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T-Mobile denies customers’ rebate claim on Apple Watch Series 7 purchase


T-Mobile seems to be rejecting rebate claims for purchases on the Apple Watch Series 7. According to support emails, T-Mobile says there is no such promotion on the Apple Watch. 

But as reported by AppleInsider, the Apple Watch Series 7 pages on Apple US promote a rebate deal from T-Mobile and Verizon. The promotion shares that customers of either carrier can enjoy a $100 rebate off the price of the device when they get a specific carrier. The offer is also exclusive to the GPS + Cellular version. 

Unfortunately, it looks like there has been some kind of a mix up. T-Mobile customers are currently being denied the rebate. To make matters worse, support staff say that they have knowledge of such promotions. 

This was first spotted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who tweeted about the experience of other customers. The customers say that their rebate was rejected since there is “no activation found within the promotion window.”

And it looks like this issue is not only affecting T-Mobile subscribers, Verizon customers also responded to the tweet to share the same problem they had with their Apple Watch Series 7 purchase. 

Right now, it’s unclear whether this is a temporary issue or not. But as reported, the two carriers are already investigating the complaints. 


Source: AppleInsider

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