Nokia X100 now exclusively available at T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile


T-Mobile has just welcomed the newest smartphone to be available in its stores, the Nokia X100. And with this welcome, the Un-carrier has released a new promotion for both new and existing customers. 

The Nokia X100 is exclusively available at T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. And for an undisclosed period of time, new and existing customers can get the phone for free by simply adding a line. 

This device comes as a 5G-powered smartphone that can connect with T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G and Ultra Capacity 5G. It comes with a 6.67-inch screen and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4350 processor with 6GB of RAM, 128GB onboard storage, and a microSD card slot for up to 1TB memory expansion. 

There is a 48-megapixel main camera complete with the usual ZEISS optics, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, and two 2-megapixel cameras for depth and macro shots. In front, there is a 16-megapixel wide sensor for selfies and video calls. Other features of this phone include a 4,500mAh battery, NFC, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Upon release, the phone runs on Android 11. 

To get this phone for free, you simply need to add a new line. Or you can opt for the $10.50/month charge for 24 months on T-Mo’s zero-interest Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).

You can learn more about this phone here.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • SV108

    For those who don’t recognize the Snapdragon 4350 branding, it’s basically the Snapdragon 480, or 480 5g. Same processor that you’ll find in the Oneplus N200 5G or the Moto G50.

    I have it in the Oneplus N200 myself. Not bad at all, depending on the other specs of the phone and how it’s implemented. Definite upgrade to the anemic Snapdragon 450 in my Moto G6. Really good for general browsing and phone use, and even good on most games, so long as they’re not demanding 3D ones.

    Probably best to wait for mainstream reviews before taking the plunge on the X100, but on paper it seems good, and like an upgrade over the comparably priced N200 (and probably the Galaxy A32) in almost every way.

    Edit: As an aside, I’d like to say that the camera on the N200 is surprisingly bad. Below average for this price range (and reviews echo this), and even slightly worse than my few years older Moto G6. If anyone out there’s trying to decide between stuff like the Oneplus N200, Galaxy A32, Moto One 5G Ace, and the new Nokia X100… and one of the main considerations is the Camera, they can probably just eliminate the N200.

    The X100 and A32 will probably lead the pack in terms of Camera quality, with the 5G Ace trailing them (some reviews say the Moto has a mediocre Camera), but as always, best to reasearch yourself and check reviews, and even try to get some hands on testing time if at all possible.

    • Mark Cucchiara

      The Nokia according to T-Mobiles specs is missing n41 and LTE 41….no wonder it is free…no thanks

      • Chris Collins

        Looks like it does have LTE 41 but not n

        GSM: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz; UMTS: Band I (2100), Band II
        (1900), Band IV (1700/2100), Band V (850), Band VIII (900); 5G: n25,
        n26, n66, n71; LTE: 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26, 41, 66, 71; LTE Roaming: 1, 3,
        7, 8, 13, 20, 38, 39, 40

        • DrewskiStyles790

          That information on Nokia X100 is not fully accurate!! You would have to go a little bit more deeper through the support page of T-Mobile website!! It does come with N41!! I look it up directly from Phonescoop as well as through T-Mobile support section of their website!! I even look it up on the Nokia website too!!

      • Shaun Michalak

        I really do not understand why you would care about LTE 41.. When it was sprint, they had 41 on both LTE and 5G.. But T-mobile is only installing it on 5G, so that pretty much makes LTE 41 pretty much useless on the phone.

        • Mark Cucchiara

          The specs still don’t show n41 which is the primary midband 5G band for T-Mobile.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I looked it up as of the time I wrote that, and it was not in there then either.. But whether that phone has it or not, I have seen multiple people talking about phones and their support of band 41 on 4G LTE.. That was more my point.. Since T-Mobile does not have any band 41 on 4G, I do not understand why people even put the comparison in there from the start since even if it did support it, there is no T-Mobile service out there that uses it on 4G.. It just seems pointless to mention how something does not support something that is not out there, nor will it probably ever be put out there for use like that in the future.. At least, not by T-Mobile.. Now N41 is a completely different story.. But that is not what I was talking about..

        • Mark Cucchiara

          There is plenty of former Sprint LTE Band 41 in use around me which is now native T-Mobile. Perhaps maybe not in your area it is in mine; I connect to it all of the time.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I thought that they had all band 41 on LTE shut down by now.. I guess I was wrong about that.. But I know that they did say that they were going to shut down band 41 LTE when they installed it on 5G.. They must not have down that in your area yet..

        • Mark Cucchiara

          They have shut down former Sprint towers but when they added n41 to the T-Mobile towers they also added 15mhz of band 41. When they swapped the towers MMC went fron 311-490 to 310-260 so they are keepers.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Not sure.. I know that they were originally talking about only using band 41 for 5G, so it makes me wonder.. Could this be part of their upgrade?? Meaning, could they be switching everything over to the T-Mobile code while leaving up some band 41 on 4G off of the current Sprint towers, or are they going to leave it up permanently?? I guess we will have to wait until they fully convert everything over to see for sure.. I know according to cell mapper, there is some band 41 4G towers in my area that use 15mhz of spectrum too.. But the thing is, even though I have a band 41 compatible phone, I have never been able to connect to any of them.. which makes me wonder??

        • Mark Cucchiara

          i have a Pixel 4a5g, LG V60 and a Galaxy A32 and they often lock on to band 41. The A32 and Pixel seamlessly move back and forth from LTE 41, n41 and n/LTE 71 in the fringes while the V60 seems to like locking on to n71 most of the time. Only the Pixel is using the esim, the others the r15 sim.

  • Edd IE

    it is being sold on Sprint too

    • Pak T

      Which is owned by T-Mobile now.