T-Mobile launches SyncUp Pets tracker


T-Mobile has been selling its SyncUp Drive for a few years now, giving you a device that can plug into your car and get diagnostic information, spit out a Wi-Fi signal, and track the location of your vehicle. Now T-Mo has released a SyncUp for pets, too.

The SyncUp Pets is a small tracker that you can attach to a dog, cat, or other animal’s collar and keep track of its location. Using T-Mobile’s Narrowband IoT network, the SyncUp Pets can let you see your pet’s location on Google Maps, monitor their activity, and get alerts when they leave safe zones set by you.

You can view all of this information in T-Mobile’s SyncUp Pets companion app for Android and iOS.

Also included with the SyncUp Pets is a tracker light to help improve visibility at night, and the case of the device is features IP67 water resistance. The device comes with a collar mount and flexible bands to hold it in place when attached to your pet’s collar.


The tracker itself measures 1.88 inches by 1.88 inches and weighs 1.19 ounces. It’s got a 430mAh battery that T-Mo says will last up to 5 days on a single charge.

The SyncUp Pets tracker is priced at $4.00 per month for 24 months on EIP or $96.00 full price. You’ll need a SyncUp Pets rate plan for the device, too, which is priced at $10 per month after a $5 autopay discount or $15 per month without autopay.

T-Mobile says that the SyncUp Pets tracker is currently only available in select retail stores and through Customer Care, which you can access by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE.

With the SyncUp Pets tracker, you can get peace of mind that your pet is safe by checking in on its location throughout the day. It could also be useful to locate a pet that’s slipped out of the yard or gone missing, and the tracker can give you walking or driving directions to the tracker to help you locate your pet.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • radioman

    They should have marketed this as an all around tracker. Like an LTE connected tile device.

  • Javi

    I wish this was around a few months ago…. my dog would still have been alive had he not escaped from my house and ran straight into a main street :(

  • JayBEE

    But it’s not April 1st yet!

  • Ryan Loftus

    I had a beagle years ago that liked to escape my backyard and he ended up getting hit by a car and cost me $10,000. The dog I have now won’t leave my side or try to get out of the yard but I went to the T-Mobile store a few days ago and they had these so I wanted to give them a try but I was very disappointed! In order to get the light to turn on you have to be within Bluetooth range and one of the receivers didn’t work at all the other one would connect and disconnect about every 15 minutes. I ended up returning them that same day. I think it’s a good idea but the price is a little steep and they need to work out some bugs

  • riverhorse

    Metro has had these for a half year now.

  • Albert Orange

    how does the battery on this work? Do I have to plug my dog in to charge? LOL

    • We just got this. It on clips from your dog and you place it on the charger. There is a base station. The clip attaches to to collar or harness on your dog.

  • HotInEER

    Way too expensive if it even works.