Just to recap the Dash "2.0"



Having already previewed the Dash 2.0 there isn’t really much to report for us on the cosmetic refresh that is the follow up to the popular Dash “1.0” However, for those who might have missed last weeks report yet caught Boy Genius yesterday, the device is beginning to show up in retail stores. Like ourselves, Boy Genius was at first hopeful for a real device upgrade rather than a pretty color update, WM 6.1 and other small bug fixes. Nothing really exciting to speak of, so move along. 

The picture pretty much speaks for itself, but as you can see the base color is a sexy looking black with a “TmoNews blue” accented keyboard. (Trademark pending so watch out!) As for everything on the inside, don’t expect a whole lot more than what the original Dash had to offer. 

More pictures after the jump…