T-Mobile’s Mobile Hotspot Feature Bundle Option Still Up For Grabs, Now Listed On T-Mobile Website As “Limited Time” Offer

Remember the “hush hush” data Unlimited-Premium 5GB and 10GB data plan promotions we discovered and reported on earlier this month? Do you remember how the screen shot we obtained mentioned that these rate plans were not to be proactively offered to customers? About that…turns out that T-Mobile had a change of heart and has now listed the Mobile Hotspot compatible rate plans on their website as “limited time” offers. This plan(s) can be found under both the Value and Classic plan Individual and Family plan options.

This was definitely a bit of a surprise considering the original level of “discretion” we were under the impression these plans would yield. I can’t say we are disappointed though, this how they should have promoted these plans from the beginning and now they should be shouting their availability from the rooftops. This may be an area T-Mobile wishes to protect revenue, but this is also an opportunity to further differentiate themselves from the competition by offering the customer a great value. I would absolutely recommend trying to take advantage of these “limited time” offers before they disappear forever.


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