T-Mobile Raising Price On Classic Unlimited 5GB and 10GB Data Features Beginning April 4th

Beginning April 4th, T-Mobile will increase the price of the Premium 5GB Promotional Bundles and Ultra – 10GB Promotional Bundles Classic data features by $5 per month. The currently available Classic 5GB and 10GB promotional bundles will be replaced with new plans and a $5 monthly rate increase.

  • This price will not affect any customers who have added the 5GB or 10GB promotional bundles prior to April 4th.
  • There is no change to the price of the Value Plan data features.
  • T-Mobile is enacting the price change in order to better align Classic and Value plan pricing which will help them achieve Value mix targets and the company’s financial goals.
  • Customers can continue to save at least $15 per month with T-Mobile’s Unlimited-Premium Classic feature compared to similar features offered by competing national wireless carriers.
  • T-Mobile will continue to offer the promotional offer on both the Unlimited-Premium 5GB and Ultra – 10GB Promotional Bundles features that include the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and MobileLife Album Plus services at no additional charge. That’s a $19.98 value.

In my eyes, this is an obvious move to drive customers into the hands of waiting Value Plan opportunities, which is a good thing, if you understand the Value Plan inside and out. For the company, the Value Plan doesn’t offer the same razor-thin margins as the Classic Plan. For the consumer, you save money on your monthly costs if you can swallow the idea of purchasing a phone at full price, over the course of 20 months. It’s scary, it’s frightening and it seems crazy, but in the end, it’s likely saving you a good deal of money.

So what’s next? A possible scenario that includes T-Mobile continuing to make Classic Plans unappealing thereby driving customers into Value Plans, which again, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For customers already used to purchasing full price equipment, nothing really changes. For customers who aren’t used to buying full price equipment, Value Plans remain frightening and confusing. We get that, we really do. Given that, T-Mobile’s next step needs to be a concentrated effort promoting Value Plans in a way that is in plain and simple language. Do a YouTube video, post it on the website, on the YouTube channel and social media pages and walk customers through Value Plans step by step. Explain the savings, highlight common fears and touch on them, break down Value Plans against the competition and maybe, just maybe some customers will see the light.

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  • roccorocks

    math is frightening to stupid classic plan buyers….

  •  What did i just read? Poor sales representatives that need to keep these plans straight.

  • Primus42

    Note that the price in only increased on the promo bundle that includes hot spot…it’s not the data plan itself, which is still 30 and 60 respectively. Price is only higher if you want the hot spot included

    • Exactly. Regular 5GB/10GB plans still are the same price. Price only goes up by 5 bucks if you want the promotional 5GB/10GB that include HotSpot & MyAlbum. At least according to the way this document was worded.

    • UglyPete

      In our system, you can’t add the non promo classic data. It’s grandfathered.

      • Primus42

        Is not grandfathered…30 for the five gig is what it is and isn’t going anywhere five gig plus tethering goes up five to 35. To reiterate the 5gb plan does not go up in price just the 5GB plus tethering

        • UglyPete

          nope. you are wrong. just wait. look at the new classic plan brochures 

  • Sure…sounds like a great idea…what’s $5 extra a month? I’m sure customers won’t mind. I mean, look at Netflix…they up’d their prices by the same amount, and it didn’t affect them negatively at all! I mean, other than losing about half of their customer base…but who cares about that?

    • UMA_Fan

      That’s different.  Netflix didn’t grandfather people in.  Plus T-Mobile is still cheaper than it’s competitors.   Also, 2GB is usually enough for most people.  The 5GB and 10GB are premium plans.

      •  Yes they are still cheaper, but all the other carriers are actually adding customers, in the millions at that. T-Mobile shouldn’t even be considering raising ANY prices until they can start adding customers again. (Or at the very least, until the bleeding stops.)

      • ChadBroChillz

        Sprint’s 500mins, unlimited txt, unlimited data, unlimited mobile is 79.99
        Tmobile’s 500mins, unlimited txt, 2gbs of data, unlimited mobile is 79.99. The price is the same, but if you need 5gbs or 10gbs of data, then the smarter choice is sprint. If we are looking strictly at price. Tmobile does have better data speeds.

        • UMA_Fan

          The smarter choice is NEVER sprint.  You are guaranteed to get the best coverage of slow data with Sprint.  If you need to consume 5GB a month, it’ll be tough to get there with the speeds Sprint delivers.

        • ChadBroChillz

          They are planning on releasing LTE in 10 markets by mid year and suppose to cover 123 million by end of the year(250-277 million by 2013). Once they get LTE, speeds will not be a problem.

        • 3560freak

          But if you expect Sprint to keep their prices the same with a large increase in bandwith usage you are the fool. Im sure Sprint will up the standard plan to 79.99 and then keep the $10 smartphone/4g addon fee

        • ChadBroChillz

          Why wouldn’t they be able to keep their same prices? Their Network Vision plan will save them 1 billion annually after it is complete.  Also the problem with Network usage is not the amount of bandwidth used, but the amount of users on during peak hours.

    • gues

      Netflix had an effective increase of 60% [(15.99 / 9.99 )-1]

    • The other failed logic is that Netflix really is somewhat unrivaled in their service.  The 2nd closest competitor is Amazon Prime, which is around the same price with LESS content… so Netflix, as far as all-you-can-eat-streaming-for-one-price-a-month, is STILL the best value.  Also, they didn’t really raise their prices on streaming.  They split their service and charged for each portion.  If you compare streaming only plans, they are the same price as Amazon.  If you compare their DVD by mail plans, its about the same price as Blockbuster.  Everyone got Netflix’s junk backwards.  All they did was stop giving stuff away for free and cheap people got pissed.  You know how Hulu gives anywone a ‘one month trial’… pretty much Netflix had given everyone like a 2-year trial!  Then people complain about not enough content, but don’t want to pay more? Ridiculous.  Proof that the customer is not always right, but just cheap bastards who want everything for free.  Also notice, since dumping worthless Starz,  Netflix Streaming has started improving.

      Eh… didn’t mean to go on a Netflix rant. Sorry.Meanwhile… in regards to Tmobile: At&t, Verzion, Sprint… not to mention Boost, Virgin, and US Cellular.   I’m tired of Tmobile’s tired old handsets or always getting the 2nd-best handsets.  If it gets to the point where my Tmo bill is only a few bucks off from the competitor… then why the f*** would I want to stay with them and NOT have the phones that I want?  That’s why the comparison is bad… Netflix, still worth it for the current price since the competitor’s aren’t as great.  Tmobile… if their prices start looking like At&t or Sprints, then there would be NO reason to stay w/ Tmobile.  Loyalty is only going to go so far before it becomes outright stupid.

    • Jaime Laigo

      Hmmm, I only watch streaming on netflix so it is cheaper for me now….

  • The “value plans” are pretty terrible compared to my 5 faves 700 minute family plan.  I’d save a bit of money on the first phone upgrade, but none at all on the second.  And given that I share the plan five ways, and three of us are full upgrade eligible, that’s a *lot* of money to lay out all at once for new full-price phones with a long payback time.

    • guest

      there are a few old school plans with the right features that are hard to beat, even with value plan. myfaves is definitely one of them

  • fixxmyhead

    i wish it was for prepaid too cuz when ur poor like me thats ur main connection and 5 gigs goes by quick :(

  • personallySpeaking

    The hotspot 5-10GB plans are all std now the older hotspot only plans are all grandfathered plans

    • So if I already have it, they won’t change it then?

  • OldPro

    Looks like somebody needs to hire a proof reader.  Under the Now heading, current  2GB $10 for Value vs $20 for Classic = $5 difference, and current 10GB $55 for Value vs $60 for Classic = $10 difference.  Or is that just this years version of New Math?

  • Jon

    the title is misleading

  • Hotspot Question

    Can someone clarify this for me. I have the $20 Unlimited Android Web plan. I have been told by numerous T-Mobile reps that the hotspot feature is included with this plan since the system is unable to add the hotspot feature to this plan. I have been told that if you have a web plan over 5GB, that the feature is now included automatically. Is this true and if not, who can I speak to in order to get this taken care of? I have used the hotspot feature extensively over the past year and I have not heard anything from T-Mobile so I don’t know.

    • Kalel

       On both answers it’s a no.  The hotspot feature can be added to any data plan of $20 or more per month.  The only plans I can think of that it can’t are the old Suncom plans.  The feature is included with the current 5GB and 10GB plans but it’s only supposed to be promotional. 

    • guest

      you shouln’t be getting hotspot with a pref feature. not something that can be fixed either, it costs extra if you are on a 20.00 pref web

  • Troyag1

    Sorry, I see this completely differently I have a classic family plan w/5 lines none of the value plans come close to giving me the features I have now (3000min 5gb limited by slowing data, unlimited texting etc) at anywhere close to the price I currently pay. What this does mean is in an effort to push me to a plan I don’t want at a higher price they will charge me more for the plan I currently have ??? wtf say by by to next JD power award too. Oh and the chances of me plopping down $2500 for 5 phones ever is zilch. So I guess it will save me money in the long run when I drop the 5 smartphones and Data that goes with them for some dumb phones.

    • Get_at_Me

      Value isnt a better deal in ur situation. Huge 5 line family plan with installments attached wont save u money as the phone payments will negate the rate plan savings

    • StonersLane

      Idk but I have four lines. Two with unlimited talk and the other two with 500mins each. Three lines have 2gb of data (edge speed after). My line has the 5gb data plan (edge speed after) with mobile hotspot included. All lines have unlimited texting. My monthly bill is just under $195 each month. That’s how much I use to pay for 2 lines with at&t.

    • xmiro

      you will plop down payments for the phone, or reduced or no payment if you catch/are given a promo, and pay them off for the next 20 months. Which would probably be about the same or less than what you would pay monthly with a Classic plan

    • xmiro

      value vs classic, on 5 lines w/5GB unlimited talk/text, 18.157% Florida taxes, e911, fcc fee – $2,192.57 less with a value plan over 24 months. Not including phones.

      Add GSII phones, assuming $599 full price, 6% sales tax, and $279.99-50 rebate on classic. The Value plan still wins out with $247 in savings over 24 months

      monthly, $463.3545833333333 on classic with phones vs $421 on value with full priced phones


    When I heard Tmobile was gaining billions from AT&T I thought Great, New Phones, Better service. Instead, I see layoffs and Price Hikes. Hmmm.. Bet Philip Humm hasn’t lost a penny though from his annual bonus.
    The only good thing about T-mobile is the low prices. If they lose those, they will fail.

  • hater on the rocks

    what does that mean to the people that just have the 5gb data plan without the mobilehot spot?

    • xmiro

      your price won’t go up if you’re in a contract or unless you sign a new one

      • hater on the rocks

        oh great good thing i still have another year until i my contract is over i was gonna switch to value plan but switching to that plan would cost me 200 dollars. thanks 

    • truckeemike

      i JUST last week got a new phone and renenwed my contract 2 yrs with this 5 gig plan. Whew……

      • hater on the rocks

        but the price of the plan now are still good until april 4 if u do the renewed before that ur still good. but i hope it wouldnt apply to the value plan i dont need mobile hotspot i have internet at home and my phone is good enough im not gonna carry a tablet with me everywhere.

  • Gouv

    Hopefully with no more job cuts and some price hikes they can get in a better position…. That’s not too bad of a “hike” and they can still promote their value brand gimmick at these price points.  They are doing what they have to do, i know most of you don’t like it but they are in survival mode.  This to me seems like they are actually trying to slowly get back on their feet.

  • After my discount I only pay $18.00, for the mytouch preferred web feature. Which is 5gb, and throttled after that point. Hopefully they don’t start pulling tactics to make current subscribers pay the extra $5 when upgrading a phone. Before I upgraded I was told my web plan wouldn’t work with 4G, was told it was for 3G. GTFOH!

    • Jjw953

      hate to tell you, but you were lied to.There is no such thing as a 4G or a 3G data plan(I speak as an TMo employee of 6 yrs) Someone just wanted to get the commission(or maybe just needed the add to try to keep his job)

      • Oh, I know this thats why I hung up and when my phone arrived, I just popped my sim in and it was smooth sailing.

  • Arvin

    doesn’t verizon charge 30 for 5 gb ? is tmobile seriously more expensive than Verizon wireless ? 

    • 3560freak

      Vzw charges $30 for 2gb (4gb when they ran the double web promo over xmas)

    • Aaron Tant

      In addition to 3560freak, Verizon: 1. charges $30 for 2GB (or double during their promotion), and 2. charges extra for the hotspot. ($20 more and you get hotspot and 2GB more.  So, spend $50/mo and you can get 4-6 GB of data with hotspot with Verizon.  Spend $55 (on Value) or $65 (on Classic) and you get 10 GB of data with hotspot.  Apply the same method to the 5GB w/ hotspot from T-Mobile ($25 on Value, $35 on Classic).  Still a better deal than Verizon.

      • TmoCSR

         its a better deal, yes, but verizons network is better, faster and more widespread. 

  • UMA_Fan

    What people really need to keep in mind is that this is a smart way for T-Mobile to boost up it’s revenue from it’s plans a little.  This doesn’t really affect the majority of people coming in new to T-Mobile because they usually start out with the entry level 2GB plan which has not had a price change. The 5GB is usually an upsell when people start consuming a lot.

  • The solution is simple… USE WIFI!

    Problem solved. :)

    • Need data in the car everyday, problem not solved.

      • Ash

         Look at the road, not your phone.

        • 21stNow

           Pandora doesn’t require you to look at the phone after initiating the app.  Get in the car, start ignition, fasten seatbelt, turn on Pandora, put the car in D and drive safely!

  • CCollision

    Welcome to the *other* side of competition, where competitors raising prices gives you an excuse to raise yours. In all seriousness though, it is most likely to push the value plans.

    • xmiro

      value plans stay the same cheaper price for both data and voice and other features. Value plans also dropped T-mo’s costs 2-4% during 4th quarter so that’s why they’re pushing them

  • Man I didn’t see what others are having a problem understanding when it comes to the value plan. The numbers do not lie!

    • UglyPete

      I have had people see exactly where the value is and sign up right away with the value plan, and i have had people tell me that they are not renting a phone from tmobile and go with the classic plan…. paying $10 more a month……… some people just cant comprehend.

  • After reading this thread, I have to say again, T-Mobile really needs to simplify its plans. The whole data bolt on, with or without hotspots, 2G-10G, etc, is just absurd, and will become increasingly so as T-Mobile rolls out more UMTS and LTE coverage.

  • Taharvey Davis

    the value plan is only a good deal if they remove the 2 year contract agreement…why the hell would I agree to be trapped in a 2 year contract and i’ve gotten no subsidy

    • xmiro

      cheaper voice
      cheaper data
      paying your phone(s) off over 20 months with what is essentially an interest free loan from Tmobile

      • iTried

        Value plans help T-Mobile because they Get full price for the phones. There is no reason to charge an etf on top of making the person pay off the device. It is really just a way to trap people into staying because if you cancel you are going to pay 500 for the phone plus 200 for the etf. That is crazy you wouldn’t catch me dead on a value plan even if it is 10 less a month

        • UglyPete

          well, its $20 less. so what now?

        • iTried

           Really Pete? What now? You commented on a forum and some one responded. Don’t be a dick. If value plans were so great more people would be on them. 20 is chump change. The only way it sounds like a great deal is when you break it down over 2 years. T-Mobile could make things a lot easier on themselves and on the customer by just raising the ETF to 325-350 and then meeting some where in the middle of value and classic plans. That way if some one cancels they do end up paying off the phone they purchased. lets say the paid 200(phone) + 350(etf) = 550. T-mobile is not out anymoney plus they made money off the customer for the time they were with them.  I get it right now T-mobile is taking a hit on Classic plans if some one cancels but they did it to themselves and instead of keeping things simply they over complicated everything. Xmiro yes you are getting an interest free device but T-mobile is gaining off of you for the 20 months it takes for you to pay off that device. There is no free ride here. Its mutually beneficial.  But I completely agree with you on the pre paid front.

        • xmiro

          you’re getting an interest-free $500+ loan of course you’re going to have an ETF. There’s no such thing as a free lunch or a free ride.

          I too don’t like the ETF on Value plans but it makes sense.

          The alternative is T-Mobile pre-paid (granted the data plans there can use an improvement

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      T-mobile should offer the Value Plan in two flavors:

      1. A contract free, plan if you BYOP.
      2. If you don’t BYOP, extend the EIP to 24 months and make them sign a contract that can only be renewed/forgiven when the remiander of the phone price is paid off.

  • Markhb

    I have a 3-line 700 minute Classic family plan with the unlimited text addon and 1 line with 2 GB data; I don’t come close to using all the minutes or the data.  All lines are now out of contract.  If I upgrade my smartphone and not the others, can I keep my existing plans?

    • None

      If you upgrade your device and want to take advantage of the subsidy you WILL need to upgrade your plan also.

      • That has never been the case for me in 10+ years I am with them. New phones, renewed same old grandfathered plan.

    • Ash

       Just buy your phone at full price and you can keep your old plans.

    • xmiro

      for what it’s worth, in January 2011 I upgraded to 2 free Vibrants from RAZR (via retention, longtime customer on auto pay) and kept our MyFaves 700 plan from 2006

  • Frigadroid

    Not sure I understand what if anything is going on with my situation. I have a grandfathered family loyalty plan with the $20 for 5Gb data.
    5 bucks won’t effect my budget since I’ve been accused of over tipping by my wife, but get her approval by mentioning karma & the fact that I worked all the hard service jobs when I was young and it’s thankless hard work for low pay.
    When it comes to contracts I’m a stickler to details and I expect the other party to do the same. With all the changes to contracts that tmobile is implementing I can’t think of any reason why I would want to enter another contract with them. I’ve lost confidence as they continue to disappoint and even embarrassed me in front of my friend when I couldn’t even get a text out during the louisville game, and have to borrow his at&fee iphone to call my wife from the state parks & lakes.
    I’m impressed by the service & plans that walmart offers from $30-$45 a true value because my uncle and brother have it and I know first hand my brother is on the road constantly and we text talk & exchange photos daily. Like Michael was saying if that’s all you need then why pay all the extra tax and fees? I might still pick one of the tmobile walmart plans but actually I see all theses changes leading more people to churn, rather than sign another contract for a so called value plan. Like another post said I have no problem dropping down $1.2k for my phones just don’t ask me to sign another contract tmobile because you failed miserably on the last one by cutting my 10gb data in half and discontinuing data roaming without lowering prices. Imo they should layoff some of the executives who put tmobile in this predicament because none of their plans are working to stop the churn.

    • Ash

       If you have no problem dropping $$ for phones, than just buy phones at full price and keep you old plans and don’t need to sign any new contract.

      • Frigadroid

        I think that is what I was trying to imply I might do. Only that the plan I’m currently in, good as it is (because it was better with 10gb before throttling & data roaming) it is more expensive than going through walmart. Like I been saying for a long time I won’t decide until mid july, but in my personal situation walmart looks like the true value if I bring my own phones, because all the extra fees with tmobiles bill, walmart is just $90 for 2 phones unlimited thats hard to beat.

  • Rfgenerator

    The problem that I’m  pulling from this and all the comments is that the Preferred Android 5GB for $20 that I currently have will be eliminated if I upgrade to a subsidized phone at my next upgrade point.  This means an increase of not $5 but $15 a month if I want to maintain  the 5GB of data. The push to the value plan wouldn’t be so bad if they were actually pricing electronics like other electronics are sold, but they are actually demanding full MSRP for the phones.  Who sells electronics at full MSRP unless they know they have no competition for the purchase of the devices.  BTW the argument that this how it is done in the rest of the world doesn’t hold water, recently Germany has been moving towards the subsidized model.  Hopefully retentions will still have the the $20 Android Preferred item in their toolbox.

    • xmiro

      5GB of data on Value is $25, do the math in an excel spreadsheet (including your taxes and fees) and you might be surprised you might come close to what you’re paying now or even less

    • Unlikely. I’ve been with tmo for 10+ years, and I have always been able to keep my grandfathered plan when I renew and get a discounted phone.

      • Th3problem17

        well don’t feed that to him because things are changing, just because they’ve made concessions in the past don’t mean we will moving forward. rfgenerator if you got a required preferred web feature you’re ok long as you keep an android device. it might disqualify you from mail in rebates for higher priced devices.

    • The_Guest_Who

      I’m not sure why the Value plans are being cast in such a bad light – they truly are a better value for the customer; the price “re-alignment” is just a way to highlight this.

      With every other subsidy-model carrier (and T-Mo Classic plans), you’re paying more than MSRP once you calculate the difference between the plans over the course of the contract period – and even more if you stay with the plan after the contract. It’s sad to see other carriers worldwide adopting this model, but if their customers are willing to pay less up front (and much more in the long run), it’s their money.  SIM-only pricing promotes competition, and makes for better pricing and better service.

      Also, T-Mo isn’t demanding that you purchase the equipment at full MSRP up front; in fact, you can still bring-your-own-device – there’s a slew of new pentaband handsets that work just fine on AWS 1700/2100, or you can buy second-hand.  Buy a SIM, off you go.  Or, you can take advantage of the EIP – essentially, an interest free loan… pay the down payment,  split the balance into payments up to $25 per month, and after it’s paid off, you still have the better plan.

      It’s scary to think that shiny new Android/iPhone/Whatever handset actually costs $500+, instead of $199… but after doing the math, I’d rather buy it up front.

      • UglyPete

        very well said. I have customers come in all the time from the apple store with their brand new factory unlocked iphones ready to sign up for the value plan. Some people get it. 

        Just look at what AT&T charges for a 5 line plan with 5 iPhones. It makes the full cost of that iPhone a very small chunk of change lol

  • they need to just stop with the Classic and Value BS .. make one damn plan so as not to confuse those potential customers moreso than they already are. 

  • shmalue

    I dont see value saving tons if $$; it saves a liile bit after 20 mos but by that time start process over. plan may be 20 bucks cheaper but then u make that up with pgone installment. guess its ok if u dont have cash upfront but otgerwise buy phone + use on prepaids

    • UglyPete

      You dont understand how it works. It’s the exact same cash upfront as the classic plan. You have to make a downpayment that is usually equal to the price on classic after the MIR and no upgrade fee on value either. 

      If you get a phone with $20 EIP, you are paying the exact same per month. If you get a lesser phone, like the Lumia, It’s a $15 EIP, so you save $5 per month. 

      You are not billed the EIP until about 2 months after you buy the phones, so you save money in the first 2 months. and again after 20.

  • Garryeb

    This just in… Another nail has been driven into tmobiles coffin. Throw the b?t?h in!

  • EXIBITman

    I get 5gb of 4Gs for 30:00$

    • hater on the rocks

      i hope when i upgrade i wouldnt have to get this bundle promotional deal because i really dont need the mobile hotspot

      • UglyPete

        there is no other option other than to go with 2gb or stick with what you currently have.

  • Reveng101

    I will stick with my $20 Loyalty unlimited android data plan XD

    • badbob001

       I have that too, but do you think they will force us to change data plans if we ever upgrade our phones, claiming you the new device only supports a current data plan?

      • TMO Guest

        This is exactly the way it works – when you upgrade they’ll tell you that you need an “updated” required data plan and make you change :-(

      • UglyPete

        on most grandfathered plans, you can keep your data. there are some like the mytouch data plans that include texting that it wont let us keep

  • where does the old fav five plan come into play? That’s what I have. 

  • Aaron Tant

    David, it is always cool when another site cites your work: 

  • Aaron Tant
  • ColoradoGray

    It is cool when another site cites your work, it’s even better if they read your article and the images they’re posting!


  • Salvador

    Thanks for this info, David! I missed the articles back in January regarding the Promotional Bundles. I just called Customer Care to change our data services to the Premium 5GB SMHS Classic features for $30 per line. I have the G2X and have been able to use the Mobile HotSpot feature without extra charges from day one, but it’s great to be able to lock in this deal for future phone upgrades.

  • Woo hoo!  Ex-tmobile at last!   Months ago I told my story – my wife dropped her phone in some water.  After calling tmobile support, we solved the problem by purchasing her a new phone (and I bought one as well) – with the assurances we could keep our own plan.

    After the phone’s arrived, I discovered they had slammed through a plan change – the very rep. that told me I could keep the old plan, had slammed through a new plan.

    After the completely uncaring and unapologetic response from tmobile – I ended up going through a whole other ordeal, returning the phones, getting proper credit, getting my plans switched back – and finally today, I am ex-tmobile!!!!

    Now, with that said, I was just trying to go off contract, not necessarily avoid tmobiles network.

    Ultimately, based on my families phone usage, I put my wife on Straight Talk, using an AT&T mvno sim (when you buy a sim from straight talk, you can choose one that is an mvno for AT&T or one for t-mobile). 

    The only reason I chose the AT&T option, is because Straight Talk doesn’t have a tmobile microsim for sale, in that format, had to go with AT&T, which if fine, AT&T’s network is fine, but it did mean I had the extra step of unlocking the phone.

    For me, I went on T-mobiles own Monthly4G, the plan with 100 voice minutes and 5GB of data.

    So my wife on unlimited everything for $45 and I’m on a $30 plan, and the total is $75 plus tax (with tax being less than you’d expect)….total including tax is $79 per month.

    Somehow the network operator fees and 911 fee and all that is buried in the cost of the service.  Before I was paying quite a bit more for tax.

    As a matter of fact, my old plan was a deal for many reasons, I had $10 unlimited data on my wife’s phone because she was in on a grandfathered plan, I had a 15 percent employer discount….and despite all that, real world, my after tax bill was $105 – but the whole point I wasn’t allowed to keep even that $105 per month, I was being forced up to $130 a month, if I wanted new phones.

    So, compare that to being off contract – and forget ValuePLan, that’s still a rip compared to prepaid.

    I actually did think long and hard about Valueplan, but ultimately you add in its taxes and its coming out higher than Straight talk, which if you buy refills online, you barely pay any tax at all.

    Plus straight talk is no-contract, with valueplan you are still looking at EOF’s if you ever want to switch carriers.

    Because I just happen to be a person that doesn’t use up much voice minutes, my two plans, are just about as cheap as you’ll get.  yes, I do have to buy my own phone’s now, so you have to factor that.
    But ultimately I am saving money.

  • p.s. if anyone is wondering, how did we keep our old numbers – when Tmobile requires Monthly4G to be a new activation, I used Google Voice!

    Sign up for Google Voice, what I did is port my old cell numbers to Google Voice – porting a number takes care of canceling your tmobile contract too, don’t even have to call them.  (Termination Fees will still apply, though, if you terminate your contract early).

    So now our old numbers are on Google voice, and I bought new SIMS, in my case, I bought 1 for Straight talk, and 1 sim kit for Tmobile. (I decided the best plan for my wife was straight talks unlimited everything for $45, and the best plan for me was tmobiles $30 plan with 100minutes/5GB monthly data).

    Both of our phones have these new sims (with new numbers)…but our old phone numbers were ported to google voice, so our friends can still call our old numbers, and google voice is forwarding the calls back to our cell phones.
    I like it, because from now until forever, my friends know the number they can call to contact me, and I use google voice to forward the calls to whatever devices or landlines phones I want.  I’ll never have to port a number again.

    It’s not for everyone, but for me, it’s ultra cool.

    • UglyPete

      it’s a simple process to keep your number when you go from post to prepaid. you dont even have to change your sim card. 

    • Frigadroid

      That’s a good idea. I have the simular situation she needs the unlimited talk and I need the unlimited data. I will definitely consider something like that when july rolls around and I have fulfilled my contractual obligation with t-mobile ;-)

  • Happy_TM_Customer

    As a very long time T-Mobile user, going back to VoiceStream days, I was offered a new Nokia Lumia 710, at a good price, if I made a two year commitment to one of their data plans. T-Mobile sweeten the deal for me and I am a very happy customer, and intend to be for a very long time. I hope T-Mobile sticks around as they do want to do what’s right for the subscribers.

  • tehboogieman

    Anyone know if this feature is a limited time discount? I signed up for the 5GB data plus hotspot on one line of my value family plan for an additional $5 a month. Previously I had the 2GB data feature. Now they say that after 3 months they will charge $15 a month for this feature, or I can downgrade back to 2GB without hotspot.

  • Sullivan Writer

    After two days of getting T-Mobile popup ads on laptop while on-line I discovered the source was not virus or malware but T-Mobile.

    I was using the wireless hotspot feature on my phone which I have used for months.

    T-Mobile recently decided they can make $15 month off me by charging me for what had been free in the past.

    They also decided the best way to let me know of this gouge (30% hike in $50 month plan)  was to block Yahoo and Google searches and other access on-line.

    Thanx T-Mobile. Bye.

    • guest

      Using your phone as a hotspot has never been a free feature. There has been a $15 feature price to use this on mobile phones. The one perk was that it was a feature built into the phones and you would only start being charged if an account audit was done to your account. So don’t blame the company if you were misinformed by a lazy rep or that you actually have to pay for something that you use, what a concept the public having to pay and not get everything free.

      • Sammyesparza91

        Actually it was free, in the vibrant froyo upgrade, also in my sensation 4g, i could easily access the wireless hotspot in the settings, so yea i think its free. 

        • Geoffrey Medeiros

          That is an android setting, hotspot has always been a pay for use feature. 

  • ClarkW

    I don’t know why people are complaining about T-Mobile.  Their customer support has always been amazing.  I literally just read this post, called TMO and asked if there would be any way that I could get 5gb for the same price I am paying now (I have 2gb of data and will be upgrading to the One S;  I’m going to want more data).  I was expecting to downsize my minutes from unlimited to 1000 to save $10 bucks and lock in 5gb of data but that wouldn’t work for some reason (my talk+text bundle is already a loyalty discount).  Customer Loyalty got on the phone with me and agreed to just give me the 5gb of data for the same price I pay now.  There’s no way AT&T would ever do that.  

  • John

    To Verizon I go

    • We were actually looking at going from Verizon to T-Mobile.  Are you saying we should stay?

  • Sdboy77

    Omg.. i’m so mad  i changed phones this morning from android to blackberry and they said it’s 35 dollers and i’m like noo it’s 30 and that’s what i was paying, so if i just change my phone and not the data plan i still have to  go with the new pricing? Grrr . Makes me want to stick with just one type of phone then for now on but i like to switch to blackberry every so often