Forget Android, heeeeere's Moto!


Attention roughnecks, do we have the phone for you? Dropped your phone in a puddle, kids got a hold of it, has it met a mug of beer (cough, cough me!)? Well do we have the phone for you, thats right Motorola is still making phones! Behold, the motoactive…really, we didn’t make that name up! Also know as the moto w450, there doesn’t seem to be much here feature wise to distinguish from the pack. We’ve previewed this phone before without much fanfare and we’re sure to see it overshadowed by other, more popular handsets. The biggest selling point of this phone is of course its “active” status aka “water resistant,”, allowing for a little less stress to the user when your phone falls, hits pavement and bounces into a puddle. We’re fairly certain of a Sept 3rd release date but of course, thats subject to change. Price is TBD, but we’re hearing between $30-50 dollars. Should be a nice little pick up for that clumsy Aunt who always calls you with phone questions. Really, I hope she doesn’t know I run this site and just said that.

Ongoing discussion of this phone continues here, and remember we have a beautiful calender of upcoming T-mobile handsets here.

Don’t worry Android lovers, as the date approaches we’ll return you back to your regularly scheduled Android programming.