man the iphone is a giant limited screen the damn thing cant even get a good signal. the android aka” il kick ur jetta drivin, tight pants wearing, making fun of microsofts iphone havin ass” screen is smaller but thats just a minor setback its still going to be better than the iphone too bad all the dumbasses thats caught up in the apple hype “dont know know betta”(fools). the screen is the only thing on that phone thats good or works. so people please im tired of hearing about that thing. WE ARE GOING TO SHUT THEM DOWN. PERIOD. as a matter of fact how did at&t get back into bisuness i thought the gov shut them down in the 90’s.

  • just me

    @ justin…I agree with what yoou said ..but one problem is like always…when a new phone comes out there are always alot of bugs and many times problems with the phone

  • Orlando Reyes

    I think we are going to see what we are going to be buying on Sept. 10. T-Mobile isn’t going to blindly sell a phone to people who never seen it before. A week of advertisements would give people enough get to see the phone.

  • just me

    I think what i saw on is the phone…But will also agree with orlando about sept 10th…Just wish we knew now.

  • Jack

    Can someone also post THICKNESS for these phones?

  • I keep hoping that it will have a front-facing camera, which for me would justify its thickness and definitely make it an iPhone killer. No matter what configuration it comes with, I’m already sold and have the money set aside for it!

  • Spoklahoma

    Here you go, Jack (in inches):

    HTC Dream – ???
    Apple iPhone – 0.46
    Apple iPhone 3G – 0.48
    Blackberry Bold – 0.55
    HTC P3470 (Pharos) – 0.62
    HTC P4350 (Wing) – 0.67
    HTC S620 (Dash) – 0.50
    HTC Touch Cruise – 0.61
    HTC Touch Diamond – 0.45
    HTC Touch Pro – 0.71
    HTC TynTyn II – 0.75
    HTC TynTyn I – 0.87
    Nokia E66 – 0.54
    Nokia E71 – 0.39
    Nokia N96 – 0.71
    Palm Treo Pro – 0.53
    Samsung F480 (T919) – 0.46
    Samsung i900 Omnia – 0.49
    Sony Ericsson W960 – 0.63
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 – 0.67
    Sharp Sidekick 2008 – 0.73
    Sharp Sidekick LX – 0.70

  • ZeroCool

    Ah I just can’t handle it anymore I want my dream already….

    Okay so my savings account just hit $430 I think this is enough for the phone right??

    P.S I’m hearing all over the place that we need a Gmail account for the phone in order to work. ah what? Don’t tell me its going to be like the SK activation thingy. IDk ><

  • SheShe

    does it really matter, gmail is free n e ways not a big deal

  • gmontem

    The HTC Dream is smaller than I thought. Was hoping it would be as big as my O2 Xda Flame – 4.96″ x 2.91″. :(