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You now have a chance to enroll your device to Protection 360

T-Mobile customers will soon get to enroll their device in Protection 360. And the good news is that enrollment can be done regardless of how old a device is. Internal documents were shared to The T-Mo Report, who gave the report today. The report shows that T-Mobile will be opening an enrollment period from April 5th until May 17th. This is a good chance to enroll your device to the insurance program since enrollment is usually … [read full article]

T-Mobile will now fix your device if you are within driving range of their store

T-Mobile recently made changes to its in-house warranty program, Protection<360>. Most of those changes have been positive for customers, such as bringing in former Sprint Complete customers and increasing its number of claims per year.  But let’s talk about one of those changes, particularly, its decision to integrate its specialized repair centers into select T-Mobile stores. According to The T-Mo Report, a slight change has been made to warranty claims because of the new repair … [read full article]

T-Mobile raising Protection 360 device insurance prices in April

Heads up, Protection 360 subscribers, because the pricing for T-Mobile’s device protection program is going up. T-Mobile is raising the prices of some of its Protection 360 tiers on April 18, 2020. While the pricing of tiers 1 and 2 will stay the same, tiers 3 through 5 will each go up. Here’s what the new rates will look like: Tier 1: Current price is $7, updated price will be $7 Tier 2: Current price is … [read full article]