T-Mobile raising Protection 360 device insurance prices in April


Heads up, Protection 360 subscribers, because the pricing for T-Mobile’s device protection program is going up.

T-Mobile is raising the prices of some of its Protection 360 tiers on April 18, 2020. While the pricing of tiers 1 and 2 will stay the same, tiers 3 through 5 will each go up. Here’s what the new rates will look like:

  • Tier 1: Current price is $7, updated price will be $7
  • Tier 2: Current price is $9, updated price will be $9
  • Tier 3: Current price is $12, updated price will be $13
  • Tier 4: Current price of $14, updated price will be $16
  • Tier 5 and BYOD: Current price is $15, updated price will be $18

If you’re paying for Protection 360, you’ll be charged the new rate on your first billing statement on or after April 18th.

“The average price of a new smartphone device has risen consistently, with many new flagship devices now costing over $1000,” says T-Mobile about why it’s raising Protection 360 prices. “In order to keep providing great benefits to our customers so they can protect their valuable devices, we’re adjusting the pricing structure for Protection 360 plans.”

Protection 360 is an insurance program that covers your device for hardware issues, accidental damage, loss, and theft. It also includes AppleCare services, JUMP! upgrades, McAfee Security with ID Theft Protection, Tech ID support by Assurant for your other home gadgets, and unlimited screen protector replacements from T-Mo.

If you’re signed up for Protection 360, will you be keeping it after these price increases or do you plan on dropping it?

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Source: T-Mobile

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