Android, photoshopped…

Ok, I know I know we’re putting Android stuff up all over the blog. I PROMISE non-android stuff is coming, we have a couple of exciting announcements coming up in the next week or so! For the moment however, I wanted to post this up because Jimbo831, one of our super forum members (and newest moderator!!!) took hours out of his time creating the best photoshopped look of Android to date. Here is Jimbo describing his approach:

“I was bored having several days in a row off work and decided to start a new project in Photoshop.  I’ve been so excited about the G1 coming soon and can’t stop wondering what it will look like, what features it will have, and just everything about it.  Because of this, I decided to do some calculations based on the reference sketches released by AndroidGuys the other day.  I used the overall phone size of 115mm x 55mm and the 3 measurements shown near the logos on the back of the phone to calculate the remaining measurements of the phone.  It may vary slightly due to calculations made, but if the sketches released are to scale, this will be a fairly accurate measurement of the device overall…”

There is alot more to read on what he did and how he got those measurements, so you should be clicking here.

Seriously, now is the time to head over to the forums and give Jimbo some massive Karma. Seriously, go now.

P.S. Remember we still have much love for you non-android fans, its unfortunate that this is dominating the news lately but for those that simply aren’t interested, stay tuned, we’re just getting started this week.

  • mojo fett

    Sweet Bajeebus, Jimbo. It looks great. Thank you for showing me my next phone. Any chance of seeing a side view?? Anyhow, terrific job!

  • Jessica

    Well, considering that the Android is the biggest thing to happen to TMobile EVER, yeah we’re gonna talk about it a lot. Pbbbbt!!

    Jimbo, nice job btw!

  • cubs

    gee… you make it sound like talking about Android is a bad thing. You take Android away and we have nothing left. Keep them coming!!

  • SheShe

    I’m likin it… good job jimbo

  • Quagmire

    I am going to make sweet love to this phone. poke. poke. poke. giggiddddyyyyyy. all riiiight

  • GP

    Does it have a On-Screen Keyboard?

  • 4yrsOnTmobile

    could the asymmetry of the phone after sliding it open, hinder in keyboard usage?

    every qwerty phone till now (slider or non-slider) has a center aligned keyboard, this one will be left aligned. any thoughts people?

  • SheShe

    I thought about that too… I’m sure it just takes getting used to

  • tom tom

    This phone is crap iphone is still the best phone ever keep “dreaming” tmobile customers!!!!! Lol

  • T1 Connect

    yo whoever did this good jod it spreading like that liquid metal that covered neo in the matrix part 1

  • tfan

    I think this phone it hotttt so tom tom take a hike

  • Lame

    “every qwerty phone till now (slider or non-slider) has a center aligned keyboard, this one will be left aligned. any thoughts people?”

    I think people with exceptionally short right thumbs are f**ked.

  • gstacks

    Iphone rules android sucks sorry tmo customers

  • SheShe

    Actually I don’t think it’ll be a problem at all

  • Jimbo831

    I do plan a side view and also a back view as well. Doing the opened front took me forever due to the keyboard. Expect more views over labor day weekend when I get more time off work.

  • just me

    @ JIMBO..What is the center buttion or space for.A roller ball like on the blackberrys?

  • tfan

    I think the phone is gonna be great

  • Peter

    ugly photoshop

  • mojo fett

    Is it me or ever since the news broke over on have there been more “iPhone rules!” panic statements on this forum? I guess that if you have never had to make a decision in your life and like the whole entire ‘you tell me what I need on a phone/computer cuz I’m so open minded my brain leaked out. Please, Steve, show me the light’ type thing – the iPhone is for you.

  • mojo fett – yeah, I corrected myself with no help from Steve (or in macanese-God).

  • center rep

    yeah tom tom hater other guy too why don’t u buy this phone then use the iphone for what it was meant for to stop doors. I will say the iphone would be a good phone if it wasn’t tied to the deathstar att. I get atleast 5 customers a day that have an iphone. believe me they are waiting for android. I think the google market place is going to put apple and att on its heals. no doubt ! google streetview to many pluses not enough minuses. sorry apple lovers googles taking over suckers

  • Mr. Williams

    I have to say, every since finding this site months ago…I no longer check MSN first. (Sad…lol) I have been with T-Mobile for more than 10 years, and they have yet to impress me with a phone until the BB Curve. But once this phone is released, I will have a copy! I have been following along quietly, until things are confirmed. From the looks of things, I now can have a voice. The phone that are being released in the near future, are going to put us back on the map. I am so tired of hearing about the iphone, its not all that. I used it for two days, and let it go. NO PICTURE MAIL? Anyway, the android will distroy all! Good work TMONEWS…keep it up. I am here to stay…

  • AD

    For all those obsessed with the iphone, remember, the iphone’s maps and searching capabilities come from google. And before GPS the feature that tracks you based on cell phone antennas is also google. a great sum of of people also use google mail.

  • Krzr dude

    OK, so the big question is that I have: When will T-Mobilt ITSELF make an actual announcement? In the past 2 days, I’ve gotten several emails from T-Mobile regarding new phone this, free phones that. I suspect that this is a last-ditch effort to clean out some of their inventory of less-than-stellar phones before this all hits.

    But… when? I mean, the (supposed) pre-order date is just beyond 2 weeks from now……….

  • SheShe

    Well I’m sure one september hits its gonna b e n e day… it was like that when I preordered my sidekick but I new about it waaaay before

  • TomCruise

    any idea on document/excel support on dream/g1?

    I m hooked onto winmo mainly bcoz of document support. wud hate to lose that. and no, google docs wud not count as alternative.

  • AD

    All android haters here is another truth. The phone is apperantly using Webkit which is used in iphone, and if you look at other countries, T-mobiles 3G is fastest and we can probably expect that here in the U.S. Also A great deal of applications are going to be made for the android phones and we will see how these apps interact on the phone not on top. This means apps will run on the background an advantage over the iphone. Finally Remember, The apple is not an operating system maker, it is a hardware maker, just as Steve Jobs Himself said, the google android will be better on the operating system side since that is all it is.