N900 Photo Samples Appear


While the N900 is official, and the specs have been basically determined, there is still a lot that needs to be known about the mysterious Nokia.  Lets be honest though, Nokia tends to be camera happy, and with a 5 megapixel shooter and Carl Zeiss optics, the N900 is bound to be a competitor.  In a somewhat usual manner, picture samples shot with the N900 have been leaked to the internet.  It is important to remember that these photos may not be using the final software, or the full 5 megapixel capabilities, and thus might be a bit off.  Still, the pictures are interesting to study if you happen to be a photo taker (like me!).  Jump past the break for the samples, and hey, I’ll even include a comparison shot on one of the photos.  Tell us what you think in the comments.


N9003 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N9004 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N9005 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N9006 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N9007 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N9008 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N9009 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet
N90010 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet

Now for the comparison.  The first picture we have is from the N900, but it appears that it may not be a full 5 megapixel shot.

N9001 Nokia N900 image samples leak out to the internet

and you can compare it to a shot by T-Mobile’s very own Samsung Memoir.


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  • Aquita

    This looks like a really cool phone, but i’m gonna wait until the end of the year[or maybe longer] because there are so many upcoming phones…wouldn’t want to buy it and then see something better or something else that I want. I just hope they don’t change it too much like they did the touch pro 2.

  • crissy

    is the phone released this month?

  • FILA

    looks pretty damn nice. Alot nicer looking camera then my damn myTouch. i dont kno if its the Android software that gives pictures a yellow shaky tint or its the actual camera. I hope they release an update to fix it in Donut. Thou nothin will compare to these shots, cant wait to see the final results.

  • FILA

    I just realized we cant “Reply” to posts. Fix coming soon?

    I was gonna say @Aquita that yea thats a good point, I agree and hope T-mobile doesnt change to much around on this as they did to the TP2, I mean really, you cant take off the myFavs on the TP2, crazy, that looks hideous.

  • -ray

    I wonder if T-mobile will color it Mocha?

  • carlos

    god i hope they dont change the color scheme. when will it drop, and at what price do you guys expect?

    and hey, speaking of which, how are you guys so sure it’s heading to T-Mobile? i ask because i recently read somewhere that just because a phone operates under the band of T-Mo doesn’t mean it will be with the company. I think infosyncworld was where I read that.

  • z

    does this phone have an on screen keyboard?

  • FILA


    thats exactly what i said when it came official from NOKIA, that its no guarantee that T-Mobile will be dropping it for sure. Althou I do hear a quite possibly true rumor that T-Mobile will release a NOKIA netbook because of the competition, but Im not sure, im not gonna ride out on the idea or anything.

  • cosmo10292


    well i think it would be dumb that they would include that band & not release it on t-mo. it wouldnt have 3g on any other carrier. it would be like releasing a phone with wimax 4g capabilitys for sprint and releasing it on verizon LOL

  • Bobomo

    It’s possible they could release it unlocked, but a high-powered internet tablet without an “official” 3G network? I would hope Nokia is smarter than that. Pharos went that route with the Traveler 137 but you can still get a rebate (up to $250) for a T-Mo contract commitment, even though it is not technically a subsidized phone.

    My only worry is that if they do get their hands on it, T-Mo will start stripping hardware to get it into a certain price range. In my estimation, this thing is better than the TP2 and they want $350 for that. There’s not a whole lot of room above that… especially when you are trying to sell yourselves as the low-price provider.

  • FILA


    Well its just like all the GSM phones out there now with US 3G in the phones. Before T-Mobile released there AWS 1700 and 2100mhz bands 3G bands, AT&T was pretty much the only carrier you could use any unlocked 3G capable phone. You cant buy a unlocked 3G phone and use it on T-Mobile if you want, so if we wanted the N97 or something, we be screwed out of T-Mobile. Now with this, even if it was a unlocked version just being sold on there site we could use. But see im not sure on what the accessibility is with cell phone manufacturers using T-Mobiles own AWS 3G band, maybe the companies need permission to use it, maybe the only way a phone maker can use the bands is if T-mobile says yes and there sign it. Could very well be, if not and they can build a phone with the bands but not get signed this is what we would be looking at. We dont know. Its hard to believe T-mobile would jump on this ship but its certainly looking like it.

    Also there are phones out there, you wont see sold in US stored but certain sites you can get phones that have WiMax built in, but you wont see Sprint touch them, same concept, but for some reason this is the only device with T-Mobile’s 3G in it? looking like it, thats why it is pretty likely

  • Bobomo

    On the subject of the post, all I want is a camera good enough that I don’t have to add the caveat “I took it on a cell phone”. All these look good enough to have come from a 2-3 year-old point ‘n shoot and that’s good enough for me.

    • Andrew

      @Bobomo I know this is about the N900, but there might be some other things. Nokia phones tend to always have good, if not great, cameras on them. However, if this (what appears to be) amazing device is not quite your style, then I highly recommend the Memoir. I still say “I took this with my phone” but I am always proud of saying that, and people are always surprised to hear that. If you want to take pictures with a phone, that is more than a phone, I’m sure both the N900 and Memoir could serve that purpose.

  • GoTz

    Does the Nokia OS have a marketplace to download applications like Android? Or are there billions of applications floating around the internet? I’m not familiar with their OS.

  • Bobomo

    @FILA – Don’t forget about the Pharos Traveler 137. Not an official T-Mo phone, but it has T-Mo 3G and some quasi-rebates.

    @z – According to the screen shots at the Mobile Review site, yes. But they aren’t really going to advertise it on account of the physical keyboard.

    @GoTz – The OS on the phone is Maemo, and it is a Linux OS. Check out maemo.org to see the kind of open source community that exists for the platform.

  • Kershon

    I have been waiting for the BB Driftwood but this device may have just changed my mind about that. As soon as this drops I am definitely going to a T-Mo store and check this out. This would make a great Christmas present to myself.

  • Mau

    Pre-Order for the N900 starts this friday. I spoke with a nokia rep and he said nokiaUSA will have the phone this friday. He didn’t know the price but I’m guessing $600-$700, save now and buy later!

  • Chuong

    No pre-order for me but I will definitely buy it once it’s available in the US.

  • vorsicht

    I used to love Nokia. I was following a Nokia-Tmobile smartphone for months. One month with a N97 and I no longer care about this phone or anything else from Nokia.
    It looks pretty and has features except a complete lack of quality makes this wothless. Here are a few current N97 issues to chew on
    – non standard usb plug turns off power. So media mode + charger will drain battery
    – Lock function not consistant. Doesn’t block the camera but prevent answering.
    – Lens cover scratches camera lens.
    – Presure touch screen breaks with heat or presure 28 day repair.
    – Customer support number (in phone) cant be dialed by phone and is incorrect.

    Fortunatly Amazon has a great return policy. I recomend going too a nokia group before purchasing. Good luck out there!