T-Mobile Home Internet user shares reaching 95TB data usage


So someone decided to put T-Mobile’s “no data caps” promise to the test. This is in reference to its Home Internet service, which gives users 95TB of data each month. 

As shared by The T-Mo Report, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of his data use from his My T-Mobile account. The graph depicts his monthly data usage on his account, which shows 95,136.99 GB of data used up for the month of November. There is also a previous record of 1.5 TB, which is “above average” than the typical usage of a T-Mobile Home Internet user. 

On his Reddit post, the user shared that he “left a big download/upload going for two weeks.” During that duration, he was able to get an average speed of 600-700 Mbps. 

This is truly a remarkable achievement for T-Mobile as it holds true to its promise of giving “no data caps” on its Home Internet service. But then again, it’s important to remember that T-Mobile Home Internet users are governed by the same Terms of Service that cellphone users have. And according to the report, the Redditor may have violated a couple of conditions:

  • Uses applications which automatically consume unreasonable amounts of available network capacity;

  • Uses applications which are designed for unattended use, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, or applications that are used in a way that degrades network capacity or functionality;

And this sentiment seems to be echoed by other Redditors’ comments on the thread. While some were impressed with the high data usage, there are others who are worried that it could spark a new data cap that T-Mobile will impose on its users. 

As of this writing, the original poster’s data has not been limited or terminated so it’s unknown yet whether T-Mobile is aware of this already. But the original post on Reddit has already been deleted by the user.


Source: The T-Mo Report


  • Master-Baiter


  • Fan_Atl77

    Hopefully, T-mobile will not start imposing limits due to folks using such vast amounts of data …

    • maestroalvarez

      That’s the whole point of running this on their 5G network. It has substantially more bandwidth which should support increased network usage without disrupting area network capacity. The more 5G sites go up, the less we will have to worry about any subsequent caps.

  • Kendrix

    How is this humanly possible? I have a hard time cracking 1tb

    • Trevnerdio

      Wife shoots 4K wedding footage. When I shoot with her, we easily exceed 1TB per wedding. We back all of that up. It’s not uncommon for us to do 5-6TB in a month. Good thing CenturyLink fiber doesn’t have caps… :)

      • Kendrix

        That’s incredible. I guess I’m just not a power user haha. That makes sense though

  • Chris P Bacon

    Not gonna lie, I’m more impressed by the speed he’s getting. If I knew I could see that speed consistantly, I’d pull the trigger and try it. I’d love to dump my cable internet. My area only has one provider, and trust me, they know it. Lousy service and high prices.

    • GekLover

      We got T-Mobile Home Internet – zero issues. We maintain almost a gig download and over 75mbps upload. It really is that fast.

      • maestroalvarez

        I have T-Mobile Home Internet and get a consistent 350-380MBPS/Down and 20-25MBPS Up

        • GeoGuy17

          I only get around 150 mbps down and 20 mbps up. I’m hopeful that more towers get 5G which should help a lot. They also need to put up a couple new towers to deal with the building boom in my area. Too many locations with hundreds of relatively new houses with B12 service that doesn’t due to capacity issues.

      • Chris P Bacon

        Thanks for the info. I may have to pull the trigger and try it. Worst case scenario is that the monopoly cable internet provider we currently have will consider us a “new customer” and give us all the new customer discounts if we have to go back after 3 months.

  • JR

    Had it at our old place and it was great due to existing 5G coverage. Unfortunately we don’t get a 5G signal here and the 4G coverage is not as good. I hope they upgrade the towers over here someday, but I am not holding my breath.

  • Al Beto O

    I have had AT&T Mexico unlimited data with the franchise of direct TV go an app. Forget about it in the USA. I went to 500 GB no data caps.

  • SV108

    Edit: Alright, after further testing, I gotta say that in my location at least, T-mobile internet’s not good for online gaming. The latency doesn’t seem bad on AVERAGE, but it has huge spikes that cause rubber-banding and delays and other issues. It’s basically useless for real-time PVP games, especially twitch shooters and the like, and barely adequate for PVE small group and solo online games, like MMO’s. It’s tolerable if you don’t care that much, but if you want to do stuff like hardcore group content or especially raids, you can just forget about it. Even a slower wired connection with better latency and more -consistent- latency would be better. Downloads are ultra fast though, so there’s that.

    Bit late to this, but based on what people said here, I tried getting Tmobile myself since Spectrum (formerly Timer Warner) is raising its price to $80 lately while not increasing service quality. Was getting 60 mbps down, 5-6 mbps up (closer to 5 really) in SoCal near Northern Long Beach. T-mobile is around 180 down, 25 up on average with only slightly worse latency. It went up from like 15 ms to 30 (sometimes less, but not by a lot) and it’s more than useable, and a LOT faster.

    Speeds can go as high as 200 down / 50 up, and down to 150 down, and 18 up, depending on network congestion / time of day, etc. I have the tall modem/router combo that I put near a window on the second floor. 4 bars, although I had to bring out a tall stand from the garage to put the router on top of so it’d be closer to window height. Have it a little away from the windows though, so sunlight doesn’t hit the device though.

    Anyhow, $50 a month flat for service that’s an average of 3 times faster (including UPLOADS) than Spectrum while being $30 cheaper is a good deal in my book. Then again, T-mobile service is good around here. For those who also have good T-mobile service and sucky, greedy ISP’s, it might be worth a shot.