(Updated) HTC Ville Caught On Video Running Android 4.0, Sense 4.0

Update: Sorry guys, looks like someone took the video offline.

HTC’s upcoming HTC Ville smartphone stars in a newly leaked video ahead of its expected official announcement next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was back on January 13th that we first got word the HTC Ville could be heading to T-Mobile sometime in the future. So what do we know about the Ville? Well, it’s rumored to have a 1.5GHz Snapdragon Series 4 dual-core processor, HSPA+, 1,650mAh battery, sub-eight millimeter form factor, 4.3″ Super AMOLED display and a 8 megapixel camera. HTC Hub’s footage of the Ville shows Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich running alongside Sense 4.0 on a super sleek form factor. After watching the video, there is little question this thing looks thin, like super thin. Let’s hope at Mobile World Congress we get both an HTC and US availability announcement.


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  • Anonymous


    • J-Hop2o6

      Can’t wait to see the finished product. But hopefully HTC turns off the horrible looking Settings Animation. Plus u can still tell they have some work left to be done. In the settings it says ‘Develop Option’, its suppose to be ‘Developer Options’. And why is the usb port on the upper side of the phone instead of lower? smh.

  • Guest

    its the amaze with ics. 

    • Anonymous

      It is thinner than the amaze. More like the Sensation with ICS. They really need to move to a different template on the hardware. Love HTC because they are solid but they are starting to lack imagination on the chassis design. IDK what they could do better but it is time for a change. 

  • Johnsciara

    The front facing camera is VGA??? I am not impressed. Until some awesome can trump my Sensation, I will not be “up”grading.

    • Birdsfan

      I have the Sensation, had it since May.  Bought my Galaxy Nexus late December and that phone trumps the Sensation!!

      • Assassass

        except the camera

  • Phozfate

    the UI says the display is qHD at 4.3″….. at this point i you are making a phone it should either be 4.5-4.7″ unless you are intentionally going for a smaller screen in that case no bigger than 4″…. plus qHD is not 720p… If all this is true this phone will fail big time.

    • Vinnyj

      IMO 4 – 4.3 is the perfect screen size. Great looking phone and the best hardware comes from HTC. The days of the I-Phone are behind us, the only people buying the I-Phone are either the 1st time smartphone buyer or young kids who have no idea what they are buying. Once you buy into Apple, they have you by the short hairs. No matter what you do with that system it is always more money. I will never own another Apple product, they are such a closed minded company with their heads up their asses. Take away the Google apps from the I-Phone and you have nothing. Android is the only way to go, you can do what you want when you want, I enjoy hacking my phones and Android is the perfect system for that. Thank You Google, Love your product.

      • Jinnyv

        It’s not the I-Phone, it’s iPhone. I’m letting my contract expire and moving to Sprint for an iPhone. My rooted MyTouch 4G with CM7.1 isn’t cutting it. I’m clearly not a first time smartphone buyer and I’m in my late 20s. I wanted to like Android, and while it has its perks its UX doesn’t compare to iOS (in my opinion of course). ICS may change this but I’ve made up my mind.

        • Another-Mytouch user

          I too have a mytouch 4g and I am running the last nightly build cm7 and it works much better than 7.1 in my opinion. Try it before giving up on your mytouch.

        • Jinnyv

          Maybe I just have bad luck, I’m actually using one of Euroskank’s 7.2 nightlies and this text input lag hasn’t been corrected… started with 7.1. In any case I’m under contract for a bit so I’ll be flashing new ROMs weekly now.

        • Littlesis1774

          I am getting the iphone regardless.

      • MinnyMe

        “…such a closed minded company with their heads up their asses”

        Me thinks its not Apple’s head that is up a hole … can you hear me???

    • Spanky

      When it comes to screen sizes, I certainly hope that we’re not heading into the brick territory. As much as I love my GNex, I feel that 4.3″ is the ideal screen size. Anything larger than GNex’s screen (4.65″) is overkill. I don’t want to be holding a tablet to my ear while making a phone call.

  • Phozfate

    the UI says the display is qHD at 4.3″….. at this point i you are making a phone it should either be 4.5-4.7″ unless you are intentionally going for a smaller screen in that case no bigger than 4″…. plus qHD is not 720p… If all this is true this phone will fail big time.

  • Horrible

    Piece of utter crap,…. I’m sorry but I think Google has finally hit the sweet spot with ICS. It just looks better then these “faces” do now. They no longer add to the experience but take away from it. I seriously hope that Google allows ppl to download stock ICS without all the bloat that Sense, Blur, TouchWiz, etc.

    • Phozfate

      will never happen until the nexus outsells other phones which it won’t

      • Jehernandez4688

        I agree, HTC, Motorola, whoever the OEM is, they will (for now) put their skin on top of whatever OS the phone is running. Take a look at the new phones when they come out. If they are not stock, they move on. Don’t even bother is this is not for you. But please stop stating how much crap this and how much crap that, some people will like, even love the phone as it is. If you don’t, great! but please, don’t be so negative on a device you will never even own.

  • Littlesis1774

    Can’t and won’t buy another HTC phone again. I got burnt on my last HTC experience with slow and laggy phone that won’t stop freezing on incoming calls. iphone is my next phone

  • jon

    Sense…someone beat it with the ugly stick. Not to mention its laggy. I understand its pre-release and all. But I’ll take stock ics on my galaxy nexus over this any day of the week.

    • Spanky

      I love Sense’s functionality, but I hate how bloated it is. A few weeks ago, I sold my Sensation 4G and got the Galaxy Nexus. Never again will I buy a phone with any kind of a software overlay.

  • lol, it never fails.  I can date back to when we had NO screens bigger than 3 inches, and there were NO front cameras.  But as soon as something is posted, people start to say why they will pass lol. Or what the OEM’s should have done to it to make it better, lol.  You guys are window shoppers.  NEVER buy, and always commenting.  Finding SOME reason, to down talk it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before it comes out, lol.  Amazing…just amazing.

    • jon

      Um, i have owned every android device that has come to tmob since I can get them for free. I recently gave away my Amaze because I bought a Galaxy Nexus. No window shopping here. My Amaze was ok and and this thing looks like an amaze that was beaten with the ugly stick….and it is way more laggy. We can all have opinions without resorting to personal attacks, right???

      • You haven’t used the Ville at all so if I were you, I wouldn’t judge.  I’m so sick of people forming an Opinion on beta versions of unreleased phones and acting like they’re experts on the subject.  find something productive to do.

      • You must be lying about what you are saying in your comment to me, because I did not make a personal attack lol. Also, you must be A WINDOW shopper since you feel the need to attack ME lol. Please dont take this personal, but YOU have never used this phone!

    • Anonymous

      I’m impressed.  I like the more normal looking icons on the bottom (that big a ss phone button was a turn off) and the fact that it is qHD SuperAMOLED is a HUGE plus.  The hardware looks fantastic as well…  I see no reason for me to abandon my Samsungs but THIS device is at least a step in my directions.

    • 21stNow

      When phone screens were that small, we probably only updated our phones every 18-36 months.  Now, there are a lot of Sensation and Amaze owners looking at the Ville and wondering if it’s worth spending more money on, or if we should keep what we have.  After all, HTC said they will release fewer phones in 2012 and concentrate on quality.  However, this release seems to be in line with 2011 habits.

      Add in the number of people who have recently purchased an SGSII, Galaxy Note or Galaxy Nexus, you have a lot of people who will pass on the Ville.

      Finally, consider the audience on Tmonews.  We are some of the hardest-to-please phone critics in the world.

      • lol, you are right about this statement  ‘We are some of the hardest-to-please phone critics in the world.’

        • androholic

          Hey Mrwilliams, Nice to see your comments here! I myself am also a bit of a critic. But I would have to agree, HTC hypes up these releases, but this is the third phone in line with the device before it. Everything on the Villr couldve been provided by an update to the amaze. I own the Amaze, the GS2, & the Nexus, but like you I am a bit of a tech junkie. In your opinion, could you honestly justify the purchase of this phone, with the beautiful line up of devices you already have? I follow your youtube, & this device really couldnt bring you any advancements.I think everyones really just looking for that significant “leap”.

        • I admit, I do like the design, and the look. But those who know me, know Samsung is my first choice in Android when purchasing. Not downing this phone, but you may have a point. It could stand for some different options, but as is…if I were an HTC android person I would pick it up. But, I’m not a fan of Sense. But at the same time, I’m not going to talk bad about something I have never used, ya know.

          Anyway, thanks for the Youtube love, I do have nearly every phone out. Don’t forget, I’m going to post information on the ‘GIVE AWAY’ later today. So stay tuned.

  • doogieopolis

    I’m sorry but this is the “higher quality” phones that’s supposed to be the flagship… personally I’m looking for something that hasn’t been overly worked… The pop up menu items is cool but the Dock bar is still I’ve ugly as with all sense versions… I wish they would just keep it stock for ics is so sexy… I won’t be buying this phone

    • Phozfate

      people complain about the sense dockbar so it is changed to be more android like and more complaints? be honest. as long as it is HTC you will not approve

  • Guest

    Sense = crap. btw. You do not need physical buttons with ICS. 
    I had a Sensation and after a week I couldn’t stand that stoopid ring. I lost many phone calls because of it -you really have to aim-. I also hated the uneccessary animations, the always running Sense/T-Mob apps and how buggy the skin makes the os feel.
    The ring in ICS is perfectly executed; it’s pretty much a slide bar in 3 directions (don’t answer call/message/answer call) and you dont need to aim.

    • Phozfate

      you got to be smarter than the lockscreen…. guess not everyone can figure it out.

    • Anonymous

      I have had the sensation and now the amaze and I have never had a problem with the lock ring. I personally love it.

  • Just when I thought Sense couldn’t get any grosser… 
    Beautiful hardware though (as usual with HTC). They should run do more vanilla Android.

  • Heisenberg

    I wish T-Mobile still carried at least ONE vanilla Android HTC device.  

    • Justamazing87

      That is a resonable request. Most of you want vanilla android but most customers don’t . They see sense and are amazed by it and I use it as a selling point. Fact most ppl can’t tell you what a U.I is.

      I get that there should be more vanilla android but ppl on phone sites are the only ones who really care and ur in the small minority

      • Heisenberg

        I work for T-Mobile also.  Although not many people ask specifically for vanilla Android, it’s nice to have options.  Personally, I find that if it is a sound device with good specs, you’ll have less of the “buggy” issues without a 3rd party interface.  

        • Defiant Beast

          Unfortunately the answer to this is root and CM9. Im running CM7 on my sensation and i love it. This is the perfect example of why people root, great hardware needs to have the software tweaked to make it a great phone instead of an ok phone.

    • Vim

      The G2 is available on T-Mo’s web site for $49.99 w/contract.  You can still get the Nexus S for T-Mobile from Wirefly’s web site. 

      Regarding the Galaxy Nexus, Sprint is going to get it soon, so T-Mobile will very likely get it too at some point.  Sprint probably got it first because theirs is closest to an existing design.  T-Mobile will no doubt need to have HSPA+ 42 added in, and that will cause an additional delay…

  • When will they put a substantial battery in these devices.  Razr Maxx has a 3300 mah and is still thin.  Is a 2000mah battery too much to ask for?

  • Anonymous

    Video marked as private…..

  • Video doesn’t work. Says it’s private.

  • Bookhaja
  • Chops
  • T Mobile hasn’t got any Motorola phones in awhile… And let’s get some Sony phones in there to..

    • androholic

      +1, DIVERSITY TMO, I for one would love to see the Xperia Ion! I believe its only CDMA, but any Sony handset would be a welcome addition.

  • oops double post. erase :)

  • video can be seen here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rod0rzGGXM&feature=player_embedded#! . i hate what HTC has done with ICS !

  • GoBIGorGOhome

    I Personally just hate how HTC backtracks with their specs and adds that “one” new thing and calls it a new phone….no its not…it’s just bits and pieces from your other models. Hence, if you have a higher res ffc on current models, why downgrade something your calling “new”??? Stuff like this is what keeps me from buying into the hype of these phones…

  • Guest3

    another HTC with same old specs, now with Bloatware v4.0 
    get the real thing, the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Adam Pranda

    I’m still hoping that T-Mobile gets the HTC Edge. Now that’s a high end smartphone worthy of my money…If T-Mobile doesn’t get it, I doubt the unlocked version would support 4G :(

    • Dswagg2k10

      Why not the HTC UMTS or HTC HPSA+? LOL, i kidd

  • Andriodluvr

    Another Nexus One looking phone from 3 years ago. HTC needs new designers to come up with a new look of their phones. They are all grey, look exactly the same as the other styles or pretty much a copy cat. Where is newness, the change in design, the change of frame, it’s style and colors outside of the doll grey??!!

  • Anonymous

    DONT EVEN Want this phone WHY because it has htc sense on it.  If it was just stock with ICS that would be great but HTC wont do that.  I

  • Not feeling the sense 4.0 

  • Jon

    Yeah just a modified version of a handset that’s currently on the market. I’m not impressed

  • 21stNow

    OK, I watched the video.  For some background on my perspective, I am unusual in that I am a Nexus user/lover who can appreciate some added functionality in manufacturer skins.  However, I noticed that Sense 3.0 is a resource hog on the Sensation.

    Now, we have Sense 4.0.  I’m sorry, but it’s overdone.  I normally think that some animations, such as Sense’s flip clock, are cute.  Sense 4.0 went too far, though.  Even the menus have to be animated? Wow!  The white background in menus looks like Motorola’s MAP.  The wallpaper that moves as you scroll through homescreens has been done somewhere else, too.  I’m sure that most of these “features” can be disabled.  But I think that I’ll disable my purse from buying this phone with the monstrous overlay.

    • Jehernandez4688

      You know, I own a MyTouch 4G with “Sense (3.0)” ish, I usually like it, don’t really have an issue with it. But after watching that video, I agree with you. It seems that they might have gone a little too far this time. All of the animations are just, “too much”. I would like to see how you could customize this, or even if you at all. Will have to wait and see.

      • Jehernandez4688

        I would like to see how you could customize this, or even if you can make any changes at all. Will have to wait and see. (Correction)

  • Anonymous

    can anyone watch the video i keep getting that it is private

    • Anonymous

      never mind i see the update

  • Thecityboy781

    As my four years would say “yucky” lol

  • cellphonechris

    Not really smart for someone to post a leak video on YouTube and show the device’s IMEI number… They can easily be identified by that. My guess is that they may already be fired.

  • i bleed magenta

    I don’t usually like phones with sense, but I would buy it if beats audio is included–that’s the only reason I would buy it

    • Damien

      Beats is more marketing than anything, especially in phones.  My HP Touchpad has Beats in it and guess what, doesn’t make a damn bit of difference.

  • Jemar55
  • androholic

    With the progression ICS has made in functionality, the manufacturer’s are going to have to have “slim down” their ui’s in order to show off how intuitive android really is. IMO, the purpose behind the manufacturer UI’s are to make things very user friendly, but with ICS their presence is less needed. I think HTC has gone the wrong direction & given more in a case where the user wants LESS. The Vile is not showing off the best of android, but rather taking away from other. This is only my opinion though & we TMOnews readers/commenters may not be the “majority”. However, I won’t be purchasing this unless some very significant last minute changes are made, & that’s probably not likely. But I say don’t lose faith in HTC, they have proven to be a company who is interested in what the consumer wants, & perhaps the internet buzz this video has created, will prompt them to reconsider this Sense 4.0.

  • I wish it had a 5″ screen. =)

  • Anonymous

    i will NEVER buy a non nexus android device ever again. If the nexus line stops i am moving to Iphone. 100 % done will bullshit custom skins and slow updates 

    • cellphonechris

      Why not just buy the hardware you like and flash a AOSP ROM?  At least with HTC, you know the bootloader will be unlocked.  The Android “purists” who hate skins, etc. are surely capable of flashing a new ROM…

  • Tjsphat

    it looks really nice.. i just wish it had a dedicated camera button

  • Man, I’m waiting for something super-powered, pure Android, and with a QWERTY. I don’t know if Im ready to go without a physical keyboard, but with the way companies are manufacturing I may have to, to get the best phone. I have a G2 right now, and am pretty happy with it, and have been for a year. I have an upgrade to use. After dealing with Motoblur, then moving to the G2 with pure Android, which I have rooted and tinkered with, I will never go back to a custom UI. Google needs to start making manufacturers faze them out anyway, Android needs to be on 1 wavelength, to really take control of the smartphone market. Sorry to say, but in some ways, Google has to be like Apple and have strict guidelines for updates and the like. We shouldn’t have all these Android phones out, on different (old) versions of Android. We’ll see if the jump to 4.0 will be the transition to the slow, major updates.

  • randyohsofly

    Id trade my s2 and amaze for this plus money down.i hope this is stock. http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/lg-x3-leaked-quad-core-tegra-3-and-4-7-inch-hd-display-20120123/

  • Vim

    HTC needs to seriously declare war on lag.  Until they address that problem, their custom overlay is going to get more and more criticism.   Unfortunately this video appears to indicate that Sense 4.0 will be even more bloated then 3.0.

    • It’s not a release build.. its likely an Alpha build of the software and is bound to be laggy.

      • Vim

        Perhaps so.  This doesn’t however excuse them for having released laggy phones in the past. Granted, every android manufacturer has released some laggy phones, but HTC in particular seems to be getting tarred with that brush these days, and they need to be mindful if they want to maintain their reputation. 

  • Which way is Up?

    As excited as I am after watching the video and taking in the sight of the phone, I’m not so sure I am equally excited now.  The phone looks fantastic and I am excited about ICS and Sense 4.0, however I am impressed by the specs of the phone.  In many ways it is too similar to my Sensation XE/Sensation 4g.  Same screen resolution, same front facing camera.

    I welcome the updated processor and thinner design although I would have to see/hold it in person to verify that.  I also appreciate the slight bump in RAM but that’s about it.  I had the increased RAM in my Amaze 4g and really never experienced a benefit in my everyday use of the phone.

    I’m hoping there will be clarification on a few things: 1) screen technology (is it really a SuperAmoled?), 2) removable memory?, 3) rear camera lens size and 4) removable battery?

    As of right now, I am really enjoying my Sensation XE with an extra Amaze 4g battery and 32 Gig SD card.  Considering all 3 iterations of the Sensation will be getting ICS updates, it might just make sense for me to wait for HTC’s next offering.  They are offering too little for me and I never thought I would be saying that, however I’ve learned from my Amaze 4g experience…

  • Losers

    seriously!!! the video is private wtf

  • None
  • Chris

    It will be stock SENSE 4.0, LOL, why would you give up a GS2 for this crud?