Android + Cupcakes = Happily Ever After


So what has Google been doing all this time since releasing Android?? Why making cupcakes of course! As seen on the Android Roadmap website, Google has come out of hiding and is offering up more information regarding the upcoming update to the Android OS. Curiously dubbed “cupcake,” there are some notable entries sure to make everyone take notice. Look for copy and paste within an updated browser, saving files sent via MMS, a HUGE e-mail overhaul that will allow it to actually be functional (fingers crossed on this one), video recording capabilities, and A2DP Bluetooth support. That’s right! It’s time to dust off that old set of Bluetooth headphones!

            It is important to note that the updates are only in the development stage right now and will be unloaded on the awaiting public when the oven timer goes off.  If all goes well, expect to have this update drop sometime in January although the developers have noted a possible slowdown due to the United States holiday season. 

However, Android users are still awaiting more information as to the frosting of this cupcake, as no new information has surfaced regarding the future of Flash support or the ability to save applications to the memory card, which seem to be what most of the public’s mouth is watering for. But for the time being, it is nice to see Google putting in the muscle and bringing new features sooner rather than later. You hear that Apple, copy and paste… 

For more information regarding the exact specifications of this development project head on over to the Android Roadmap site here.

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David’s note: Please welcome GP to our writing team aka redsoxmg from our benevolent forums. He has accepted the position after agreeing to the condition that he address me as “oh magnificent one.” He is a welcome addition and we look forward to seeing him crafting more blog posts! 



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  • Eduardo Suarez

    Cool, might be worth getting the G1 soon then. lol, i havent even had my BB curve half a year

  • TeXan

    “teh condition” David please tell me that was intentional

  • MagentaGlasses

    I know I won’t download it. I lost my root access when I go rc30 so I will wait few days for “unoficial” update :)

  • This is most excellent. Count me among the patiently waiting throng. :-)

  • Perno

    Nice first post GP. The more staff, the better informed we’ll be! Welcome!

  • jdslim

    Awesome I just ordered my new G1 yesterday and I should get it in a week or so. Hopefully all these updates will be available a week or two after I get my phone, how sweet will that be?

    It’s almost as if the Andriod dev team could read our minds and they know what improvements we all want to see in Android and are making those changes for us. As a PDA rep for T-mobile these updates are welcomed. Most if not all of the concerns/complaints our customers have about the G1 will be eliminated by these updates. Now if only they could create away to help customers who don’t remember user name and password get into their phones if they get locked out. I get around 2-3 calls a day where a customer doesn’t know their user name or the email address they used when setting up their G1 and or forced to reset phone and start all over again.

  • jdslim

    Can’t wait

  • GP

    @Perno: Thanks for the welcome! I’ll be sure to get as much info as I can scrounge up out to you guys!

    @jdslim: I’ve seen a number of CC reps talk about the people who forget their Gmail login names and password. Make sure to tell the customers the importance of adding the alternate email address to their account for situations like this where a forgotten username/password can be emailed to them.

    And as far as this post goes, I am with all you guys in how excited I am to see this coming. I’m hoping that all of these updates turn out to be as great as they sound!

  • tmobile2lyfe

    Congrats redsox!!

  • escentz

    The all wonderful CUPCAKE QUEEN welcomes you!!!

    hahhahahahhah jp..

    CONGRATS JT!!!!!!!

    …..David, nevermind.. I have no words… :P :P

  • jimbo831

    # MagentaGlasses Says:
    December 19th, 2008 at 8:05 am

    I know I won’t download it. I lost my root access when I go rc30 so I will wait few days for “unoficial” update :)
    Bad news, but you can’t do this. If you don’t have root access, you will be unable to install any unofficial updates. You will have to wait until XDA hacks it somehow. Your G1 will not support installing any updates that aren’t signed with Google’s keys, and XDA doesn’t have those cracked, and say they likely won’t crack them.

  • knytphal

    It’s good to have another writer around here – welcome to the team GP!

  • MathewFigure

    I have that cupcake stand.. hahahahha

  • ran

    whats the big deal about cut and paste ? Was doing that years ago on my nokia 6600!

  • BDot

    Next up we need auto rotate, and the ability to save apps on the memory card.

    Though, with this release, it does lend credibility to the theory that the G1 was merely an experimental device, and not really intended to be the flagship Android phone. I say that because why release a virtual keyboard when there’s already a hardware one?

    Methinks that Google, T-Mo, and HTC want to see what sticks with the G1, and then use that information to refine their approach towards the G2.


  • jdslim

    Since the G1 is the only Android phone it has to be the flagship.

  • we already have copy and paste. Menu c and menu v