T-Mobile will now fix your device if you are within driving range of their store


T-Mobile recently made changes to its in-house warranty program, Protection<360>. Most of those changes have been positive for customers, such as bringing in former Sprint Complete customers and increasing its number of claims per year. 

But let’s talk about one of those changes, particularly, its decision to integrate its specialized repair centers into select T-Mobile stores. According to The T-Mo Report, a slight change has been made to warranty claims because of the new repair locations. 

The report says that customer support representatives are now required to refer customers to a nearby repair store if they are looking for a warranty replacement. The change has apparently been made since November 15th and was announced via an internal document that the publication was able to acquire. 

The document states that customers who reside within 30 minutes of a repair store location will be referred to that particular location before T-Mo makes any warranty exchange. By enforcing this rule, customers will be able to get their device repaired in as little time as possible. And definitely, it’s a lot faster to do this than to have the device shipped in. 

The report says that these retail stores are now equipped with a tool that determines whether a customer’s address is within driving distance of a repair location. If the address doesn’t reach the radius, he will have to opt for the standard mail-in process. 

There are, however, a few exceptions that can be made for some customers. Ultimately, the old mail-in process can be treated as a last resort. Instead, a local repair will first be attempted by store representatives to save the customer’s time. 


Source: The T-Mo Report


  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    customers who reside within 30 minutes of a repair store location

    That’s a bit vague… What is that time based on?

    I live only 10 miles from work, but it takes me more than 30 minutes to drive home during the commute rush.

    • ArchangelRenzoku

      I’m curious about other authorized users on the account. What if they don’t live within the billing radius but are close enough to another repair store where they live? Will they then have to automatically resort to the mail-in?

    • Hoosier__Daddy

      Exactly. I drive a Veyron and live in rural Wyoming.

  • Mike Thaler

    We have users in Vermont, Seattle, Oakland, LA, Miami. Billing address is Okld.