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T-Mobile: Implementing Fine on Spammers and Scammers That Use Its Network


2024 is just a couple of days away yet we’re still seeing several individuals receiving spam texts. If you’re a smartphone user, you know the struggle all too well. Thankfully, T-Mobile is doing something to address this problem.  As spotted by Cord Cutters News, the Un-carrier will be imposing a fine against third-party organizations that use its network to send illegal texts, scams, and spam … [read full article]

T-Mobile customers are target of new spam message

  Over the weekend, T-Mobile customers were reportedly the subject of a new spam. It seems like the spammer has moved on from targeting Verizon Wireless to T-Mo customers.  As reported by BestMVNO, T-Mobile customers have received a text message containing a link to various websites. This is pretty similar to the spam messages that Verizon customers received last week. The only difference is that Big Red’s customers … [read full article]

New text spam targeting T-Mobile customers

Heads up to all T-Mobile subscribers! There seems to be some kind of spam text going around T-Mobile customers over the last 24 hours. And you need to be careful about this text.  The report comes from The T-Mo Report, which shared screenshots from the victims of the spam text via the T-Mobile subreddit.  According to the report, customers seem to be receiving a text with an image offering a … [read full article]

Spam TmoMail SMS messages affecting a number of T-Mobile customers

UPDATE: T-Mobile got in touch to confirm that they have identified the issue:  “Our teams have now identified and blocked the sources of the unwanted text messages.  We apologize to any customers who may have been inconvenienced” It has come to our attention recently that some T-Mobile customers have been receiving spam text messages to their phones. The problem seemed to rear its ugly head … [read full article]