Sidekick fans, lookie lookie…


Well details on this are sketchy at best, but this should definitely get sidekick fans paying attention. Truth be told nobody can really say for sure if this thing is legit, limited edition or something Souljaboy managed to get pimped out. Engadgetmobile is running with the story and we tend to agree with their thoughts, danger has definitely gone limited edition in the past, tony hawk sidekick anyone? So its not out of the realm of possibilities, however, a fully tricked out xbox 360 edition complete with Resident Evil game almost sounds to be good to be true. Right now though, we’re inclined to believe something may be in the works. It won’t be the first time T-mobile has collaborated with microsoft.

Watch the full video here.

Update: Pretty mixed feelings about this video going on here, our forums. We love our forums.

Update: Our friends over at Hiptop3 are claiming this is fake. We admit, they definitely know more about Sidekicks then we do! Way to stir up the pot Soljaboy…

We’ll be keeping watching on this, thats for sure.
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  • Irish

    the video has been removed but with mirco soft buying danger all those months ago i would not doubt this at all. Also seeing as tmobile has pushed both the new lx and the @home serivce on the dashboard. Heres to hoping

  • David

    Hmmm thats weird because I can still play it. I’ll keep an eye out and update if necessary. Not really the greatest video anyway.

  • Jay

    I have a Sidekick and looking through the catalogue of games there is a new Resident Evil game that you can purchase. This limited Edition ‘kick will probably include that game as well as the custom special edition shells.

  • Jay

    I was just over at and they are calling bs on this Sidekick.

  • sucks

    this is fake is only one sidekick lx changed the bumper and one theme xbox 360, and the new game resident evil

  • Ed
  • J

    Now the true question is if there truly will be an XBOX 360 Sidekick, will there be a red circle of death on it?

  • Jay

    Just my .02 cents…

    Slim down the PSP, make it touchscreen while keeping the regular buttons, give it a decent camera with video support, insert gsm ( T-Mobile :) ) sim card and sony has a GIANT hit on their hands.

    O yea and make it affordable (with a 2 year contract.) $299 or less.

  • Jay

    … One more thing the screen should swivel up like the sidekick to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard.

  • PHug

    @ J
    It’s the Red RING of Death, you botched the joan. you fail.

    @ Jay
    I’m with you on this one. I don’t have a PSP but i would definately buy your PSP Phone

  • Jay

    There is someone claiming to be “Soulja Boy” over at Go on over there and check it out. It’s on the fake Soulja Boy Sidekick post. You guys think it’s him? If it his how very pathetic.

  • ajgvio

    why would this not make sense?! danger is owned by microsoft now so i bet its legit

  • J
  • I found your blog completely smashing