Forget Android, heeeeere's Moto!


Attention roughnecks, do we have the phone for you? Dropped your phone in a puddle, kids got a hold of it, has it met a mug of beer (cough, cough me!)? Well do we have the phone for you, thats right Motorola is still making phones! Behold, the motoactive…really, we didn’t make that name up! Also know as the moto w450, there doesn’t seem to be much here feature wise to distinguish from the pack. We’ve previewed this phone before without much fanfare and we’re sure to see it overshadowed by other, more popular handsets. The biggest selling point of this phone is of course its “active” status aka “water resistant,”, allowing for a little less stress to the user when your phone falls, hits pavement and bounces into a puddle. We’re fairly certain of a Sept 3rd release date but of course, thats subject to change. Price is TBD, but we’re hearing between $30-50 dollars. Should be a nice little pick up for that clumsy Aunt who always calls you with phone questions. Really, I hope she doesn’t know I run this site and just said that.

Ongoing discussion of this phone continues here, and remember we have a beautiful calender of upcoming T-mobile handsets here.

Don’t worry Android lovers, as the date approaches we’ll return you back to your regularly scheduled Android programming.

  • Britni

    ha! love it!

  • SheShe

    Yea….. now back 2 android

  • Juan

    MOAR Android plz.

  • J-Hop2o6

    … *still anxiously waiting for the T919*


  • rommel

    what ever.

  • Caseybea

    For a while back– I thought motorola phones were the cat’s pajamas– I still love my krzr– compact, does what it needs to do WELL, simple to download/upload photos, mp3’s, etc– bluetooth, and while barely useable- even opera mini works. But– with the high-up politics within motorola screwing things up, they’ve moved from a company in the forefont to someone that nobody cares about anymore.

    Rommel summed it up nicely – what ever.

    We now return you to your regularly-scheduled G1 headline news…. :-) Man, being a long time tmo customer OUT OF CONTRACT never felt so freaking good :-)

  • Mike

    Maybe it’ll be as water resistant as the moto s9…

    sweat/water resistant but sweat seems to somehow break them?

  • go Cubs

    Android plz!

  • It’s craptacular!

  • businesstime

    Are you all just NOT gettin it? This is an AWESOME addition to the TMO line up! They have NO RUGGED phones!! Do you know how much business we lose to Sprint and Verizon because they all have a full lineup of rugged phones! Come out..its about time T-Mobile…I was beginning to think TMO didn’t care about business customers.

  • Matthew

    All i have to say is at least its not more Spandork news..! I dont know when people are going to realize that windows is a bette platform, period..

  • HighTension

    man 50$ .. what more you need !!!!i think ist gonna rock :)

  • All this is nice, but like the rest of the world, WE WANT SYMBIAN-BASED SMARTPHONES!!! 65% of the smartphone market is owned by Symbian powered devices. Over 50% of all mobiles are Symbian powered. WHY ARE WE, A GSM CARRIER, NOT CARRYING SYMBIAN S60 SMARTPHONES??? The top selling mobile device phenomenon the part 2 years has NOT just been the iPhone, as media has alluded. The Nokia N95’s greatly outsold the iPhone, and is the most powerful and complete media creation and sharing phone ever made.
    WE NEED THE BEST. We need SYMBIAN! Even at&t has Symbian S60 devices. If we had no Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices, subscribers would defect. Well, Symbian is unknown here, but the global phone OS leader abroad. Educate yourselves and find out.


  • Where’s the Nokia N96, N79, N85, E71, E66, E90, and 5800 XPressMusic? We don’t need dumb feature phones like the Samsung Tocco, but more smartphones! Smartphones are experiencing the most growth, but we have the least options.

    We need a product lineup similar to T-MobileUK, HEAVY ON THE S60-powered NOKIA NSERIES PHONES.

  • Matthew, don’t assume Windows Mobile is better than Android. As a smartphone reviewer, I can tell you, WinMo is pretty clunky. Android could easily compete with HTC’s build quality. No one doubts Google’s ability to create software. Its all about open source, which is exactly why Symbian leads the globe. WinMo is not even close, and both Android and Symbian will be better and more adopted.

  • Chris Meyers

    Do ya THINK the guy works for Nokia? LOL Anyway, very little changes established trends. First thing to learn about business. Nokia has played a diminished role in the US market for about 5 years now and for whatever reason the take rate on Symbian Handsets is low and will never be greater than single digits. The US is increasingly Blackberry/ Apple/ Windows Mobile dominated, and these 3 will be the big players. We shall see how Android does.

  • Slappynoname

    just got off the phone with my moto rep and he gave me some info on this. He said that the outside of the phone is going to be one color black and have a basketball type feel to it. The inside of the phone will come in two colors yellow and orange. It is going to come with a carabiner that attachs to the phone that you can use a clip. It should launch in about a week or two. The other bit of info that he gave me was about the Zn5. he said that while it will have wifi it will not support uma at the time of launch.

  • Cheers for all the help and tips, Symbian can be funny, imagiane if we had to do this kind of thing with Windows!