More N900 Video!

After that particularly galaxy sized update I came across a particular interesting video.  One, its about the N900 (so it had me drooling) and two, its in Italian (Finally! all those classes have payed off!).  While most of you may not be able to understand what is being said, you will surely be able to translate the video and how well the device works.  Mostly, what can be understood is that this phone’s OS is extremely responsive, quite beautiful to use, Maemo looks amazing and there is a fancy rotary zoom gesture.  After you watch this video, you will surely understand the universal language of love.  Leave your thoughts in the comments


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  • Bobomo

    I watch that video and wonder why resistive touch screens get such a bad wrap. It looks extremely responsive.

    • Andrew

      @Bobomo Resistive touchscreen technology has such a bad wrap from the past. While it is more accurate, it has tended to be less responsive. It is getting much better though, just look at the Samsung Highlight. Not to mention that this thing has a beast of a spec sheet to make everything look smooth.

  • deejay29

    all i need to know is WHEN!!!!!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    they don’t have the word for “multi-tasking” in Italian?

  • J-Hop2o6

    ^^ sorry.. *a*

  • Bobomo

    Oh BTW, I don’t know when exactly they’ll make the specific announcement, but the Nokia World Conference starts streaming tonight at 12am on the west coast. It starts with the Nokia keynote, so I’m hoping that staying up late will pay dividends in terms of details.

  • Released at Nokia World in a few hours, probably on shelves in a month to 8 weeks.

  • i have one question since it has flash, does that mean you will be able to hear the music on ur myspace page and things of that sort?

  • Alex

    not sure that I like the zoom it and zoom out function. that could get really annoying really fast. the rest of the phone is a beast tho.

  • WazzuKirk

    OMG, that phone is HOT! Sign me up!

  • Sgt. Cell

    This is just what the doctor ordered for T-Mobile. This is bringing a gun to a knife fight. At&t has the Iphone, Sprint the Pre and Verizon the Storm, this device has the potential to level the playing field.

  • LP

    The lastest Vid for the n900 in action

  • UMAlover

    Wow. That looks nice. Hopefully its in the right pricepoint.

    Also on LP’s youtube link, that guy is on TMOBILE. Says it on the top of his screen. hooray! Cmon tmobile usa! $299 + contract

  • Julacho

    @ J-Hop2o6

    Multi = latin tas is English

    do you have a word in English for multi? Could it be many? Though sound cooler in Latin.

    Multitasking= Multifunzione =Multimandato

    Tasking sounds cooler.

    So Multitasking is a word with latin and anglo roots.


    As soon as this nokia is in the market, will be in my hands.