Free (Samsung) Phones For All!


That is possibly our best graphic to date, wouldn’t you say? Anyways, time to bring our users some exciting news….that is, if you were looking at picking up a new Samsung phone along with a hefty 2 year contract. Starting on September 3rd, and ending on October 14th, all T-mobile Samsung devices will be free. The higher end phones will in fact have mail in rebates (MIRs), but in the end T-mobile will stick to their word by offering all their Samsung phones at $00.00. Does anyone get the feeling that T-mobile is trying to move through their inventory of phones they know they wont sell after the release of the 3G TM 506, Dream, Kickstart, ZiNE, and other great upcoming phones? With the Samsung T919 coming in November, and a high-end Qwert Samsung coming in early 2009, T-mobile isn’t dumping Samsung all together, but just blowing through the Old low to mid end phones, before starting a long-awaited push for high end phones. We know that the T109 is coming in October…but hey, prepaid customers need some cheap phones too! Here is the pricing info:

  • Samsung T219 – Free
  • Samsung T229 – Free
  • Samsung T339 – Free
  • Samsung T409 – Free
  • Samsung T429 – Free
  • Samsung T439 – Free
  • Samsung T639 – Free
  • Samsung T819 – Free
  • Samsung Beat – Free
  • Samsung Blast – Free
  • Samsung Katalyst – Free