T-Mobile network upgrades spotted in New Mexico, North Carolina, California and more…


Every now and then our inbox gets so full with network update sightings from readers that we can’t ignore them anymore. This past few weeks has seem a collection of noticed changes all across the U.S. Whether it’s LTE showing up for the first time, or a noticeable download speed boost, it’s clear T-Mo’s network engineer team is keeping busy.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

We’ve been informed by a reader in Rio Rancho that LTE has improved massively over recent weeks. Indoor performance has increased. Where he once experience just 1 bar of LTE and 1-12Mbps download speeds switching between LTE and HSPA+, he now gets full bars of service and 43Mbps download speeds. Check the difference in speeds:

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

With this kind of boost in signal strength and speed, it might suggest a new tower has been built near the locations which has been traditionally poor for T-Mo coverage.

Magnolia, Delaware

Another T-Mobile customer – this time in Magnolia, Delaware – got in touch when they spotted LTE in their home town. Interestingly, there’s never been LTE here previously.

Ligonier, Pennsylvania

As of December 31st, Ligonier in Pennsylvania has also seen LTE be switched on.

Thurmont, Maryland

Another town with Band 2 LTE for the first time is Thurmont, Maryland. As with the others, this is a fairly recent sighting and shows T-Mobile’s ongoing commitment to bring LTE speeds to smaller and more rural cities and towns.

Nipomo, California

One reader from Nipomo in California got in touch with us, and was pretty stoked to share that his address had seen a huge improvement in coverage and LTE performance recently. Having previously struggled to get even a bar of coverage of any kind, he now has LTE and managed to grab a speed test result of over 28Mbps.

North Carolina

Sensorly Western NC
We’ve been hearing of LTE deployment in North Carolina and South Carolina quite a lot recently. It seems T-Mobile has been very busy lighting up LTE across many of the major highways between towns and cities. In fact, tracking on the Sensorly app receals a lot of work in and around Boone, North Wilkesboro, Hickory, Statesville, Mocksville and Winstom-Salem among other areas. You can see the overall view in the picture above.

Granted, this is just a handful of sightings, spotted across the U.S., and while it doesn’t paint the full picture, it does give a glimpse at the work being done by T-Mobile’s awesome network engineers. We’re also hearing whispers of further 700MHz sightings in a couple of areas, but nothing conclusive enough yet to share in much detail.

As always, keep in touch if you notice any network changes near you. If you see LTE for the first time, or if you notice increased performance, give me a shout.

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  • Texas Rebel

    Hurry Up and get to East Texas and while your at it, buy up Cellular One running in the area because they suck as a roaming partner… They’re too poor to even offer 3G or 4G upgrades to their towers..

    • Zander

      Same thing in Iowa but with iwireless.

      • John

        Iwireless is a T-Mobile affiliate

        • Zander

          And they suck

        • John

          Do you have them?

        • Zander

          Nope I don’t, but it’s only edge roaming.

        • John

          Who do you have?

        • eanfoso

          Since he’s in at mobile forum and wants T mobile to improve and buy a carrier, probably he has t mobile

        • John

          You never know I have seen a few posters in various articles want T-Mobile to improve coverage, buy a carrier etc only to find out they were with another carrier possibly planning to switch to T-Mobile. So I ask to be sure.

    • jim

      Rural areas of central Texas are going from edge to band 2 LTE

  • hondaking96

    That’s great tmobile love it

  • Mike

    Please oh Please how about improving the network in Exton, PA. Current speed is 13.5 down and 1.1 up using the Galaxy s4. Pretty crappy for an area that TMO says has robust LTE coverage.

    • boombaclat!

      ummmM? the upload should be better but the download is more than fine. I have used my smartphone with 3-5 meg download a sec and it was fine. Seeing a 100mb a sec on a speed test is great an all but practically speaking that only matters because it lets us all know if Tmobile gets another 50 million members we will have room for that expansion.Our 100mb a sec will drop down to 30mb a sec and we will still have great service.

    • CalicoKJ

      While I understand the pain here, how about they focus on getting the nationwide conversions done first? I’m still on EDGE as is a large portion of my state. :)

      • John

        Which state are you In?

      • itguy08

        What Pain? 13 down on a phone is enough to do anything you need to do.

    • DSGB

      You should be grateful for those speeds. I live in rural Georgia (Swainsboro to be exact) in a town of about 7,500. We only have edge and get about 30 kbps down and up. God awful speeds here.

    • SEBA

      I actually had great LTE coverage last week in Exton, PA. Using Note 4….

  • William Burr Winans

    Has anyone noticed Verizon’s new coverage map for T-Mobile! It looks very similar to Sensorly comparing to old map!

    • Fritz

      You can really see how far Tmobile has come in coverage, it honestly doesnt look that far behind the Big 2. Fill in the small gaps this year ( which what they are doing anyway) and they have some pretty solid coverage.

    • John

      Where are these new Verizon coverage maps that you speak of?

      • William Burr Winans

        It’s on Verizon’s site and ad on YouTube

        • Jay J. Blanco

          They use maps from 2013 smh lol very misleading

        • Acdc1a

          Much less misleading than what they used just last month.

        • John

          Can you elaborate

        • Acdc1a

          Pull John’s Data Stash announcement. It’s featured there.

        • John

          Which article do I google. Your response was vague.

        • Acdc1a

          Cam posted an entire article dedicated to it just now.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Yeah they updated it. Lol but t-mobile is stilling adding more customers then they are

  • BeachInsights

    Unfortunately, nothing in Ft Myers Beach,FL. It’s a hole in the entire area that registers as 4G, but cannot even do a speed test there, as it fails every time, for every device in my plan and for any friends that have tmo…..

    • Acdc1a

      Make sure your phone is up to date. We were in Ft. Myers and took the trek to Fort Myers Beach. I had LTE on my S5. Wife was reading 4G on her Note 2. Did an update and showed LTE. Coincidence?

      • BeachInsights

        Yep, Note 4 all up to date……

  • Thomas Schneider

    Little town of Thurmont gets LTE yet bigger cities like Hagerstown get nothing. Must be some senator or big wig that wanted LTE in his house. T-Mobile must have some kind of schedule for LTE. Why can’t they publish it so at least we have some idea if it’s even planned for our area in the near future.

    • Brian Perez

      If they publish it there competitors can use it as some sort of anti bussiness practice to keep tmobile from expanding into a certain area . thats what tech support told me

  • SEBA

    Coverage it’s getting much better. I spotted LTE in New Hope, PA, Wrightstown, PA and Zieglersville, PA. Those were the areas covered with EDGE only. I also noticed 700MHz band 12 LTE near Zieglersville, PA

  • Amro

    Any word word, when LTE will come to Jackson Hole WY?

    • John

      ? ?

      • Amro

        Yeah we do have edge, not great only one tower in town, another 3G tower north of the airport.. Where no one need it…

        • KingCobra

          I’m actually surprised. I didn’t think much of anyone used T-Mobile in WY.

    • Delusion_FTL

      Jackson Hole is in the area of the country T-mobile has been unable to start their EDGE to LTE conversion.

      • John

        So do they have good edge coverage there?

  • mreveryphone

    Has anyone else received an update on their G3 today?

  • Jaramie Black

    Southport, nc now has Lte, shrewsbury, Pennsylvania has Lte now and Carolina beach, nc is Lte.

    • KingCobra

      Does LTE reach down to Kure Beach now? I was there last summer and once we got near Ft. Fisher it was EDGE or no service. Verizon seemed to be the only carrier working well down there.

      • Jaramie Black

        Nope. They have done a terrible job down that way in my opinion. Lte fades away shortly after you cross the bridge into Carolina beach.

  • Ryan

    Anything north of Lansing would be welcome here in Michigan. Please Tmo, I want to come back to you, I miss my unlimited, but I need service on northern trips.

    • Obi Alfred

      Just tweet T-Mobile or John Legere. They will reply.

      • Ryan

        Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I’ll find my twitter login info and see if they have any plans for that.

        • Obi Alfred

          I’m not being sarcastic, they literally reply in minutes.

        • Ryan

          Well shit, my bad man. You were def. right. Got a reply within 5min

  • T No Go

    Would you like spam with that coverage? Or do you need a lil jump insurance that you didn’t order?
    I wonder when TMobile going to release that all of our account data has been hacked?

  • emcdonald75

    Mississippi has experienced incredible gains in LTE coverage. Many rural towns and cities have gone from 2G to LTE very fast. Places that already had 4G HSPA+, now have LTE and in-building coverage has improved as well. Some cities still rely on AT&T roaming or provide no coverage at all. I hope T-Mobile can get a better LTE roaming deal with AT&T or build out in the no service or roaming areas soon. Many places still need some better in-building coverage, but since C-Spire will not let go of the A-Block spectrum that covers the entire state or build out themselves, I guess small cells will need to be used in major businesses or public areas, like hospitals, airports, etc.

    • Nerd_Baller

      Where are you seeing the increases?

      • emcdonald75

        Jackson, MS…increased LTE coverage
        Magee, MS…LTE coverage from EDGE
        Laurel, MS…LTE coverage from EDGE
        And many more.

        • Nerd_Baller

          What differences are you seeing and from what device? My folks still live there and my mom has the S3 LTE and my dad the Note 3. Mom has crappy signal, dad decent in Hattiesburg area.

  • RJKMadison

    LTE is almost complete along I-94 between Madison and Milwaukee in WI. Just a couple of months ago, it was entirely Edge. There is still no HSPA+. So, if you don’t have an LTE capable phone, you are still stuck on Edge.

    • Blackkanto

      Nice to hear :) I’ve driven that stretch a few times and was always confused as to why they only had EDGE given the amount of traffic on it with commuters.

      I’m really looking forward to LTE from Madison to Superior/Duluth/Twin Ports as I drive up quite frequently. I mostly would get EDGE and blips of LTE/HSPA when passing through The Dells, Eau Claire and other larger cities.

      Though the last few times recently I’ve been seeing LTE in random small towns where there was only EDGE and in some cases only roaming. So there definitely work on expanding coverage along that stretch.

      On a side note, I really wish they had a T-Mobile corporate store in Madison, rather than having to go to the one in Milwaukee for certain things.

      • RJKMadison

        Yes, I make the drive up to Eau Claire as well and would like to see more than Edge on that stretch. I was long confused why 3G/4G was available Green Bay/Madison and Green Bay/Milwaukee, but not Madison/Milwaukee. That is seeming to be getting fixed.

        • mike1983

          That is great to hear they are almost completed with LTE in Madison-Milwaukee. I live in Clinton,wi right off the I-43 and still have EDGE. As I get to Beloit I get 4G by the Walmart and just a mile down the road its turns to LTE. I do have the IPhone 6 anyone know any updates on LTE on I-43 from Beloit-Clinton to Milwaukee?

        • RJKMadison

          I don’t drive that stretch, but it should be getting LTE before too long. It is LTE almost all the way from Hartford to Columbus on 60 as well, which is much less traveled than I-43.

  • emcdonald75

    I wish T-Mobile would just update that coverage map already. It is painful to see many areas have LTE, but a new customer would only see 2G or no coverage on the coverage map placed on T-Mobile’s website. T-Mobile is unknowingly losing potential customers because it fails to show those customers what services it can actually provide for them (VoLTE, LTE, cell plans and phones that support their latest network technologies). I just don’t understand why a company cannot update the map and the language on the website at the same time of the network upgrades. It boggles the mind.

    • Bori

      Like that would really make a difference, I live in an area where the Maps show excellent LTE service, and I am lucky if I get more than 1.5 down, and half a meg up. Their maps don’t mean squat so why even bother to update them.

      • John

        All the carriers fib to some extent on their maps.

        • Bori

          Well that’s a given, but damn, I mean it’s bad LOL

        • Ashton3002

          True and I think that is the reason AT&T and Verizon don’t specify signal strength.

      • William Kestle

        Speed means nothing on coverage maps. LTE is just a technology. I used to get max 40 Mbps on my tower, then more tmo subs came and down it went to less than 1mbps. Now I get up to 116. It should get better. Just know they aren’t lying by saying you have LTE when you are connecting to it.

        • Bori

          Have you ever clicked on the map and read the description on an “Excellent Coverage” area? Click on it and tell me what it says. Deceiving and lying ride in the same wagon.

      • KingCobra

        It’s impossible for a carrier to guarantee a certain speed. If your phone is showing “LTE” then you’re in an LTE area and that’s about the best they can do.

        • Bori

          Well they shouldn’t use the descriptions that they do for an “Excellent LTE” coverage are. It’s deceiving Period!

        • KingCobra

          “Excellent” only refers to signal strength, not speed. Ever been inside a busy mall? To a concert? An NFL football game?

          You’ll see 5 bars of signal with LTE but speeds that are either only around 1mbps or totally unusable. As stated before, a certain speed cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand I’ve been in rural areas with 2-3 bars of signal strength and download speeds above 20 mbps. The maps only can show estimated signal strength and the available technology be it LTE, HSPA+, or EDGE.

        • Mr Paul

          He was talking about the descriptions for such, which are also extremely unprofessional.


          4G (LTE): “Get clear calls plus surf the web, stream video and music… with this very powerful 4G LTE coverage, you can do it all at our fastest speeds ever.”

          Insinuating that the speeds are also to be expectedly good, even if just 5-10/1-3 down/up, but it IS shouting that “oh yeah, you’re going to have the bandwidth to do this and then some”.


          2G: “It’s not 4G, but our Simple Choice plan still gives you unlimited web access. And great voice coverage with call clarity that’s better than AT&T’s.”

          There is no reason to trash talk about AT&T when they have a way better network and identical call quality and TONS more voice coverage. Not to mention unless you live in an area where people are actually using T-Mobile in real numbers, it’s virtually impossible to have a VoLTE call, even if you do actually have LTE.

        • Bori

          Dude, just give it up, quit defending T-mobile, signal strength in my area is not excellent by no means, I don’t go by bars, I go by dbm’s they SUCK period, the map in my area is not accurate AT ALL. So I am to completely ignore the description. “Get clear calls plus with our advanced 4G LTE coverage you’ll experience uploads, downloads, streaming, and surfing at our fastest speeds ever.” (so I am going to assume that T-mobile’s fastest speeds in my area are .5megs up and .05 down). and that is exactly what I will be telling everyone that asks me about T-mobile, until things change.

    • TMOGUY

      I’ve complained about this as well.. Apparently, the coverage maps actually only show 4G when it’s UMTS/HSPA+, thet don’t actually show LTE only at all. Thus, all the towers/areas that are now 2G and LTE only (with no UMTS, i.e the L1900) are still showing 2G only.
      This is a known issue now and the fix is supposed to be rolled out either this month or next, so hopefully soon…

      • emcdonald75

        Thanks for contacting T-Mobile about the issue. I hope it is resolved soon.

    • William Kestle

      Someone on Howard forums reached out to tmo about this. The response basically said they aren’t being updated if upgrades are still going on in the area. So once this 2g->LTE upgrade starts to complete in given areas they should update it

    • Obi Alfred

      There’s a new interactive map coming January 26!!

  • Nick Sutton

    LTE is pretty good in the Grand Rapids, MI area… I usually average about 25-30 Mbps around town. I’ve peaked up to 50, which is really faster than I need. According to LTE Discovery, I’ve stumbled across two Band 12 700MHz sites, one in GR and the other in Muskegon. I try to remember to check it every so often if I go to a different part of town.

  • Andrewjones189

    How is tmobile in little rock, ar i am wanting to switch from cricket to tmo but need good coverage. and is the 2g area of littl rock up to lte yet

    • Hector Arteaga

      Just drove through there with Sprint. The 4G for Sprint was good. RootMetrics shows good coverage with Tmo in Little Rock, it also said that 4G coverage would be good for Sprint. Therefore, I’m sure it’s good. Check it out: RootMetrics.com

  • Gtech

    T-Mobile customer rep confirmed tower near Magnolia DE is being upgraded. I’m guessing this is a re-farmed tower since previously it was only Edge. I thought the rural area of southern Delaware wouldn’t see any action until later this year so this is a good sign.

  • izzy

    Hazleton pa wheb t mobile…when????

    • enkay1

      Soon. Hazleton is going to take longer because they *might* be doing band 4 there like Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. The city will need the capacity.

  • It seems that LTE was lit up around Cotula along the I35 corridor near the southern border. However, the rest of the road stretching from San Antonio to Laredo is still 2G.

    • It seems that over the last week the roads leaving the South I410 loop in San Antonio LTE has been switched on at last!

  • rg

    I15 from barstow ca to baker ca has lte coverage no issues at all, and from baker ca to vegas nv theres gaps lte, 4g, and Edge, im sure pretty soon we’ll have full lte coverage in that area…

    • jr

      Now I want coverage from Victorville to Basrstow, and Ft Irwin

      • rg

        Yea, thats only like about 25-30 miles apart, im sure tmo will get there soon…

    • pda96

      That’s awesome. I’ve been waiting for this stretch of I-15 to be covered by LTE forever. Go TMO!!!

      • rg

        Me too, i was surprise when pandora didnt stop playing till half way going uphill passing baker ca

  • Alex Cobb

    Woohoo! Boone LTE!

    • Jose Mendoza

      I was also excited since I expected T-Mobile to update the area sooner. I was the one who provided Cam the image that is above which displays my hometown and the surrounding towns. There is also LTE that is going towards the west of Asheville which was not shown. I am excited since that will be an awesome improvement from edge.

  • KingCobra

    They’re moving very fast in NC. They’re almost done covering the interstates and now it looks like most of the remaining work to be done is in the Eastern part of the state. Coming from Charlotte I have continuous LTE in all directions now.

    • Dana Stout

      Finally! there is LTE coverage in Davidson County. Lexington area seems to be LTE or Edge only though. My galaxy S4 has LTE near High Rock Lake but my mom’s Nokia 521 is on 2G.

      • KingCobra

        Yeah they only did Band 2 LTE in Lexington so phones without Band 2 LTE can only get 2G.

        • The Lumia 521 supports HSPA+ on the 1900 MHz band. Last I checked, that was band 2. So, Ms. Stout’s mother should be getting 3G, not 2G.

        • KingCobra

          They have Band 2 LTE in Lexington not HSPA+. It’s just EDGE and 1900 MHz LTE, no HSPA+(3G) so the 521 would only get EDGE as it does not have a Band 2 LTE radio.

      • The Lumia 521 spec sheets that I rolled up on T-Mobile’s site supports Band 2, so the phone is supposed to be showing up as 3G or 4G in Lexington, N.C. Unless, of course, you either live in an area of the city where LTE coverage/penetration is poor. Try restarting the phone and see if that helps.

  • Rob H.

    I’m hoping for the large gap in coverage in west TN, west of Clarksville gets LTE. They flipped the edge in Dover to LTE which is nice. My folks are waiting to dump vzw once Tmo gets to their area there.

    • Ryan Carnes Ofs

      Now if they could just get the other 1/2 of Clarksville covered! Sango/madison area etc.

      • Hector Arteaga

        We just went from Sprint to Tmo when we realized that there is now 4G in Brownsville, TN. Sprint had 4G there for a while now.

  • ddan

    I live in Clarksville, TN and the download speed gets 58.26Mbps (compare to 30s before)

    • Ryan Carnes Ofs

      Where is this at?

      • Ddan

        Austin peay area

  • Heather

    Just seeing LTE north of Portland, Maine on their 2g network. LTE now working on I95

  • Keithrmanning

    Alpharetta GA. Just got 107Mbs. First time over 100

    • KingCobra

      That’s pretty amazing. I was in the Atlanta area for New Years’ and was very impressed by T-Mobile’s performance even with the crowds.

    • Mathew Kessel

      Wait really? Where abouts? I live there and would love going to the specific location for the novelty of 100+ speeds.

      • Keith

        On Bethany way. The tower is in Providence park. So you would probably get the same speed on Providence road

  • Jose Mendoza

    I just hope they enable wideband LTE in Winston Salem. They have 10×10 LTE, but speeds suffer. I get at most 28mbps down and 20 up which is weird. On 10×10 you are supposed to get about 60-70 download and about what I get up. They might also need to complete a backhaul update process.

    • Chad

      Yeah that would be nice, i wouldn’t be surprised if that happened this year. Knowing T-Mobile there’s a good chance.

      • Myles Douglas

        T-Mobile caps 10×10 MHz at 40 megabits down in most markets to conserve bandwidth and manage congestion. Plus, this helps reduce load on the network cell.

    • Billpotato

      No. On 10×10 the theoretical speed would be around 60-70 Mbps but you have to in account for the people using the network and the backhaul.

    • Jaramie Black

      There is nothing wrong with 28 download and 20 up…..

    • greg5green

      Was still 5×5 in Raleigh and Durham last I knew. Now that is something to be upset about.

    • Roger Sales

      World’s smallest violin alert.

  • Chris

    I know I have personally mapped a lot of the area west of Charlotte in York County, SC. Some of the areas might be better than what this shows, if only more T-Mobile customers would use Sensorly.

    • KingCobra

      I recently got a Nexus 5 on my second line to do some mapping. Most of the areas northeast of Charlotte like Harrisburg and down 601 east of Charlotte in Union County I’ve recently mapped.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        I noticed that! Appreciate your help! Somebody’s been mapping in southern Gastonia too so thanks to everybody mapping in my hometown!

  • TBN27

    Quick off topic question. I was doing a speed test yesterday. I used ooklaa speed test and root metrics. At the very same spot on my root metrics speed test I got between 9 and 12mbps and on ooklaa I got 64 Mbps. Which one is telling the truth? Which one is more accurate? Or could the root metricsxbe wonky? I had the same thing happen with the open signal app a while a go.

    • Depends on where the speedtest servers are located. Ookla has a bunch of servers and will automatically pick the best one (most likely the closest) one. While rootmetrics, and other speed tests, it doesn’t tell you where the server is. So if it is using one that’s farther away, the speed will be slower.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    T-Mobile is working on LTE coverage on the coast of North Carolina!! Moyock, Currituck, Southern Shores, Roanoke Island, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, Manns Harbor, Nags Head, Corolla, Jarvisburg, Kitty Hawk, & Grandy!!!! Rejoice!!!! New Bern could be nice!!! Yay!! Mocksville has exploded with LTE!! I was in Shelby, NC on New Years and they’re definitely using Band 2 LTE!! Yisssss!!

    • TechnoRealz

      Anything near the I95 corridor?

      • Raiterio Patterson

        Don’t know what you mean about “corridor” but there is coverage on I-95 going through NC in Rocky Mount, Wilson, Smithfield, Benson, Fayetteville, St. Pauls, Lumberton & then through SC in Florence.

    • Jose Mendoza

      I live around Davie county and I have driven everywhere in it, and I have LTE from every T-Mobile tower(cell site). My friend has gone to raeford, nc and also gets lte now. At this rate, T-Mobile will be done with LTE upgrades in three months or less. The only problem is towers in rural areas. I have studied the signal through my county, and there is one tower where I think T-Mobile should deploy its services. According to antenna search.com , this tower is (or was) owned by tmobile (AKA Suncom) which I believe is sold off to At&t, or something I do not know of.

  • Asheboro is switching over to 4G! Hopefully, they will do the smaller towns in Randolph County!

  • Noticed that on Sensorly, Trenton, S.C. now has 4G coverage showing up.

  • Wil

    Don’t forget the Farmington, NM area. E to B2 LTE. Though it’s only 5×5, speeds are decent.

    • JDM

      And Taos, NM! Also EDGE to Band 2 LTE. Also 5×5.

      • El.

        For that matter all of NM… Including the Las Cruces, T or C area.. >.<

  • bob


  • Raiterio Patterson

    I-77 going through North Carolina is completely covered with LTE

    • KingCobra

      Looks like I-85 is too.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        I can’t find anything wrong with coverage in/near major cities. I usually post on G+ when I find new coverage in rural areas in NC. Sensorly, what would I do without you????

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Man, if you live in Currituck county you gotta across the state line to Virginia to get a T-Mobile store..that sucks

  • Dave

    I have been getting LTE in parts of Warren and Shenandoah Counties in Virginia where I used to get Edge (Strasburg, Edinburg)

  • rmagruder

    T-Mobile apparently bought into a newly elected tower at fishhawk creek elementary, here in Lithia, FL, where T-Mobile used to truly suck. Now we’re all getting LTE and I speed tested it at 30mbps with 2 bars! So add Lithia, FL to your list!

  • Hiro

    How about fixing the “LTE” in SW Florida… Fort Myers/Naples area? LTE coverage is excessively spotty, seemingly every mile you drive, it changes between between no signal, E, 4G, 4G that doesn’t work, and LTE. My house doesn’t get LTE, but half a mile in one direction there is (shows I’m in the coverage area via map…) Any other direction, LTE doesn’t work for a few miles to God only knows when…

    Naples, an excessively affluent area, has the same issue.

    • Instead of tell people here, where T-Mobile won’t know about it. Maybe mention it to @johnlegere and @sievertmike and @tmohelp on twitter. One of them will reply and can let the engineering team know about the issue.

      • Hiro

        Oh, I have. I’m just more venting than anything here. Their engineers find “nothing wrong” with their network, it works correctly according to them, Three times. I’ve had this issue on both iPhone 5S and 6 Plus, and other family and friends do too in the area. Meanwhile, I moved from Seattle a few months ago and their network is absolutely untouchable top notch there, so I know it’s not just a bad phone issue.

        • Obi Alfred

          Might be incompatible bands.


    How about fixing the supposed LTE in the capital of New Mexico you bast3rds

    • Romdude

      Yes, like they are putting a gun to your head to stay with them. If it doesn’t work for you, switch.

  • Andrewjones189

    That’s good about to switch tomorrow to tmo hope all goes well

  • Andrew Heisler

    I am the one that mapped out the area south of statesville north Carolina. Troutman and lake normal state park area. Do i get a reward or something?

  • Andrew Heisler

    I am the one that mapped out the area south of statesville north Carolina. Troutman and lake normal state park area. Do i get a reward or something?

    • Raiterio Patterson

      You get thank you & a big wet, sloppy kiss! Just kidding, but thanks anyways.

  • RedGeminiPA

    Ligonier, PA… really? How about the largest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg… Altoona!

    Even if/when the day comes for Altoona, it’ll sill be unusable if you travel outside the area. Every time a couple friends come back home to visit, they all complain about T-Mobile having little to no service… at all, let alone being stuck on EDGE if they do get a signal. So much for roaming on AT&T, who’s service is excellent around here.

  • Andrewjones189

    So I now have tmobile and im in little rock Arkansas and so far I’ve got good coverage. Anybody know of a good android app to find wide band LTE here

  • Talbot

    There are no Saguaros in New Mexico….