N900 Hands On Galore

The N900 is almost taking on mythic expectations as the device displays itself with ultra loud vibrant music offering up a plethora of goodies sure to make even the most vocal iPhone supporter take notice. Courtesy of the boys over at NokiaBlog, we get almost 6.5 minutes of N900 goodness. Showing up almost everything one could want to see on this phone (including in the hand size) this is sure to make some of you drool. Seriously, consider getting a napkin before watching. Enough of my preview enjoy the video!



  • manus

    if im not mistaken at about 3 minutes 12 seconds on if you look at the top of the screen it says tmobile
    th device is very nice.

  • 20tibby_gt06

    it does if you put the video in hd and full screen it says t-mobile. I really hope T-mobile gets this by the end of the year even if it cost around 350.00 I would still buy it.

  • Moose

    good to know you have multiple ways of zooming in and out and the mouse pointer thing is pretty cool all in all this is sexy I don’t expect to get it any time soon with tmobile because its coming out in europe in october

  • Armytank

    I wish I was that guy!!! Carrying around 2 of them. The phone does not look that big, seems it is fitting in his hands pretty well. I’m a little worried about the resistive screen. The way he is navigating with his fingure tips makes me wonder how responsove it is with regular touch.
    Maemo 5 looks awesome very excited to see this come to t-mobile.
    Flash 9.x is awesome.

  • Chuong

    It’s T-Mobile DE (Germany) since the Nokia World is hosted in Stuttgart, Germany.

    I would definitely buy this regardless of T-Mobile US subsidizing it. It’s better to buy it unlocked and unbranded anyway. I don’t want T-Mobile messing around with the firmware/OS and branding it physically.

  • rob3rtx

    UMTS 850/1900/2100 version needs to be announced T-Mobile 3G still sucks as of right now.

  • acsteffy87

    DEAR GOD!?!?! i think i just came. Please tell me google is taking notes, specifically the panoramic home screen.

  • Mau

    A Nokia rep told me that the phone goes for pre-order this friday, not sure if it’s true because he didn’t know the price

  • branon

    But do we have to slide the keyboard to make calls on this device? I have noticed no video tells us how calling features work.

  • Branon what is this “call” activity that you speak so fondly of ? Haha.

  • Marc

    This thing will probably cost two arms and two legs, with subsidy.

  • joe

    fook!! thats cuz i jus bought a touch pro 2 haha..nah jk i love it..
    im curious to see what happens to it when it hits the US.
    i wonder what there gonna take away from it and gay it up like the TP2 compared to the UK one..


  • muneer

    i doubt this phone will even come to the us anytime soon
    just because it said tmobile at 3:12 doesnt mean it coming to tmobile it just means that hes using the phone on tmo