Nokia N900


Specs: 3.5 inch display, 800×480 resolution, GPS, 5 megapixel camera w/ AF, 32 GB internal storage, QWERTY tactile keyboard and QWERTY onscreen keyboard, QUAD-band GSM/EDGE/WCDMA 900/1700/2100, Maemo 5 OS, Full List of Specs

Release Date: Rumors peg this phone releasing anywhere from late September to our called for early November launch, though nothing concrete has been found

Price: $7000, we’re kidding of course but a phone that offers this much in this type of package isn’t expected to go for cheap, definitely want to save up that birthday money

Notes: Nothing concrete shows this phone for T-mobile, its not anyone any release calender but sources have pegged it as coming in combination with the AWS bands give belief that the phone will make its way to T-mobile USA

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  • yor PAPPI

    this nokia is the only gre8 decent phone out their other than it hasnt bin released but from wut iv seen clips on utube an other web site etc. it has gr8 features so hopefully it does come to TMO that would be awsome jus hope TMO dont f…s it up an change colors an features on it so crossing my fingers cmon NOKIA N900 come on down to TMO ill be waitn 4 u , another phone that has sum of my intrest is the new MOTO Cliq lets just see and find out wut TMO does 2 it ,but ive actualy love the features on it 2 but if its suks cmon NOKIA come to PAPPI

  • yor MAMA(not related to yor PAPPI)

    this is banging i’m so getting dis. just need to know what the real price is.

  • Nathan

    I am wondering if @yor PAPPI even speaks english. Actually, I am also the wondering the same about @yor MAMA(not related to your PAPPI). Last time I checked, ‘dis’ was only one letter shorter than ‘this.’ Also, ‘dis’ refers to telling someone off… am I correct? When did T-Mobile become full of immature ghetto-ites who canot speak english? I really hope that @yor PAPPI doesnt get this phone because it is going to make such a device look awful. Seriously, it’s what happened to the Sidekick and the G1. They are great devices but the customer base is completely wrong. No one even knows how to use their phones. Ask someone at the bus stop if their G1 is rooted or not. Guarantee you, they probably wont have a clue what your talking about.

  • helloo

    at nathan your english must be great (not ghetto) why dont you use AT instead of @! YOU STUPID BOY!

  • superg05