Spam TmoMail SMS messages affecting a number of T-Mobile customers

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UPDATE: T-Mobile got in touch to confirm that they have identified the issue: 

“Our teams have now identified and blocked the sources of the unwanted text messages.  We apologize to any customers who may have been inconvenienced”

It has come to our attention recently that some T-Mobile customers have been receiving spam text messages to their phones. The problem seemed to rear its ugly head towards the end of last month, and over the past couple of weeks. There are several entries on T-Mobile support pages explaining the issue, with multiple commenters suffering. If you have been receiving more Spam recently, be assured, you are not the only one.

Most spam messages seem to be a miscommunication between T-Mobile’s SMS/Email gateway. From the sounds of things, there appears to be an issue with Some customers have been told by Customer Care reps that there was a server issue leading to many subscribers and T-Mo users (including children) being sent spam messages, some with links to content inappropriate for the younger phone users.

A post on Reddit stated, however, that T-Mobile is working on a fix:

“You may have gotten some SMS spam lately. Maybe it was to your number, maybe it was to

T-Mobile is aware. Remember, every one of us has a phone too, and this issue affects our internal e-mail system. T-Mobile is well aware of it, and is working on both customer facing statements and a fix. If I see any statements, I’ll post right away.”

If you do receive the messages, they normally come from a 4-digit shortcode beginning with 9***. But since the number changes every time, it’s almost useless just blocking the one specific number. And replying “STOP” doesn’t do anything either since it’s not a subscription service that you’ve chosen to be part of.

A lot of the messages being sent follow a similar pattern:

getting my messages babe? was a little bored and trying to get this facebook-2-text app to work. let me know if you got this and we can chat oh.. my cell # is [Number Removed] hit me up!” 

Or like the following, including some dubious URLs:

spam examples

We’re not sure exactly how far spread this issue is. But if you’ve received a message that looks similar to those above in the last couple of weeks, let us know in the comments. Also let us know if you discover any fixes in the mean time. Needless to say, don’t respond to the messages and don’t open any of the links.

T-Mobile is, apparently, aware of the issue and is working on a permanent fix. No sensitive account information has been compromised so far, thankfully. Still, it can’t be pleasant to be receiving the messages. Especially if you’re a parent and your child gets a link to adult content on their device, not knowing what it is before they click.

If you really need a fix immediately, the only drastic one seems to be asking T-Mo to change your phone number. If you want to help T-Mobile identify the Spam messages, you can forward any text you do get to 7726 if they have phone numbers attached. 

Read the following sources for more information:

T-Mobile Support 1
T-Mobile Support 2
T-Mobile Support 3
T-Mobile Support 4


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  • xxdrizzyxx

    I started getting them a lot recently, annoying.

  • Jaime Ponce de Leon

    3-5 since december on one of my lines. nothing on the other.

  • TheVorlon

    I recently started getting spam from 970-1, 970-2, 970-3 which I am guessing is different from what is being reported in this article.

    • Analog Spirit

      I got a spam text recently from 950-3. I just blocked it and deleted it.

    • Herb

      The article actually specifically mentions those types of messages:

      “If you do receive the messages, they normally come from a 4-digit
      shortcode beginning with 9***. But since the number changes every time,
      it’s almost useless just blocking the one specific number.”

      Anytime you receive a spam message, forward it immediately to 7726 (that’s SPAM). If you send it within 24 hours it can help support teams identify the origin of the message.

    • screenname

      95xx – 97xx is just the SMS gateway and that is randomly routed for any MMS message. This does not help identify spam sender.

  • Me

    3 of our 5 phones are getting these text.

  • CantSignInWithDiscus

    Yep, getting them on my phone, my wife’s phone and both our tablets. We’ve only had the tablets a couple of months, and haven’t given out the numbers to anyone.

    • Chris

      The spammers will just try a number and if it goes through, it goes through. Same goes with spam telephone calls. Although SMS is easier cause you can write scripts to automate the process.

  • thepanttherlady

    Been getting them for about a month and just assumed it was a result of something I’d recently downloaded and installed.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      lol, what kind of apps are you installing ;) ? I’ve been getting them too though.

    • Jas

      Same here ;} LOL

  • Ky

    I thought it was my own fault as well. I am glad it is a system wide problem – easier fix.

  • Busybeee

    all four of my lines started receiving these yesterday. Tmobile chat offered no help whatsoever other than telling me to register on the do not call registry when these are text messages being received.

    • Trevnerdio

      But it’s an email…so that offers no help whatsoever.

  • CJ Jacobs

    For about a month now I’ve been getting these messages at least twice a day.

  • kev2684

    I got them too

  • Jb15bq

    I continue to get these on all three of my lines. I was about to call and complain.

  • qquser

    I received those messages from past few weeks, it seems I will receive more in the future.

  • dosha

    I have been getting them.

  • burd

    Our system has been compromised a long with other carriers. Remember email? It’s a lot like that and will be over soon. Thank you all for understanding.

  • jsl

    I’ve gotten two of them, two days ago and maybe a week ago.

  • Marc

    I deleted them I should have screenshot

  • Android_God

    I got a dik pic from Legre. It was a short message.

    • Jas

      Almoooooost funny but no so much

  • Chris

    Just keep blocking them seems to help.

  • Rocket Scientist

    I received one that didn’t come from a number, the ‘from’ field seemed to be a BS email address along the lines of or like that. But it came to my mobile hotspot line, with no way to copy the text or screenshot the thing and forward it to 7728, so I just had to delete it. It wasn’t one of these messages listed in the article though, but it did have a weird URL in the message. I didn’t type it in, as my bullshipping detector is quite strong.

  • Greg P

    My entire family has been getting these for the past month or two now. They are really annoying. I’ve blocked about 8 or 9 numbers and they just keep coming. Blocking email and subscription services through the t-mobile website did not help either.

  • Jas

    I’m receiving them… I thought it was from my search of secret bob, whew “breathe of relief”

  • pissed parent

    About time!! My 8 year old girl was getting sex messages and male enhancement texts from these bastards! I wish we could find them and castrate them!!!!

    • pissed internet

      I hope you are joking…. There is no reason for an 8 year old to have a cellphone

      • Oh Really

        Plenty of reasons or situations where an 8 year old could have a phone…

        Why do they make and sell tablets designed for five year olds?

        • bob90210

          Because lots of people buy iPhones.

        • Confused

          Yeah that makes sense. Lots of People buy iphones so manufacturers make kid friendly tablets.
          Is cable tv the reason why there is movie theaters?

        • superg05

          with corporations its why not

        • hooieoe

          i love this

        • hooieoe

          I love this.

  • mingkee

    My MBB line got hit hard and I get about 100 messages a day. Unfortunately, there’s no way to block all messages in my t-mobile.

  • Fifth313ment

    Yup, been happening on two different accounts on T-Mobile. The messages we are getting are coming from email addresses and don’t even have short codes. This is getting crazy!

  • Lloyd Dickson

    Finally my wife was recieving messages like this for about a month started coming randomly and never to my phone

  • Jeff Ley

    Ya, both my wife and I have been getting them.
    At first my wife was shocked asking me who this was until she started getting them too.
    We’ve been deleting them.

  • monkeybutts

    didn’t get any on any of the 6 lines I have on my account guess I’m lucky

    • Possibly

      maybe they aren’t into monkey butts?

  • kyle z

    Thank god its being addressed! I’ve received a few and have been wondering how this could happen as I hardly hand out my number. Thanks tmonews.

  • Mike Thaler

    Got three of these on a tablet – that has never sent or received any other messages. Stared 12/29. Last one 1/7. None to voice line.

  • Romdude

    Nope, fortunately none.

  • Aurizen

    yeah I got one, I thought it was weird, glad it was resolved.

  • p0nch0

    Its weird,seems somehow related to fb,since i don’t have the app on my phone, and i don’t get any…my wifes phone and our tablet, have the fb app and they’re both getting it.

    • Jason

      2 of my phones receiving messages don’t have facebook and never had facebook.

    • steveb944

      By default FB takes your whole contact list as soon as you sync to their systems. So even if a user doesn’t have the FB app, FB already can get their numbers.

      This is unrelated tho as it’s a T-Mobile server issue this time.

  • Non affiliated

    TMobile remains silent on the issue and it takes a non affiliated website to address the concern again

  • Andrew N Jensen

    I got the facebook one along with a few different ones. Slightly irritating.

  • HangmanSwingset

    I’ve actually been getting those D:
    Couldn’t figure out why, as the only thing online I’ve entered my number into was Newegg… Now it all makes sense.
    And I’ve just been blocking the numbers/emails and deleting the messages. Good to know there’s a way to report it all as spam.

  • bdec316

    I’ve been getting them. Mostly short code ones but I did get one that was an email address. I’ve just been reporting them. Hopefully T-Mobile will take care of this soon.

  • Dane Tomaszewski

    I receive a text about two months ago fitting this description. Thinking back I’ve have been recieving many solicitations since. I also endured charges from Ivory, the soap company of if I’m not mistaken. Also I recurved some coffee and was unknowingly charged $70 for some coffee that I didn’t order. I am commenting in hopes T-Mobile has a reaching fix to this attack!

    • Michel M.

      How can they charge coffee to you phone account? LOL

      • Dane Tomaszewski

        To my card which was phished

        • Michel M.

          Oh. . .

  • dtam

    you mean that local girl really didn’t want to eff me?

  • Dorth

    I got one on the 8th! It was so weird and out of no where

  • a Google user

    Yep i recently had 2 sent to me i called t-mobile and they added my number to a block list. So far the texts have stopped.

  • Ttriniece

    I received a weird message on my gear s and deleted it without opening it thinking it would be on my phone but, it wasn’t.

  • adrenalinegroove

    You mean they don’t think I’m hot?

  • Jim Dockery

    I have seen several of the messages. I deleted them from my lock screen without opening them. I also use whatsapp for messaging and the spam messages have not appeared there.

  • J.J.

    Got it twice on mine and once on my daughters. I was pretty upset since the one to my daughter was sexually suggestive. So far just using the phones built in blacklisting system.

    • Michel M.

      I wish I’d gotten the suggestive one. My was full blown porn.

      • J.J.

        Geez. That’s terrible

    • DV

      No real way to blacklist them individually. This is T-mobile’s problem to fix… or not.

  • steveb944

    I’ve had 2-3 on my line and a few on the others the past week.

    On Android just use Messenger (Google app) as your texting app and use the ‘block’ feature. Easy.

    • MEJ

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S III, and it only allows you to block messages coming from a phone number. All the spam messages I have received recently have been from a strange email address and therefore cannot be blocked on the phone.

      • steveb944

        Your comment was like clockwork. I just learned that lesson. This sucks.

  • J.J.

    Maybe this is a hack attack from one of the other carriers to hinder the experience and slow tmo’s progress down. You wouldn’t believe what people are capable of when there money is involved. big yellows ceo seems gangsta enough to pull this one off.

    • Josh

      Yeah maybe not
      You still wearing your tinfoil hat?

      • J.J.

        Lol, people who don’t open their mind are the reason why people get away with such acts. Regardless of who did it, it’s a hack from someone who is not looking out for T-Mobiles well being

  • Rick Johnson

    My wife and I got 1 within 5 minutes of each other, at a very light time of night.

  • Fantasy Island

    I clicked on one of the links and now my HTC Amaze has LTE, including Band 12, and the home button switches my phone from IOS, to Android 6.1, and Windows Mobile 10!

  • Mr. Pink

    I called T-Mobile and had them block all SMS/text messages being sent from short code and email addresses allowing only messages from from phone numbers through. Of course the rep got it wrong and blocked all messaging, but a quick call back to them fixed it. I haven’t gotten spam since (crosses fingers). Also, I asked the reps and they said forward all spam to 7726 even if there isn’t a phone number as it still helps them identify the content.

    Leaked numbers or not, no matter how carful you are about protecting your phone number all it takes is one malicious app on a friend’s phone to fish your number from their contacts.

  • Paul

    Yeah, this happens every so often to me too. Glad they acknowledge it and are working on it.

  • gmo8492

    Just when I’m reading this article I got another spam message…lol

    • Yomama

      I just one telling me that my bill is past due!

  • Spasillium

    One that I got recently that consisted of this, in exact typing:
    Y0u have g0t a hypn0tic cleavage. I d0 n0t think I can l00k at anything else but it, when we are together. text me Fu0r oNe f0uR, tWo f0ur, f0ur, nInE FiVe elg

    They could’ve at least gotten my gender correct.

  • NOYB

    I got the “Superman” spam text on my brand new tablet. How is that even possible?

    • Batman

      It obvious your superman, quit playing clarke kent

      • NOB

        Not funny.

  • MikeS775

    I had several of these msgs..

  • bambooye

    had received several as well. very annoying.

  • ajandness

    Just received one asking of I wanted to see naughty pics. Wtf tmobile!?

    • Spasillium

      Was it “txt me pls and maybe i will send a naughtyPic i just took lol” because I just got that too. This is so annoying.

      • nova123

        Yes I have received the same txt

  • Wendy Schorr

    ‘Scuse my French but T-mobile’s tech team is a f_cking JOKE. The article says they have the issue under control? Hah! I just received one a few minutes ago.

  • Alex

    I have been receiving these messages and they’re very annoying. I am considering changing my number soon. Please let us know if there’s an easy way to block these spam messages

  • JBLmobileG1

    They haven’t fixed it. My wife just received a dirty message on her Walmart Family Mobile phone which is powered by the T-Mobile Network. It said they took a dirty pic and will send it if you message them back.

    • Guillermo

      this also happened to my sister and I. hopefully there’s a fix.

    • andre linoge

      Just recieved one saying the same thing

    • Broo

      I also got this one. It’s really irritating, but the fact that it’s happening to a bunch of people means it isn’t my fault, so there’s that at least. Wish T-mobile would fix this!

  • roofy

    They haven’t fixed anything! Still receiving the spam messages!

  • Ashley Byers

    This is the 3rd day in a row that I have received these spam texts. The same ones that everyone else is getting. Superman, naughty pic, growth pill…tried forwarding to 7726 and it won’t go through. I’m at a loss…my husband has gotten two of them and his buddy at work also received two.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    I just got another one. Not exactly blocked.

  • hey

    I have received several of these spam messages over the past few weeks. I hope T-Mobile resolves this issue soon.

  • lola

    Tried to forward the spam I just received to 7726 and it doesnt seem to go through… anything else we can do?

    • DV

      Yeah neither does mine. Big surprise.

  • Nathan summers

    I have been receiving these over the last couple weeks. More concerning though is I just received a phone call from a random person saying they receive an explicit text from me!!! They say is came from my phone I called tmobile, they act as if they have no idea what I am talking about.

  • Annie

    My daughter has received several in the past few days and just recently as a few minutes ago 1/10/15 9:50PM PST. I’m very upset about this and considering shutting her line off. Since T-Mobile acknowledges this issue, extreme measures should be taken to protect customers. The statement that the spammers have been blocked is inaccurate at best.

  • J.Fed.Up

    Just got ANOTHER one. I’ve been fighting this for several weeks. I’ve gone through every kind of Google search, blog, forum, chat, customer service option I’ve come across without anyone knowing how to fix this. The last T-Mobile rep I talked to said he forwarded the issue to their international super geek squad (or something like that…I just made that name up because I can’t remember what he called it). He said that group usually finds a fix to all sorts of issues within 72 hours, and if I got any more after that 72 hours to call back. I thought the problem was fixed because, until just now, I hadn’t gotten one of those email/texts since a couple days after my call to that T-Mobile rep. I’m at my wit’s end on this.

  • ttt

    Just got one today a few minutes ago….

  • ada

    Just got one now and one the other day..

  • DV

    This is unbelievable. I am receiving spam porn messages every day. If it comes down to changing my number I sure as hell will be changing away from T-Mobile. WTF were they thinking not including a way to disable the “FEATURE” of receiving texts from email?

  • GS 5

    Ugghh if only they would stop already

  • Aurora Jean Grey

    Just got a few myself.

  • Troy

    So far I haven’t got one. Knock on wood.

  • GS 5

    I have received 5 if not more

  • Aaron

    I have received a half dozen of these with the most recent happening less than 5 minutes ago.

  • sheri

    My cell has been receiving these and they are inappropriate. It sad that whoever these people are, they are insensitive to children that can get these messages. If this is not dealt with,I am switching carrier.

  • Demona

    The T mobile thing has gotten out of hand – not only different emails/numbers each time BUT tonight it started going out as a group spam text which means I now have other customer’s phone numbers at my disposal and they have mine. NOT cool.

  • Riah

    I’ve been receiving them too. All inappropriate. After reading this, I am relieved of a couple of things, I could have it worse and be a parent whose child is receiving these adult-content messages. And two, that no personal information has been compromised and hopefully because it’s an issue with their system, is fixable.
    However, still incredibly annoying.
    I have found no fix. All the texts I’m receiving are from email “accounts” that are sent to my phone as text messages. And I haven’t found a free app that blocks those.

  • ash

    Getting seriously ridiculous. Woke up to several requests for “naughty pics lol”

    • 1forest1

      Same thing happened to me. Woke up this morning to my second text and they are starting to get disturbing.

  • Jen

    I’ve been getting them too. This time it had an attachment which I didn’t open. I’ve been trying to forward them to 7726 but it doesn’t send.

  • waiting2wake

    This is not only specific to T-Mobile customers. I use a small carrier that jumps service towers for signals, Metro PCS. A few days ago and again this morning I received a text to show naughty pics.
    T-Mobile sounds as if they have no control or idea of what is going on and who is responsible.
    What if this all has nothing even to do with T-Mobile…?

    • philyew

      Metro PCS is part of T-Mobile.

      The update to this article indicates that TM think they have the problem under control.

      If you are still receiving inappropriate texts, you need to let customer service know, so that further measures can be taken. I haven’t had any of these messages now for a couple of days, but if others continue to get them, the problem isn’t solved.

      Remember this site isn’t run by TM and reporting issues here and asking for fixes here, as some have done, probably won’t get the attention of the right people.

  • kee

    I have been receiving them. I wish u could make it stop

  • Mar

    Yeah wtf I just one today talking about “naughty pics” I’m only 17. They need to fix this problem it’s ridiculous.

    • chris

      me too. i got the exact text.

  • Sabrina

    I’ve been receiving them as well it’s frustrating! Pls fix the problem ASAP!

  • Sabrina

    Same txt with the “do you want to see my naughty pics lol” not funny getting these.

  • shay

    I just got “txt me pls and maybe i will send a naughtyPic i just took lol”. Wth

    • pandazrule

      me too.

      • Melba Mcgrady

        I just got this to on my phone and tablet smdh

    • darian96

      Move gotten two of these text messages , one last night at 3 in the morning and then one this morning . How does this happen?

    • jessie

      I just got the same one this morning and also last night !!!

    • natasha

      I got the same text like yours twice! Is there anything we can do about it.

    • Lisa

      These are the same ones I’m getting. 2 since last night and a few other ones last week.

  • kat

    I did change my number, paid 15 dollars to do so, after my cell phone number was spoofed! Within a month i started getting spam texts, first from tmobile mail, today from some other email address. Its aggrivating!

  • annoyedtohell

    I have been getting random text messages asking inappropriate questions for past three days rom various numbers.

  • steph

    I got my first spam text on Wednesday. I’ve received three within the last 4 days. They were all inappropriate things from weird numbers/emails. Last night I decided to turn to do some research and everyone was saying things along the lines of “stop giving your numbers to random websites!” I spent the entire night trying to think of when I did something like that until I finally came across something similar posted on the T-Mobile website. I immediately asked my sister if she was receiving these weird text messages too and she said she actually just got one 1 hour ago. I hope they fix this problem soon because this is getting really annoying. :/

  • Glen

    The “Update” from T-Mobile is ridiculous – I am getting the “naughtyPics” spam on all four of my family’s phones – including my 9yo daughter’s tablet – right now, this morning.

  • Shay

    I have also been receiving them. However there is no phone number involved that my phone picks up. Please put a stop to this annoyance soon.

  • Kathy

    Just now I got more texts. Obviously haven’t fixed the problem

  • Tmoconvert

    I switched my number from VZ, so I have a verizon number and haven’t gotten a single message, and don’t suppose I will. They seem to only be directed to original t-mobile numbers because my wife has been getting them, where her number originates with t-mobile. Is this true for any of you tmo converts?

    • screenname

      not exactly. A spammer will “war dial” predictive sequential batches of numbers by email scripts. They don’t always hit every possible combination. It wouldn’t make any difference if you were a ported or native subscriber. It’s the predictive email format that’s used. (404-555-1234, 404-555-1235, etc).

  • annoyed by text

    I have received four in the last 12 hours. And about 9 all together. Some are the exact same text but with a different number associated with it. It is becoming very annoying. I am a married woman and I am very uncomfortable and so is my husband. Please find a way to stop these. I literally just got another one!!!

  • skittle

    I just got my third one of these spams myself so they have not patched the hole.

  • YBooks

    I just deleted two this morning there are inappropriate messages creepy and disgusting. I wish it would stop.

  • Nicole4Gaza

    7726 texting to spam is clearly not working. T mobile is aware messages forwarded fail. Ridiculous this isn’t cleared up by now.

    • amanda

      Did you try forwarding the email addresses I’ve done that too. No luck. Sigh

  • wow

    txt me pls and maybe i will send the naughtyPics i just took lol ]<<<<received

  • ParentsUnited

    Two phones in my home are receiving this: “txt me pls and maybe i will send the naughtyPics i just took lol”.

  • devinlester33

    Me and my husband get the same spam texts talking about text me maybe I’ll send naughty pic I took, he gets it first then few mins later my phone gets same text

  • April

    Yes… I am receiving the same spam messages. About the naughty pictures. I tried to see if I could add to the spam messages but it’s not a phone number its an email address. Ugh. And they are sending messages to my tablet as well. Glad I read this. Hopefully this will be resolved very soon.

  • jen

    I’ve been getting them all month. A call to customer support wasn’t helpful as they wanted to block each number. The numbers don’t appear to be real so I don’t think that would be helpful.

  • Alex

    I’m receiving the same messages! It does have a phone number with it! I googled the area code and it says Denton Texas! Is anyone else receiving a phone number with the messages?

    • Chris

      What’s the number you got? I got numbers too in the message!

    • DV

      Be aware they may very well be spoofing numbers. I’ve seen several people complain that others have called them thinking they were SENDING the texts.

    • screenname

      As I explained to someone else….The “reply to” in any email message envelope can be configured/spoofed to what you want it to be. So the “” randomness is exactly that. The spammer is intentionally auto configuring. Replying will fail as there is no such email entity to which you replied to. This is cosmetic and doesn’t infer you have been hacked. It just an invalid reply-to address. They can insert digits if they want too but the phone can’t display the actual email address, just the sending envelope name.

  • Elle

    Ugh I gotten two in the last 24 hrs!! It says “txt me pls and maybe I will send the naughty pics I just took lol”

    • amanda

      I got that same one!

    • Darwinski

      haha, me too. When you try to text it back, the message will not go through. I’m guess t-mo is blocking them as they appear. WHACK-A-MOLE

      • amanda


      • screenname

        I can explain how spamming works. The “reply to” in any email message envelope can be configured/spoofed to what you want it to be. So the “” randomness is exactly that. The spammer is intentionally auto configuring. Replying will fail as there is no such email entity to which you replied to. This is cosmetic and doesn’t infer you have been hacked. It just an invalid reply-to address.

    • maria

      I got those !!! I hope they fix this!

  • Elle

    I’m DONE with TMOBILE

  • Kristin

    No tmobile you haven’t FIXED it! I just received one an hour ago -naughty pics one

    • Kanyesnutsstink


  • Guest

    This worries me some only because if this whole spamming via text is happening to however amount of people what else could happen? Not a happy T-Mobile subscriber right now.

    • amanda

      Me either, and I am getting them via email too. Something’s not right. Every text I’ve received an email followed. Starting to question if our information is safe

    • Juan Pablo Darquea

      My friend think about this if hackers hack Microsoft and Sony what other companies can do about it nothing I received some of those massages I hope a fix come quick but that’s the risks we have with digital technology these days

  • Drew

    I just got one this morning as well (Sunday) – still isn’t fixed.

  • EmeryE100

    I have gotten several in the last few days. I just delete them.

  • keisha

    I’ve gotten one this morning at 8:04. “txt me pls and maybe i will send the naughtyPics i just took lol”

    • NR552

      Got that on all of our lines. T-Mobile has been hacked. I called the other day, and still no official announcement on a remedy or even that there’s a problem. Complete BS.

      • lomsha

        You might be onto something, concerning tmobile being hacked. Not to alarm anyone but in december, twice in 2 days my new note 4 was locked because someone reported it lost and was trying to put in an insurance claim(not sure how that’s possible). And there were features added to my account without my permissions. I changed all my passwords and whatnot. so watch activities on your accounts closely.

      • screenname

        @lomsha:disqus I wouldn’t consider this a h@ck because you first have to breach beyond email. In this case, sending external email to a publicly advertised email domain, is open to anyone. Receiving spam from hotmail is my nemesis. Email properties can be configured to display whatever name you prefer. POP3 or webmail account you have absolute control of displayed name to your contacts which means you can display a fake address, number, or name. I mean, am I really known as screenname?

    • richard wilson

      Me too. From a clarksville Tennessee number belonging to nextel communications aka sprint

    • Mystery Man

      Got the same one

  • Geo

    Me and my wife have the same problem I just called T-Mobile and they said they’re working on a fix for it they explained that the problem was some international threat to try to scam into my phone and that the only thing we could do now its to not erase the msgs keep em and talk to customer care so that they can block this numbers on your account but I think we ll be changing our numbers

    • amanda

      I think changing our plans might work best too. Did you check your emails to see if you get weird emails like that too. I did, my boyfriend did. Thinking they not only hacked our phones but our emails too. There’s no way to forward tmobile email addresses to 7726 its pointless.

      • geo

        My Email is good no spam msgs just the regular that goes into the spam box and about changing our numbers I heard from another customers that changed theris and still getting the msgs so I think I’ll just stay with my number and have to trust T-Mobile I called them again and send them screenshots of the messeges I got they told me that will help them on their investigation theyre already working on a fix since theres a lot of unhappy customers like us.
        Hope to hear from them soon..

    • screenname

      An email spammer works like the lottery. They sequentially email recipients in bulk and tend to work with black market mailing list chunks. Changing your number is only inconveniencing yourself as future spam could target you on the next number. Also, if you change numbers, most likely will obtain a number that was freshly retired and inherit prior phone calls, wrong texts, and SMS subscriptions which require just as much cleanup. Your best bet is to just ride the storm, which appears to be over anyway.

  • amanda

    I’ve been receiving nasty adult content messages without phone numbers I have no idea how to block these on my phone or how to report spam. I was on hold with T-Mobile until I decided to do some web search and read this. How do I know my personal information isn’t being sent to these spammers and phisers? The messages are stating very sexual and nasty comments. Please help me finding out how to stop this. Also when I get those text messages my gmail inbox has similar ones. What is going on!?!?

  • dragonfli

    My husband & I have been getting theses text. They are always of a sexual nature. Although so far nothing obscene. I hope they correct this soon.

  • Nain

    I’m getting them too, the only thing im waiting for is for them to actually send me the naughty pics. Don’t tease me

  • betsy

    My text spam are 90% coming from an email address and 10% coming from a short code. All day I receive them now and it’s getting worse and worse over the last week or two.

  • doubleatheman

    Thank god its not just me. I thought I somehow had leaked my phone number to a bad site or something. The last month and a half has been full of the spam messages as described above. About one message every other day.

  • Atticus

    Same here. This is utter crap. I literally never give my phone number to anyone but close friends and have sent perhaps 4 texts since I’ve had this phone, so it certainly isn’t my fault. Either the spammers are mass sending to random numbers, T-Mobile has been hacked, or T-Mobile has sold us all out to these people. I don’t want to believe that last is true, but considering that they have been in trouble for shady dealings recently, a fix is not forthcoming, and they intentionally do not allow us to disable email to text, I won’t rule it out.

    My mother just got a text offering nude pictures. This is completely unacceptable. I already had to change my number once before within days of signing up because they recycled a drug dealer’s number and I was being called about illegal activity and even threatened. This is the last straw. Needless to say, I will be ending my long, unhappy relationship with T-Mobile.

  • Ugh its even affecting me on metropcs ugh must be an overall network thing not just brand

    • Atticus

      MetroPCS is a subsidiary of T-Mobile, so it is still a T-Mobile problem.

  • adam

    att getting even for “f kers” comments

  • Chris

    Something told me to google this. I thought it was my fault. I just started getting them when I switched to the iPhone. Thank gosh it’s not just me!

  • Chris

    When did T-Mobile say they fixed it cause I got one as a group message at 6am today

    • screenname

      Unfortunately spammers are not limited to one attempt and give up completely. Persistence on their part is key. They will get blocked through one avenue and find another reputable or neutral dynamic IP host and either resend same content or change content until their honeypot tests start working again, then ramp up till they get reblocked. It’s a cat and mouse race.

  • DV

    blocked, bull! Still getting the “naughty pic” one today! Get your #$^@ together tmobile.

  • Elisabeth

    Just got one today

  • ibright

    Just received another today. It comes from 5733153963.
    In message function more then details it shows a 702 area code 426 prefix then number
    It is sent from
    Are you reading this tmobile? Now you know the source. Fix it now.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Still receiving texts.

  • Go with the flow

    i dont know why everyone is making a big deal out of this…you see a number you don’t recognize just delete!!! Pretty sure there arent any phone numbers @kdakjdak.dosj or whatever it maybe!!!

    • skittle

      Seems like you are making a big deal out of the many who don’t take unwanted spam as well as you do.

    • Spam included in plan?


      Next time I owe TMobile a bill, TMobile shouldn’t make a big deal and just wait til I want to pay them right? If one party can’t hold their part of the deal why should I be obliged to.

      Maybe uncarrier is in literal definition, maybe Tmobile won’t be a carrier at all if they can’t comtrol and maintain their own network.

      • schweddyballs

        Spam is not a part of tmobiles network, it plagues every carrier, email provider, and mailbox. Stop complaining and delete a few texts from your phone and move on. Next time you owe a bill don’t pay it. Get your service cut off and gtfo

  • Debbie Wallace

    txt me pls and maybe i will send the naughtyPics i just took lol
    10:45 ,today

    • Nick

      I got one of those too today

      • lomsha

        I did as well.

      • marcoz8

        Me too.

    • Adam

      I tried texting you, but the pictures I got back don’t look anything like your profile pic. I’m calling bait-and-switch.

  • Borillion

    Been getting sms and mms spam messages for about a month now. Oddly the recipient address does not correlate to my phone number

  • Nick

    YESSSS. I didn’t really notice it but now that I look back I’ve gotten at least 5 in the past week or so

  • AdvanceUs

    Have 2 lines, both have been getting constant messages the last few days.

  • Bori

    I’ve gotten Zero! LOL

  • Shane

    I’m getting these texts as well as my 12 year old son….not cool. Verizon provides a way to turn off text messages “sent from the web” and/or to block all text messages from email. Tmobile used to, but retired it in March: It used to work like this:

  • Dougie

    Have 4 lines. 3 out of 4 of them have received these messages.

  • anon

    i’ve got 2 naughty pic texts in a group message last night and this morning both from 2 diffrent numbers @tmomail and also sent to a email full of random letters. Ive gotten spam before too from 4 digit numbers i always reply stop.

  • Jason

    Any update Cam because it’s obvious the last update was false because others and my three lines have still been receiving them :/

  • Johan

    4 lines, 2 are samsung gear s watches…. all 4 are getting these.

  • Derrick

    This is not cute T-Mobile. I not going to deal with this. I have a friend who wants to switch to T-Mobile because they are the service I have but I can’t even recommend this carrier because of this and don’t want to drag my friend into this.

    • Loganopolis Jammyjamjamjam Bop

      really? so its tmobiles fault someone is spamming them? you think it doesnt happen to all carriers? and this is what is make or break for you as a consumer? wow.

      • Adam

        My personal gmail account is posted on the web, yet Google has no problem filtering spam for me. Legitimate bulk texts go through web services APIs not SMTP. This is definitely a T-Mobile security hole.

        • screenname

          not a security hole, just a spammer that’s getting blocked but able to successfully bypass at least 10% attempts several major spam detection engines and using IP’s that are not part of DNSBL. Spam detection is never going to be 100% foolproof.

        • Beeer

          Its a security hole

        • screenname

          inbound spam to a publicly routable domain is not a security hole. It is spam. If you were to advertise your email address and received a message, would you continue to call that a security hole or would you call it spam?

        • You’re right. I have Live Mail and Microsoft has had no problems blocking spam.

      • DV

        Yes, this is T-mobile’s fault given their lack of response and claims that they’ve fixed it when they have not. There is a reason this is happening to so many T-mobile customers right now and it’s not random. T-mobile done screwed up.

    • schweddyballs

      Lol go check your spam folder in your email and stop crying about a couple spam text messages

      • DV

        If spam messages went into a spam folder it would be fine. They don’t.

  • xealo

    Yup, woke up to this ish this yesterday morning.

  • terryjohnson16

    Good thing we have unlimited messaging.

  • Jimmy James

    Hello. Just have T-Mobile disable texting to and from the short numbers. They did it for me, when I was having a different issue. I had texted one of the short numbers for a radio station, and it replied a thousand times with the generic, “Thank you for texting us.” It may have done a million if I did not call T-Mobile. Replying STOP did nothing. Of course you can’t text American Idol with this feature disabled, but better than spam.

    • Fifth313ment

      Mine aren’t short codes. They are coming from email addresses.

  • Adam

    It is possible these spammers have found a weakness in T-Mobile’s security, rather than simply a list of phone numbers.

    • screenname

      Again no. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. When it comes to SMTP email. At least 1 recipient must be copied in the “to:” field in order to satisfy RFC822 standards for email messaging.

  • Omar Boyer

    Reminds of mexico when i was there last month i bought a cheap TELCEL prepaid phone i put like 400 pesos on it it all went by fast cuz they kept sending spam messages like this only in spanish was soo mad . I was all mad till my aunt that lives over there told me here its like that . Was super annoying ,so i just turned on my tmobile phone and roamed and took advantage of the free data when roaming.

  • screenname

    email spam is quite customizable regardless if it’s traditional email or mobile email gateway ( Any internet routable address envelope header can be modified to change the cosmetic display name to show as a mobile number, including the domain “reply-to” address is fake. If you respond to these email addresses, it will silently fail because the domain doesn’t exist. Some phones can only display subject instead of email format which further confuses and makes the message appear like it’s arriving from another mobile #. Don’t trust what the envelope is displaying to you. It’s strictly a cosmetic pattern.

    • Adam

      Borillion is not referring to the ‘from’ or ‘reply’ fields. He is talking about the ‘to’ field, which is much harder to fake. This is why I think these spammers are more sophisticated than average.

      • screenname

        Nothing sophisticated, just a spamming tactic. MMS is accepted in email format via EHLO handshake and processed how it was received from the source. This email spammer intentionally inserts 1 recipient into each scripted message and placing the rest of the recipients into the CC: or BCC: field to avoid scanning based on bulk recipient detection. Please refer to RFC822 standards.

        section(s): Recipient’s email address is not in the To: or Cc: fields or…. Empty To: field:

      • screenname

        Borillion my reply was blocked because I inserted a **scary** link. ;) Nothing sophisticated on why you are seeing 1 recipient in the “to:” field, it’s a spamming tactic. MMS is accepted in email format via EHLO handshake and processed how it was received from the source. This email spammer intentionally inserts 1 recipient into each scripted message and placing the rest of the recipients into the CC: or BCC: field to avoid scanning based on bulk recipient detection. Please refer to RFC822 standards.

        section(s): Recipient’s email address is not in the To: or Cc: fields or…. Empty To: field:

        Recipient’s email address is not in the To: or Cc: fields: The reason for this is that the recipient’s email address is hidden in the Bcc: field or X-Receiver field, along with a substantial number of other email addresses. Spammers do this in order to conceal the fact that the mail was sent to a large number of recipients, and presumably so as not to publish their email list. Some persons might add recipients to the Bcc: field for sending out ‘legitimate’ mailings, but these will tend to be of a more personal nature (which you might wish to block anyway) since most professional companies do not use this method for sending newsletters or mailings. Note however that if you do block emails without a local recipient in the To: or Cc: field, you will be blocking all bcc: messages.

        Empty To: field: This is also typical for spam messages. Because spammers send out bulk emails by entering all recipients in the Bcc: field or X-Receiver header, the To: field is often empty. According to RFC 822 (Paragraph A.3.1), the worldwide standard for the format of email messages, every message is required to have at least one email address in the To: field. Therefore, if this field is empty, this must indicate ‘shady practices’.

        To: field contains invalid email address: Instead of being empty or containing someone else’s email address, the To: field can also contain a bogus email address, e.g. one without an @ sign or a nonexistent one.

        Missing To: field: Emails that have no To: field at all, can quite definitely be considered as spam since this can only happen if done on purpose for spamming reasons.

        From: field is the same as the To: field: This is another common practice. Instead of entering a bogus or empty To: field, the email address in the From: field is also used in the To: field. Both email addresses are most probably fake email addresses.

        • Adam

          I forgot about bcc. You’re right. This spammer is probably simply going down a phone number list.

          I’m not sure what the T-Mobile security team is using to determine which texts are spam, whether it be message body inspection combined with message origin, or some more complicated algorithm. But, if a bunch of very similar messages come through smtp, they should be blocked.

        • screenname

          high volume messages are scrubbed for pattern yes but what do you do if the pattern is too unpredictable? Maybe they did have it under control at some point only to have it return?

          I could foresee that happening if a storm of messages came in, got detected, and blocked by a reputable DNSBL like Spamhaus. Only to be re-trusted based from a mild offense (reputation) the DNSBL received at the time it was added. Could very well be a spammer sharing a DNSBL that keeps getting lifted when an innocent IP host requests and is granted premature clearance even though the culprit leech is still attached to the offending IP range.

          Most spam engines indeed perform cross checks against the sending address like I mentioned in my prior post, SPF authority, and then a quick scan to ensure a virus isn’t attached. But these messages don’t contain viruses, instead the payload has text. Entirely different modus operandi if you will. They are not looking to get blocked, they want to deliver that clickbait at all possible. Annoying no doubt, but nothing that would trigger full force shutdown. If all spam engines acted that way, a simple “i love you” to a relative would elicit email shutdown! :)


          So. many. random. combinations. I just think back to all the time my company had internal spam spread and get that under control let alone dealing with millions of external hosts.

        • Adam

          I doubt companies like Google rely too heavily on DNSBL. When my friend’s Yahoo accounts have gotten hacked, I see a warning when I log into my own gmail account about my friend’s account

          In this case of spam through a friends account, there are few red flags. The email came from someone in my contacts list. The ‘to’ address is my own. The sending server domain, reply address domain and dns all match. Yet, in these cases Google is still able to flag the message as spam.

          I do realize that Google has a much bigger email security budget than T-Mobile.

        • screenname

          Actually they do use DNSBL. I receive google business email alerts for several corporations that frequently throttle delivery by google based on Google DNSBL. These messages arrive with SMTP code 450.

          “450, “4.2.1” The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail too quickly. Please resend your message at a later time. If the user is able to receive mail at that time, your message will be delivered. For more information, review this…”

          They would be a fool not to have one considering they are also providing their own form of email service.

  • whoopDERitis

    Still not fixed. I received a message yesterday morning (1/11 7AM).

    “txt me pls and maybe i will send the naughtyPics i just took lol”

    • kkayE

      I got the same text Saturday.

      • Fifth313ment

        Me too, got the same text last night Jan 11th so indeed it’s not fixed.

    • Sassy

      Got the same text this morning.

  • notyourbusiness

    I have been occasionally seeing pathetic spam porn type messages lately as well. Just blocked a number a few days ago and deleted it. It’s getting old seeing these every couple of months when I never used to get them. What gives??

  • xxs

    I have three pre-paid accounts, all received spam messages yesterday and the day before.

  • Pipbub

    Interesting! I’ve been pondering if it was a carrier issue. I switched to T-Mobile at the end of November and have been receiving spam messages off and on since. Prior to T-Mobile I’d been using the same number with Verizon for almost 10 years without maybe 2 incidents at most.

    • Pipbub


      *with maybe 2 incidents at most.

  • Chris

    I’m still getting them. Telling me to reply for “the naughty pics I just took” lol

  • Stewart Joseph

    Where can I send a snapshot of what’s going on?

    I am not only still getting them but at 1:11pm pst from my tmobile phone somebody text a bunah of code to a random 760 number from my phone while I was in the shower listening to Google play…. wtf is going on here I never once had an issue like this with sprint

  • Jason Taclas

    I got exactly one of those messages. I reported it and have not received another, so I can believe that they’ve been working on it.

  • skittle

    I haven’t had any new messages today so I hope that’s it.

  • Linda

    I’m getting spam messages and got 2 yesterday evening. I went to T-Mobile today and they told me T-Mobile is aware of the spam messages and are working on blocking them.

  • Don Cunningham

    I’ve gotten a bunch on my tablet, none on my phone. I think my wife got one on the phone though.

    • screenname

      was the tablet turned off? Messages from prior days will wait till it’s powered on to deliver so those might be old deliveries.

      • Don Cunningham

        This was a little while ago, i dont recall receiving any recently. probably at least a week or so.

  • Linda

    I’ve been getting them and got 2 yesterday evening.

  • Rose

    My daughter hasnt even used her phone from christmas yet and she has messages saying please text back and i will send you naughty pics i took…she is only 11 and now has me worried to give her back her phone…

  • Dana

    Having the same issue!

  • G

    i just block them using the iphone blocking feature, reduced their numbers greatly

  • V

    Also getting these messages, rude/suggestive and most annoying is they are between midnight and 3AM EDT

  • De S

    Just received a group message addressed to 20 other numbers including mine. “Congratulations, you are one lucky customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill, for more details visit
    This has got to stop. From number 3362470673

    The link is phishing….

  • I’ve received spam messages recently, last on Thursday (January 8). T-Mob needs to get their act together and stop this!

  • cravingmender9

    I didnt get any myself, but my girlfriend got many past few weeks

  • dtam

    anybody else getting random “wrong numbers”? I feel like it must be related to the spam SMS

    • DV

      Yeah I had someone call me 5 times, one after another when I kept turning it to voicemail. Didn’t leave a message so got the blacklist. Maybe they got my number spoofed to them and thought I was sending them naughty messages!

  • kml

    I received two texts in a space of two days last weekend (1st week of January, 2015)! I’ve never received such a thing in the past. Very distressing! The first text is to advertise a new diet program and the second is about receiving nude pictures of somebody!

  • knox

    File a complaint with the FCC. Say that you have called Tmobile for a fix but it is not successful. In my case, I am receiving text spam but they are from email addresses and tmobile does not have a way to block or even report these incidents besides calling customer care. I filed a complaint with the FCC and a person from TMo’s “Executive Response” team contacted me. Hopefully if enough of us complain to the FCC they will be forced to find a solution.

  • DV

    I haven’t gotten any in a couple of days… I hope they fixed it.

  • SpasticPat
  • amber

    I got two messages last night, almost back to back. One at 2:17am and another at 2:22am. I do not have T-Mobile, I have Metro PCS. The only real clue as to what it is is the link in the middle. I didn’t click on it in case of a virus or something but here is the text, copied from my inbox directly to here.


  • Vicki

    Same as her below I am with metro pcs not T-Mobile. Copied message below.


  • jojo

    I have been getting these issues

  • guest

    I got a message this morning from a number which reads sent to 17 numbers and my number is not listed on this message. So how then was this message sent to my number? The text message reads: “Congratulations, you are one lucky customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill, for more details visit https:/” Please stop these messages sent to my phone.

    • thepanttherlady

      Please contact T-Mobile directly with any concerns.

    • Casper Mandi Gaming

      I got this as well a few minutes ago.

      • Danny

        I just received the same text along with 19 other phone numbers (this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve received more or less the same text). Each time I block the phone number then another one sends the same text. The last time I received the text I replied to all and asked who it was… no one responded. This time I just called the phone number that sent the text – the guy who answered said it was his personal phone and had no idea he had sent a text at all (and I believe him.. he seemed a little annoyed and very confused when I called). So my guess is that someone or something is trolling T-Mobile numbers and sending phishing texts using numbers at random?

        • Jesse

          I was also apart of a group text about the same time you were. I also received a call from an unknown 1-800 number.

  • Alice

    I got a text same as below, and just delete it.

  • Jesse

    I was apart of a group message this morning that contained this spam. I tried googling the link name and Google will take you to the site, don’t do it.

  • Berry

    I just got this again,,,I thought that T Mobile had fixed this…

  • plmcat

    i’ve gotten 2 of these weird messages..saying “hey you are attractive, message me back” and they aren’t related to numbers, they are put in as email addresses. and very weird and annoying!

  • I got a spam message after texting my girlfriend this morning – I sent her a picture, and got a message (Shown from her, but she didn’t send it) inviting me to try “Z Camera” with a link.

  • InkedDistortion88 sent me something with a html attachment. Didn’t open it but it’s like the 4th time this happened from a different number/email.

  • doctor flexmatrix

    It’s happening today 5/10/2015

  • User 201

    Started a week ago, getting continous emails from different email addresses and it seems to be linked to the following site [mod edit]

  • User 52

    Im under straight talk and yet I got a disgusting text from “” today 8/31/15

  • user

    I got spam messages three days ago from the following accounts:
    1), that says: ” What are y0u wearing riight n0w”
    2), that says” The fact that I’m missing my teeth just means that there’s more room for your toonggue.”
    The messages were disgusting and misspelled.
    I’ve received this as *****
    They even started to put me in group text message!

  • anonymous

    I just received a message from someone with a similar message: ‘hey bud I finally got this thing to work….” I immediately deleted it without opening

  • Userguest25

    Got this and Tuesday morning (5am).

  • anonymous2

    Received a message from ********** today. Still happening..

  • Jordan Cyphers

    I got a message today as well…and have been getting at least one a week

  • Jessica Welch

    My husband and I have been receiving them on each of our phones for at least the last 4 days

  • James Bond

    I just got a werid one today from tmomail…i thot this was fixed

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Are you going to kiss me or do I haave to lie to my diary?
    add me as a friend after u click the link its Tara72 ….got this today

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Got this today—from N2C>

  • SiimplyZ

    Can they hack your phone with these spam texts???

  • Anahi Sanchez

    I got one too

  • Anahi Sanchez

    I recently got one too. & sent it from the following:
    I read palms. It says your going to call me sooon.
    Add me as a friend after u click the link. It’s Madison22.

    What they sent was inappropriate.

  • Valerie Pierce

    got one last night …
    sent as a group multimedia message
    other contact was:

  • CageyKG

    Got one this morning from Didn’t open it, but the part I can see reads: “Did i show you that site already? shit actually works awesome and wife is hap…”

  • Jess

    I just recieved a text from an angry recipient. My number is sending out these spam group messages. How can I protect myself from this?

  • Mel

    I recieved a group text from an unknown number which was 7735018490, my number, along with another email which was
    … The phone number texted me saying “Who r u” I got another one a few days ago from another number but it was so bad that I deleted it along with the number. That email texted me first though saying “
    Y0u MUUST have a nice pers0na1ity.
    ” I didn’t even bother opening the link and I don’t want to… I want the texts to stop.

  • mellamokb

    Just got 4 text messages in the last two days “Congratulations, you are one luck customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill, for more details visit …” It’s a phishing website for Verizon login. Not sure where it’s coming from..

  • Susan

    Obviously T-Mobile has done absolutely nothing to fix this problem

  • jill

    I’m sick of this!!!!!! I want the messages to stop. Bad enough I get these perverted spam messages, but at 3, 4 am.. It wakes me up and im terrified that its bad news. The last 2 times my phone has went off at times like this it was to notify me of a family members passing.

  • Princess

    At 1.07AM on my birthday, i got a happy birthday message and later realized the number it was coming from is associate with spam +15706520276. just less than 24 hours later I get another text from with a link. i am not going to click on the link because I know better, I opened a ticket with Tmobile but I am not sure why tmobile is not doing more to secure their entire network. how will someone get my number and aso my birthday and text me on my BIRTHDAY??? i do not use my DOB or real name on my email or any social networking site. so this totally unacceptable.

    From a very very very angry Tmobile customer.

    • Princess

      an update- I just got a text @2:11AM today (9/13/15) from +13476312368 and the message reads ‘wasssup” . Tmobile told me that within 48-72 hours they will fix this but this is 6 days later and still no resolution.

    • Princess

      Another update -Got a call on 10/7/2015 @ 7.50PM from 443-507-3108 and it says from Maryland. I know I do not know anyone from Maryland so I ignored it, looked up the number of the internet and low and behold other folks got calls from same number.
      I also have in recent times gotten a call from some spanish speaking individuals — just starnge activities on my line. I sincerely believe that T-mobile was hacked and now these bad guys have accessed our information. I am really worried what happens 5 years from now when we can all no longer remember the details of how these all began; if at that time someone uses our information to steal our identity, Tmobile will deny that it was ever from them they got the information. —- I am very very concerned, I work too hard for someone to mess up my life. God forbid it!

    • Princess

      got more calls some as follows
      11/04/15 call from 1-307-920-0621 left no message and when I called back, it said number not in service
      11/05/15 call from 1-603-203-7832, left no message and when I called back, number not in service
      11/11/15 call from 617-778-6822 i did not bother to call back.
      Also Tmobile nor Experian has not sent me a letter/notice informing me of the breach to my account.

  • Jinsuck Kim

    This morning got a message from, which was sent to (it is NOT my phone number). The message is “I have read soome sexy things on the internet. Would you let me try it on you?”

  • Susanne

    I have also started receiving text messages from tmomail. So far once a day. From what I can read online people started having this issue already LAST year! T-mobile has to do something about this ASAP!

  • AngelaY
  • Screaming Monkey

    I just got one from “”
    (but in the text info it says it’s from

    The text says:

    reply back I’ll seend you a naughty picture

    You’d think it would be simple to just add texts to a spam filter, but no. Incredibly frustrating.

  • Screaming Monkey

    And also, that 7726 number just doesn’t work. I keep getting error messages when I try to forward the text to it.

    • Jesse Q.

      They usually send you an MMS, you need to copy the text and send it to them as an SMS. 7726 does not accept MMS, and that is why you keep getting the error

  • Kat

    I started receiving spam text to my (which I never use). It had been a group sms however which includes 2 other email ir phone number. U finally got curious and look it up online. Anyway to stop it or disconnect that to fwd any messages to my phone? I never use tmomail anyway and never knew its existence until now.

  • J

    My wife and I have got a few lately. I copied the last one.
    reply back I’ll seend you a naughty picture

  • Katy

    I’ve been getting them as well, T-Mobile needs to get their stuff together or they will be losing lots of loyal customers. We have no reason to put up with this garbage.

  • Katie

    I keep getting these also. It is getting quite annoying and ridiculous!!

  • Rachel Vinicky

    I’m still receiving theses messages & my children are on my phone sometimes. The last one was from, along with a two # which is 586-229-3560……it says…..”Hey Do you want More women, more sex, and bonkers that are harder than diamonds?? Watch this video!!” The one before that one is from This one says,”Are those Guess jeans? ‘Cause guess who wants to get into ’em.” They are texting my husband too. i responded & the user asked me who I was & I explained what was going on. She just didn’t respond. We both have different area codes, but it’s starting to get really irritating & annoying. T-mobile needs to fix this problem ASAP. Not only is it disturbing, aggravating & obnoxious. It’s also very sad that T-Mobile can’t get their crap together & make these texts stop. And what is I’m extremely disappointed in the service that our cell phone company is providing right now. I think we pay enough every month for our phones that the least they could do is make sure their customers aren’t receiving disgusting, harassing text messages.

    I agree with a lot of you. If this isn’t taken care of soon, especially because we’ve had other issues with t-mobile, they will lose a lot of their customers very soon. We aren’t locked into any contract, so as soon as our phones are paid off, we are going back to straight talk. Where we got unlimited everything for $49.99 a month per line. We were originally told, by t-mobile, that our bill would only be $80/month. So, include taxes and whatever else they tack on, we were thinking around $100/month for both phones. Boy, were we wrong. I don’t even know what we get charged for. We have unlimited everything. And, somehow they get us every month. I look at the bill & can’t find anything. So, not only are we upset about what we are paying monthly. We are no receiving these disturbing, harassing, obnoxious text messages from some hackers or something and t-mobile acts like they don’t even care. I cannot wait until we are through with them. We have about 2 months left and it’s back to a decent cell phone bill with no surprises & no harassing text messages.


  • Angela

    My husband and I are both getting them. We are new T-mobile so this isn’t a very good welcome!

  • John

    AT&T customer & have been getting emails all week. My guess: Issue still growing. Since it’s effecting other carriers, even w/ different software. Corporation = to big to fail. They get paid regardless of “customer issues.” Shame them publicly! Take your $. It speaks! It’s All we can do Together! #BlessConsumerRights #UnitedStateCorporations

  • Jeanna

    Just tried to blocking in the spam filter under phrases to be blocked. Since all the links include this. Maybe it will work

  • Mirelsa Fernandez,,,,
    I have received text from all these addresses! Will love to know what to do to have this stop!

  • Ant

    My legit SMS e-mails are not always received and sent according to other TMO members from AIM and e-mail users. :(

  • Don N

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the SS7 routing protocol T-Mobile and other providers use ? It was exposed on 60 minutes as being vulnerable to people eavesdropping and even being able to turn on your camera w/o your knowledge..How creepy is that ?? These guys happily take our money each month, they need to get better at “Privacy” …Pronto ! ! Here is the 60 Minutes link..

  • Teresa Davis

    Mines a bit different, I send a text and it posts to my screen in a changed way..The person I sent it to info has changed.. Their picture is gone..supplanted by a weird phone number string with the extension you are talking about . As the “to” recipient, then posts the message I had sent in the usual feels like I don’t know if the message went to the right perdon, or if their phone number has been discontinued. .it’s really weird, and I don’t like it, as these are family members I’m texting to, and I know they’re there.Ideas?