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What Does $649 Buy?

So what does $649 buy you? The N900, which has become one of the most discussed phones on the internet and of course has received the label, the next “iPhone killer.” Part of it may be due to the awesome videos showing off the device or the trance music playing in the background.  Regardless, word has come down that the N900 has found its way to the Nokia USA website for a completely not shocking price of … [read full article]

N900 Hands On Galore

The N900 is almost taking on mythic expectations as the device displays itself with ultra loud vibrant music offering up a plethora of goodies sure to make even the most vocal iPhone supporter take notice. Courtesy of the boys over at NokiaBlog, we get almost 6.5 minutes of N900 goodness. Showing up almost everything one could want to see on this phone (including in the hand size) this is sure to make some of you drool. Seriously, … [read full article]

More N900 Video!

After that particularly galaxy sized update I came across a particular interesting video.  One, its about the N900 (so it had me drooling) and two, its in Italian (Finally! all those classes have payed off!).  While most of you may not be able to understand what is being said, you will surely be able to translate the video and how well the device works.  Mostly, what can be understood is that this phone’s OS is … [read full article]

N900 Photo Samples Appear

While the N900 is official, and the specs have been basically determined, there is still a lot that needs to be known about the mysterious Nokia.  Lets be honest though, Nokia tends to be camera happy, and with a 5 megapixel shooter and Carl Zeiss optics, the N900 is bound to be a competitor.  In a somewhat usual manner, picture samples shot with the N900 have been leaked to the internet.  It is important … [read full article]

Maemo5 User Interface on the N900

After watching the Nokia N900 introduction video from yesterday, let me just say I can’t sleep. This device is a very-much needed upgrade to T-Mobile’s current Nokia line-up. Not to mention a possible “iPhone Killer”. Please enjoy this video of the Maemo5 User Interface on this godly device. Thumps up Nokia, for great marketing! I’m loving these commercials, just add some Magenta flavor and your good! Feel free to drool in the comments!

Nokia N900

Specs: 3.5 inch display, 800×480 resolution, GPS, 5 megapixel camera w/ AF, 32 GB internal storage, QWERTY tactile keyboard and QWERTY onscreen keyboard, QUAD-band GSM/EDGE/WCDMA 900/1700/2100, Maemo 5 OS, Full List of Specs Release Date: Rumors peg this phone releasing anywhere from late September to our called for early November launch, though nothing concrete has been found Price: $7000, we’re kidding of course but a phone that offers this much in this type of package … [read full article]