T-Mobile denies customers’ rebate claim on Apple Watch Series 7 purchase


T-Mobile seems to be rejecting rebate claims for purchases on the Apple Watch Series 7. According to support emails, T-Mobile says there is no such promotion on the Apple Watch. 

But as reported by AppleInsider, the Apple Watch Series 7 pages on Apple US promote a rebate deal from T-Mobile and Verizon. The promotion shares that customers of either carrier can enjoy a $100 rebate off the price of the device when they get a specific carrier. The offer is also exclusive to the GPS + Cellular version. 

Unfortunately, it looks like there has been some kind of a mix up. T-Mobile customers are currently being denied the rebate. To make matters worse, support staff say that they have knowledge of such promotions. 

This was first spotted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who tweeted about the experience of other customers. The customers say that their rebate was rejected since there is “no activation found within the promotion window.”

And it looks like this issue is not only affecting T-Mobile subscribers, Verizon customers also responded to the tweet to share the same problem they had with their Apple Watch Series 7 purchase. 

Right now, it’s unclear whether this is a temporary issue or not. But as reported, the two carriers are already investigating the complaints. 


Source: AppleInsider

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  • johnnyxlayer

    They need to take that up with Apple not tmobile

    • Hoosier__Daddy

      Based just on this article, I agree. It says Apple promoted a rebate by some carriers. I don’t see in the article that the carriers promoted such a rebate on their site.

      • johnnyxlayer

        Yes and if u look at the TMobile page for the apple watch 7 nowhere does it say anything about 100 dollars off

        • Roger Moore

          You can’t find it on their site because you’re not ordering it from T-Mobile direct, you’re ordering it from the Apple web site. This is no different than other promotions on iPhones when they first come out, and ordered via the manufacture with carrier promotions. I agree though, this must be honored, it’s VERY hard to believe Apple would waste money promoting a rebate without an an actual agreement from the carrier to do it. One way or another it will be honored or business trust will be lost all around.

  • i was denied one and given one… called and bitched… they resubmitted the one i was denied..

  • weberduder

    worked fine for me. I just got my rebate this week. The link from apple directs you to tmobile’s promotions website for details. It’s only advertised by apple but processed and fulfilled by tmobile.

  • BrianC

    I think Apple should sell it for $100 less and collect the $100 from the providers.

    • Roger Moore

      Agreed, but rebates have a built in “save a buck” feature, a good amount of people fail to submit them, so they get more people to buy it knowing that there is a certain % that will never get the rebate. But it would be great for consumers to have it FIRST, then let the carriers reimburse Apple!

  • Willie D

    Leave it to TMo to “say” one thing and then rescind the offer and “do” another. They did this with bonus data claiming it will have BingeOn only to later tell me if I want BingeOn then I can’t have their free data bump or honored the promise this data bump came with the feature. Yeah I don’t buy from TMo. I just buy directly from Apple. I’ll pay more for way way less hassle

    • Mark T. Pillion

      Agreed. T-Mobile is garbage and will be getting out of this asap. Said we would have the best package at a lower price, got the average package at a more expensive. And of course there was the “there’s nothing we can do about it.” They can take me to court for dropping early!

      • Patty Reynolds

        there are no early termination fees so….. their military plan is by far the best i have ever seen…. we get 4 lines unlimited for 100$

    • Patty Reynolds

      kinda hard to blame tmo when it says verizon is experiencing the same thing…. sounds like an apple problem

  • Limeybastard

    I don’t remember seeing this promo on Apple’s website when ordering the series 7 with cellular around 7 weeks ago I think.