Just to recap the Dash "2.0"



Having already previewed the Dash 2.0 there isn’t really much to report for us on the cosmetic refresh that is the follow up to the popular Dash “1.0” However, for those who might have missed last weeks report yet caught Boy Genius yesterday, the device is beginning to show up in retail stores. Like ourselves, Boy Genius was at first hopeful for a real device upgrade rather than a pretty color update, WM 6.1 and other small bug fixes. Nothing really exciting to speak of, so move along. 

The picture pretty much speaks for itself, but as you can see the base color is a sexy looking black with a “TmoNews blue” accented keyboard. (Trademark pending so watch out!) As for everything on the inside, don’t expect a whole lot more than what the original Dash had to offer. 

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  • Jsquared8

    yay! first comment. its pretty funny when you were trademarking “Tmonews Blue” this color combination looks really nice.

  • Armo

    well this isnt the Dash 2. its just a color refresh of the original Dash with some RAM/ROM inhancements.

  • Armytank

    why do people say Yay first commen????

    I like the incredibles picture.

  • T1 Connect

    why redo the dash2 with just cosmetic changes. they should just give us a new winmo phone period.

  • TomCruise

    this is the first time i am seeing a color refresh on a phone w/ some enhancements almost 2 yrs after the phone’s initial release.

    just doesn’t make sense.

    i’m sure there is an actual version 2 of this phone out there (htc cavalier or something). Would have been great if tmobile has released that instead.

  • dennis

    this is why tmo is not a serious contender to be at the top of the cell phone market. they have not released a quality comptetative phone in ages. flip pearl, behold, dash2 all a waste of money

  • T1 Connect

    thats what i’m saying i had the dash in 2006 its about to be 2009 why refresh it now. i hope they dont do that to the wing.

  • Deaconclgi

    The reason they refreshed it is because people STILL buy it. I was in Tmo the week the G1 came out and someone college girl came in and chose the Dash over the G1 and all the other phones!!!!!!!!!!! I told everyone that the phone was 2 years old (old as dirt) and she STILL happily bought it. There are more people uying this phone than there should be!

  • justinhub2003

    maybe tmobile is just planning on bringing an arsenal of Android Devices and really wanna be “that” carrier for it. i know sprint will have android phones but there gonna continue to push palms and win mo devices, but t-mobile could be the one stop shop for android heads and maybe they beleive in and have more faith in the ANDROID OS and are sick of paying Winmo lots of money which in turn forces them to charge us lots of money ( wing is still 299$) and not sell as many. T-mobile is not like verizon or ATT where they can give bigger subsidies becuase they buy more, tmobile is like a quarter or one third of there size.

    But this is just speculation, we could see some really high winmo stuff come in soon. I just think that out of all the carriers, t-mobile has the most faith in Android not just in performance but also money wise, because they only have to buy the hardware and not the OS, winmo charges the Hardware company (i think) which in turn charges the carrier more for the device.

    I just think maybe tmo doesnt think there customers really want High end win mo phones. which actually maybe the case, there known for budget friendly plans and there trademrk sidekicks and now Android, although the MDA stuff was good for its time, i just dunno how much it actually sold tho being as tmobile doesnt have alot of business users and smartphones werent the “in” thing back then.

  • Buckshot

    Still the same slow processor, limited memory and painfully slow Edge/GMRS connectivity that I’ve been using for the last two years! Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan with a new HTC slider is calling my name for the new year!

  • Ugh let down after let down..

    Seriously, when is Tmobile going to make a decent, good looking phone. I’m [-this-] close to cancelling my contract after 5 years and switching to verizon or some thing. blah

  • wagonis

    I’m just waiting for T-Mo to finally release the Curve 8900 here in the states…that’s a phone worth waiting for. It’s already been released in the UK and Canada…so I assume we are next and not too long from now.

  • Pythagoras

    What are people trying to download that they say the Dash is so slow? No doubt you can’t download songs and video, for that you should pick a different device, but i see people choose the dash over the g1 every day because of the keyboard. Also it is extremely easy to set up as many email accounts as you want. And surfing is just fine on the dash. Compare and pick what you like, but i see MANY people choose the dash every day.

  • Flyyphone

    @Wagonis I’m itching for that curve 8900 as well just anxiously awaiting a US release date all I know is 1st quarter of next year. I’m jus waiting for something more direct.

  • xarph

    Is this still going to have the fundamentally broken touch slider for volume?

  • robert

    They are just hoping that the loyal Dash 1 followeres will be stupid enough to fall for this antique. Sort of like the movies coming out with different versions of the same title. Sometimes the newer versions are better and sometimes they are crap, like this so called Dash 2 version. People are saying it has improvements to the memory and rom and there is no where that says that. They only thing that is proven without a doubt is the color had changed, nothing else, not even the name Dash 2.

  • Pythagoras

    You are frigging clueless- it’s just a color change and minor upgrade. Have you seen T advertise this as a new phone? When? Where?

    You wouldn’t even know about this unless you saw it online.

    Stop hating.

  • Definatly should sue t-mobile for using tmonews blue ;)

  • Genesic

    @ justinhub2003 :
    yes the MDA (which im still using 3 years later) WAS good stuff for its time, but this is 08, NOT 05! Tmobile needs to stop slacking.Maybe they assumed customers didnt want high end business/ win mo phones back then, but the market OBVIOUSLY speaks otherwise today. People want devices that do everything. Granted, WinMo isnt the most user friendly, but the skins that companies likeHTC & Samsung are layering over them make them mroe than useful for the average consumer and the more tech savvy ones can find a million ways to do what they want on them.
    If people are not buying very many windows mobile phones from Tmobile its becaus they DONT HAVE ANY worthwhile competitors in the WinMo dept. right now!! The WING!?! its 2 years old! The Dash & SHadow..!?! The same thing! I would have given my left lung to get ahold of the HTC TouchHD but they’re not releasing it in the us. If TMO had sold the Samsung Behold running WinMo instead of proprietary wares like the OMNIA, I would have bought that one! But TMO has to deliberately screw us by not picking a true pda os. WHen i signed with Tmobile 5 years ago, THEY had al the hot phones, all the fun phones. I left AT&T because they’re phones SUCKED. Now its the complete opposite. The least they could do is get the MDA/WING upgrade= TouchPRo ehich EVERY OTHER CARRIER is getting, but i doubt they’re going to do that even!!
    Ive been off contract for almost a year now, trying to give TMO the chance to win me back by getting some good phones again. It doesnt look like thats going to happen. They where once my (& many of my friends) favorite provider, but now all they have going for them is customer service which is starting to urk me as well. Ive benn NOT RECIVEING dozens of text messages lately. I’ll go entire weekends without getting them, only for them all to pile in to my inbox at one time, 4 days after tehy’re sent.
    Much like DavidinJAX, im (-THISCLOSE-)to cutting them off and going to a competitor.

  • phatman81

    If at the least they gave the Dash 2.0 the same memory as the shadow, it would be a worthwhile update. I do love the phone and miss mine (gave it to a buddy), but i wouldn’t want to buy the same exact device so many years later.

  • Technology1

    If you are a current Dash owner, you would have to be a complete dummie to purchased this phone with not even one technical upgrade, only painted blue numbers. You can go over to Xda-Developers Excalibur forum and install Rick’s new 6.1 Excalibur ROM on your current Dash, then you will have a Dash 2+ and more, it’s also FREE. I retired my two Dashes for the Sprint HTC Touch Pro Raphael, I’m just loving this new TV OUT feature on the Sprint HTC Touch Pro. Truly the best move I ever made…!{LOL}

  • Will

    I don’t get it. The 1.0 was a POS. I have one sitting in my drawer since new. It was the successor to another one that I had to send in after less than a month. Who can use these tiny keys? I feel sorry for anyone stuck on this handset. Why even offer it as an option when you now have 4 Blackberry platforms and every one of them STOMP the pathetic HTC Dash 1&2. What is it with T-Mo pushng HTC junk?

  • Terri

    I am still waiting for the Storm. Any news on this is??

  • As a T-Mobile Employee and customer I am a Proud fan of the Dash to this very date. Compared to the Blackberry Curve (8320) most often, I find those 2 phones to be the top of the shelf phones for T-Mobile to-date. I believe the Behold was a disapointment, the blackberry flip and the sidekick 08 as well. The G1 (though disapointing too) meet all my expectations and surpassed them with very few let downs. I never had a battery problem with ANY of the G1’s Ive sold or owned (ive owned 2 so far, tried the flip and the behold before going back to the G1). Never had a NEED to record videos. Havent been in a situation where I needed a flash neither. My own personal complaints are with the Keyboard (i just dont like how it feels) and the fact that for most places I have to keep my phone with the keyboard open to view horozontially (no digital keyboard?). Sadly, very sadly, I got rid of my Dash to move foward with the times. 1 Major thing I miss about the Dash was the “internet Sharing” (yet another thing the G1 doesnt have).

    Now, I mention all this because some folks here are surprised that the Dash is still selling (even when the shopper has the option of a G1). Id have to say that the Dash…..is better then the G1. I take better pictures with my Dash. My EDGE browsing on my Dash was FASTER then my 3G browsing on my G1 (when tested in New York). It was easier for me to set up a playlist with the music on my SD card on my Dash then on my G1. The keyboard feels and responds better. Even navigating through the phone features I found to be much more simplar on the Dash. Accessing my SD card was easier also. All I did with my G1 was download App’s, which, went to the phone memory not my SD card. The G1 made me feel like having a SD card was useless. Nothing more then a external storage that is held on the device. Not to mention Internet Sharing. I used my Dash as a modem to get online with my laptop. Hell, I even took it a step further and got a Bluetooth adapter for my Laptop so I could use my Dash as a modem through Bluetooth (no wires running from PC to phone).

    Overall, I had a much better cellphone experience with the Dash then I did with the G1 or any phone before it. If you DONT HAVE to have a touchscreen phone and are not fully converted to Blackberry yet, but, you want a smartphone, the Dash could very well be the phone for you.

    Ok, that said. I think this “refresh” is a waste of money and time. I want a NEW DASH not a “refreshed dash”. HTC, Get it together. If its true that this isnt anything more then a refresh, i wont get it and wont recommend it. Good Luck HTC, Im hopeful. If all else or nothing else, I hope the Wing II is a 2 and not a “refresh”. Hopeful again…

    Currently waiting on a 8900, a HTC Shadow (2009) and the Wing II.
    Currently Playing on a Nokia 7510 & a Curve 8320 (to compare with the 8900 when I get it). Though Im not a fan of sidekicks, im glad T-Mobile offers them and continues to improve them. The 2009 looks really sexy. I like the “grown feeling” aproach. Sidekicks (to me and some of those around me) have become a teenagers two-way pager.