HTC Dream dimensions!!


Well the morning brings some great news. We’ve seen some debates on our own forums about what the Dream would look like size wise. Given our patient yet burning desire for this handset we are all having a little fun breaking it down in any way possible. Well since I can’t sleep I caught Engadget with something that settles the matter. We bow yet again to the FCC docs which give us just a little more info and bring us a little bit closer to the Dream, oh the Dream. Engadget was kind enough to already break down some “comparable” devices that serve as a good size comparison. Engadget, oh you’ve give us some damn fine news today! Keep in mind its pointed out that this image replaces the previous one, apparently HTC wanted a less detailed picture floating around. I’m putting this picture under my pillow tonight.

HTC Dream – 4.53×2.17
Apple iPhone – 4.53×2.40
Apple iPhone 3G – 4.55×2.44
Blackberry Bold – 4.49×2.60
HTC P3470 (Pharos) – 4.25×2.30
HTC P4350 (Wing) – 4.29×2.32
HTC S620 (Dash) – 4.39×2.46
HTC Touch Cruise¬† ¬†– 4.33×2.28
HTC Touch Diamond – 4.02×2.01
HTC Touch Pro – 4.02×2.01
HTC TynTyn II – 4.41×2.32
HTC TynTyn I – 4.45×2.28
Nokia E66 – 4.23×1.95
Nokia E71 – 4.49×2.24
Nokia N96 – 4.06×2.17
Palm Treo Pro – 4.49×2.36
Samsung F480 (T919) – 3.87×2.17
Samsung i900 Omnia – 4.41×2.24
Sony Ericsson W960 – 4.29×2.17
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 – 4.35×2.07
Sharp Sidekick 2008 – 4.72×2.24
Sharp Sidekick LX – 5.12×2.36

Via Engadget

Update: Our forums have proven yet again to be one of the most solid sources of everything T-mobile. While I can honestly say I must have glanced at this a dozen times, this info was posted almost 6 days ago thanks to ingenunity and genius of our forum members. Discuss in the forums!

Thanks to EVERYONE for taking time out to convert all the measurements for those of us who are less than mathematically inclined.