(Update) PSA: Galaxy S II Owners Should Be On Watch For Unknown App Trying To Install

Update: The Verge has a pretty good breakdown about what’s going on. It doesn’t appear that OSJC was acting maliciously by trying to self-install as it was given the same App ID as one that was already in common with Samsung’s own email app — even though the Samsung App ID isn’t in the Google Play store, only on Samsung’s own ROM. The process for removing the app requires some Android hacking skills — Samsung and Google have yet to comment on the matter.

I’ll just clarify right away and say that we don’t know if in fact this app is a piece of malware, an unsigned app or something else, regardless it’s causing some concern. Threads have already popped up on T-Mobile’s support forums as well as XDA Developers alerting other users and Galaxy S II owners that this app isn’t supposed to be there and is difficult to remove. A number of users are already on top of this having reported it through Google Play however, the app doesn’t seem to uninstall if by chance, it’s downloaded to your phone.

There is no word on any cause or solution at this point, with various forum threads providing different answers on how to delete and/or uninstall. For anyone affected by this issue I’d keep a close eye on both T-Mobile’s own support forum and XDA Developers for answers on how remove this app.

Thanks Steven!

T-Mobile Forums

XDA Developers

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  • Sklementiev

    I’m Russian and it’s basically an e-mail client that will check your e-mail. That being said, I don’t think you should give this app (whatever it is) your information.

  • Eric

    I think its attached to Go Launcher EX launcher app. I uninstalled that and that malware was gone. 

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Reset your phones no?

  • 36 people +1’d it lol.

  • Guest

    Found it on my AT&T GSII today and I don’t have Go Launcher installed.  Just some input

  • Socialwebstore

    Just checked my phone app updates and it is sitting there in queue. Not going to update anything until we get the ok.

  • Stella

    Also running Go Launcher EX. This tried to auto update, however the update failed. Lucky me! 

  • anfrey

    I don’t have that Go Launcher app and it appeared in my Play Store updates.

  • Bluemarblebox

    Strange, I didn’t have this app this morning when I did some updates on other apps.  I just checked again and there it is along with a lot of T-mobile apps that need to be updated

  • Bluemarblebox

    What I did here was:
    1) go to settings, applications, manage applications & find google play.
    2)open google play & hit “clear data”.  Then un-install google play.
    3)open up the old market app found in all your apps.  Once open, click on “my apps” and you will see that it is now gone.

    I don’t know if this app will show back up if you update to the new google play as I have not tried that yet. 

    • Duckzilla9

       Following your instruction – I managed to really hose the market. Trying to launch the “old app” i get an error indicating a server error occurred, and can’t get past that.

      • If you can install apps from unknown sources just google Android Market.apk Then download and install the market once again. (Via the .apk)

    • Bfjdjdhs

      Thank you that worked! It will show up if you try to update or install new apps unfortunately

  • Mike Leverton
  • Mike Leverton

    Hey guys, I think Google f-ed up. 

    The “testfile” app is impersonating the package name of an official google app, tricking the market into thinking that it is the real google one, without even checking. I don’t know if this is true security breach, since this impersonator does not have the same signing key as the real app…

    The package name is: “com.sec.android.app.dlna”

    The other app doesn’t appear to be impersonating an app by seven.com, which does have some apps in the mobile store. I think Samsung uses seven.com’s services for their social hub, and as a result, the Play store automatically downloads this app…

    The package name is: com.seven.Z7

    I’ve reported both of these apps…Any way to get Google’s attention to this epic fail?

  • Lightingbryanwix

    My wife and I also have another app pop up called testfile. It was in the market as a “My App” Check your phone. It is not asking for an update. But doesn’t have a uninstall. What should I do? Is it connected?

  • tmoguy

    Settings, applications, google play, clear cache, clear data, Gone!

    • Obisun

      Settings, applications, google play, clear cache. Gone! Good stuff tmoguy

  • Nalmeraz

    I have a HTC Amaze and I have a app I didn’t install called Timothymilla. I don’t know what its for

    • TmoNews_Inuyasha

      Everything I have seen for that says it is the Teeter game that is pre-installed on most HTC phones. For whatever reason, the Google Play Store now detects and shows it in your installed list.

  • Nalmeraz

    Just cleared my cache and uninstalled Google play and it cleared that unwanted app. Thanks for the advice

    • jonathan3579

      There are actually two apps today that were installed. One of them is related to Samsung Hub and says test or something like that. It is installed on all our phones. Once your Google Play Store updates again, you’ll see it hidden at the very bottom of the list.



    • I can’t take you seriously with all the caps lock, also calling it Samsuck immediately destroys all your credibility. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

  • Theshadow


  • Damn just after reading this post I find out this app has been downloaded to my phone and looking to update but I have not noticed anything wrong with my phone.

  • Kyoshiro82

    Well when the new market downloaded by push, I jave several tmo apps that needed to be updated. Then this appears with stuff I never downloaded in my app history. What do I do?

  • Samsung had put out a release before saying that the GS2 was one of the phones that would use the Russian GPS satellites as well as the American network. Is this app maybe part of that?

  • Prorental

    I contacted both t-mobile and Samsung…both claimed total ignorance…and somehow this problem was my fault..

  • caleb

    People signing up with tmobile be aware!!! Reps who works at tmobile, are giving wrong information on phones and plan and rebates! I had signed up with their service and was awaiting rebate and it was denied because rep gave me wrong info. Customer service is unwilling to do anything regarding this@@ I’m stuck with their phone and plan and paid for what suppose to be a free phone!!!!